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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
Chenguang Bai, Chongqing University
Juan Pablo Escobedo, University of New South Wales
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University
Shadia J Ikhmayies, Al Isra University
Bowen Li, Michigan Technological University
Sergio Neves Monteiro, Military Institute of Engineering, IME, Materials Science Department
Zhiwei Peng, Michigan Technological University
Mingming Zhang, ArcelorMittal
Jian Li, Canmetmaterials
Scope Objective: The symposium focuses on the characterization of the minerals, metals and materials and the applications of characterization results on the processing of these materials. Subjects include, but are not limited to, extraction & processing of various minerals, metals (including ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals and alloys, etc), metal matrix composites, ceramic and refractories, polymers, biomaterials, carbon, electronic, magnetic and optical materials, high-temperature materials, newly developed advanced materials, gaseous, liquid and solid pollutants, recycling, and advanced characterization techniques, etc.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Techniques for characterizing materials across a spectrum of systems and processes
- Characterization of mechanical and physical properties of materials
- Characterization of processing of materials
- Characterization of structure and properties of materials
- Emerging characterization techniques
- Characterization of extraction and processing, which include process development and analysis of various processes.
- Characterization of microstructure and properties of materials, which include: process integration, characterization of thin films (semi-conductor), micro-texture, computer tomography (CT), x-ray tomography (XRT),in-situ microscopy, nano-scale TEM, FIB techniques, and GeoMet, etc.

Symposium Dynamics:
This symposium encourages, but does not demand, accompanying proceedings papers for each oral presentation. Awards are presented for individuals who provide the best combination of oral presentation and written proceedings paper. In addition, a poster session will occur at TMS 2015 with an award for best poster.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Novel Technology of Producing Manganese Sulfate as By-Product from Low-Grade Pyrolusite
Advanced FIB Applications in Materials Research at CanmetMATERIALS
Alumina Superfines Based Geopolymeres: Developments and Characterization
Analysis of Microstructural Performance in the Hot Forging Process
Analysis of the Sensitization of Grain Boundary Engineered Stainless Steel by EBSD and In Situ TEM
Analysis on Deep Treatment Effect of Coking Wastewater with 3D Electrode Combined Fenton Reagent
Assessing Viscoelastic Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Using Loading and Unloaing of the Compression Test
B100: Optimization Research of Peritectic Steel Mold Flux with Co2O3 Doping
B101: Oxidation and Surface Modification of FeS2 during Autogenous Grinding
B102: Parametric Investigation of the Recycling Boric Acid from Boron-Gypsum
B103: Phase Selection In Cu-Zr Metallic Glass
B104: Phase Transformation and Element Migration in the Oxidation Process of Nickel-Copper Sulfide Ore
B105: Photocatalytic H2 Production under Visible Light Irradiation on Novel Heterostructure NiS/ZnS Nanosheet Photocatalyst
B106: Photoluminescence Quenching in Gold - MoS2 Hybrid Nanoflakes
B107: Photoluminescence Tuning in Single-Layer MoS2 via Oxygen Plasma Treatment
B110: Production and Characterization of AlNiCo Nanopowders
B111: Pullout Tests Behavior of Epoxy Matrix Reinforced with Malva Fiber
B113: Recovery of Copper from Slow Cooled Ausmelt Furnace Slag by Floatation
B114: Recovery of Mercury and Lead from Wastewater by Sulfide Precipitation-Flotation
B115: Recrystallization and Microstructural Evolution in Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
B116: Replacement of Carbon Black on Natural Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites - Part 2
B117: Effects of Microalloyed Niobium on the Pearlite of Ductile Iron
B118: Research of the Effects of Temperature on the Decrepitation Performance of Natural Lump Ores
B119: Research on a Novel Technology of Solvent Extraction of Bismuth and Preparation of Bi2O3 from BiCl3 Solution
B120: Research on Reasonable Particle Size of Coal Blends for Blast Furnace Injection: Semi Coke and Bitumite
B121: Silver Cementation with Zinc from Residual X Ray Fixer, Experimental and Thermochemical Study
B122: Site Specific Three-Dimensional Structural Analysis Using Focused Ion Beam for Nuclear Materials Forensics
B123: Study of Wettability of Clayey Ceramic and Fluorescent Lamp Glass Waste Powders
B124: Study on Raw Sea Sand Iron Ore and Its Beneficiation
B126: Tensile Strength of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Fique Fibers
