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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2018
Symposium New Advances and Innovations in Corrosion of Refractory Ceramics
Organizer(s) James Hemrick, Reno Refractories, Inc.
William L. Headrick, Jr, Missouri Refractories
Michel Rigaud, École Polytechnique
Scope This symposium will highlight new testing and characterization methods, new calculation and simulation methods, and the unique challenges related to the corrosion of refractory ceramic materials in industrial service environments such as iron and steel. Additional service environments (aluminum, cement, glass, other non-ferrous, etc.) may also be explored. The impacts of corrosion on the quality of finished products in these industries will also be considered. This symposium will be a joint effort between The American Ceramic Society Refractory Ceramics Division and the Federation for International Refractory Research and Education (FIRE).
Abstracts Due 04/05/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

Applications of Kinetic Models to the Chemical Corrosion of Refractory in the Steelmaking Process
Corrosion of Refractories in Gaseous Environments: Role of Binders and Additives
Corrosion of ZrO2-C Refractories for Submerged Entry Nozzle on the Interface between Molten Slag and Molten Iron Containing Different Amount of Carbon
Dissolution of Ceramic Particle into Molten Slags: Design of Experiment and Interpretation of Result
Effect of Clays Minerals Contained into Copper Sulphide Concentrates on Refractory Brick Wear during the Smelting Stage
How to Match the Refractory Industry Needs for Continuous Innovation?
Phosphates: Changes Occurring in Refractories Caused by Sintering and Use
Protection Mechanism of CMA-additive in MgO-C Ladle Bricks
The Glass Formation Boundary in Silicate Systems: Potential to Predict Corrosion Products
Thermo-chemo-mechanical Modelling of Refractories Behavior in Service: Keypoints and New Developments

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