B128: The Effect of Incorporation of Sludge of the Sewage Treatment Station (STS) of the Municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes - Brazil - On Red Ceramic
B129: The Effects of High Al2O3 on the Metallurgical Properties of Sinter
B130: Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Bulk ZrB2
B131: Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Sn-Bi Alloy
B132: Thermographic Characterization of Electrical Units in Diesel Electric Locomotive for Effective Maintenance
B133: Thermophysical Properties of Molten Zr-Fe Alloys Measured by Electrostatic Levitation
B134: Very High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Magnesium Alloy WE43
B135: Automated Orientation and Strain Mapping using Nanobeam Coupled with Precession Electron Diffraction
B136: Ti-Cu Alloys in the Semisolid State: Phase Diagram and Microstructure Evaluation
B137: Viscoelastic Property of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-Na2O-F Based System
B138: Zinc Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide and Boric Acid Molar Ratio Determination for the Production of Zinc Borates
B141: Clinker Production from Waste: From Cellulose Industry and Processing Marble and Granite Industry
B23: A Generalized Convolution Theorem for Bulk Cubic Texture Determination from Ultrasonic Wave Speed
B24: A New Instrument for the Measurement of Seebeck-Coefficients and Electrical Conductivities for Thin Thermoelectric Materials
B25: A Study on the Structural Design of Railway Vehicles
B26: Adsorption Properties of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide Bentonite for Heavy Metals
B27: Advanced Ceramic Materials Applied in the Production of H2 Flow: Evaluation of Performance in the PROX Reaction
B28: Analysis of Porosity and Flexural Strength Changes of Red Ceramic Pieces Incorporated with Ornamental Rock Waste
B29: Analysis of the Feasibility of Using Soil from the Municipality of Goytacazes / RJ for Production of Soil-Cement Brick
B30: Anomalous Nanocrystallization Behavior in Marginal Glass Forming Alloys
B31: Ball Indentation Test: The Effect of Test Parameters on Tensile Properties of P92 Steel
B32: Biodegradable Starch/ Copolyesters Flm Reinforced with Silica Nanoparticles – Preparation and Characterization
B33: Carbonization of Coals Mixed Iron Ore Fines and Gasification of Resulting Iron Coke with CO2: Transformation of Iron Minerals and Coke Properties
B34: Cause Analysis on Buildup Formation of Carbon Sleeve in Continuous Annealing Furnace for Non-Oriented Silicon Steel Produced by CSP Process
B35: Characterization and Evaluation of Incorporation the Casting Sand in Mortar
B36: Characterization of Co-Gd-Ni Alloys
B37: Characterization of Corrosion Products of Painted Galvanized Steel Under Different Atmospheric Conditions
B38: Characterization of Formulation with Ornamental Rock Waste and Clays to Produce Ceramic Paver
B39: Characterization of Grain Structure of Al Containing Mg Alloys Without Solution Heat Treatment
B40: Characterization of Mechanical Properties of PP/HMSPP Blends with Natural and Synthetic Polymers Subjected to Gamma-Irradiation
B41: Characterization of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Banana Fibers Thermal Properties by Photoacustic Technique
B42: Composites with Halogen Free Flame Retardant in ABS Matrix: Flame Retardance and Stability Thermal
B43: Cyanidation Study of Slag Rich in Silver
B44: Deformation Mechanisms in Magnesium Alloy WE43
B45: Diffraction Contrast Tomography on a Laboratory X-ray Microscope
B46: Discussion and Analysis on Measurement Methods for Mould Friction during High Efficiency Continuous Casting
B47: Effect of Applied Pressure on the Tribological Behaviour of Dual Particle Size Rutile Reinforced LM13 Alloy Composite
B48: Effect of Cooling Rate during and after Solidification on Microstructure of a PREN 50 Grade Super Duplex Stainless Steel
B49: Effect of Manganese on the Formation Mechanisms of Silico-ferrite of Calcium and Aluminum (SFCA)
B50: Effect of Mercerization and Electron-Beam Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/Brazil Nut Pod Fiber (BNPF) Bio-Composites
B51: Effect of Microwave Sintering on Piezoelectric and Magnetoelastic Properties of BCZT- CFO Particulate Multiferroic Composites
B52: Effect of Mineral Powder Particle Size on the Preparation of Iron Carbide from High Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite
B53: Effect of Nitridation Temperature on the Formation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride Composites
B54: Effect of Phosphorus on Phase Transformation, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Weathering Resistance Steel
B55: Effect Of Potential On The Characteristics Of Oxide Product Layers On Chalcopyrite
B56: Effect of Pre-Existing Texture on Mechanical Properties of Cold Drawn Pearlitic Wire
B57: Effect of the Firing Temperature on the Properties of Red Ceramic Incorporated with MSWI Ash
B59: Effects of Accelerated Thermal Aging on Polypropylene Modified by Irradiation Process
B60: Effects of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Properties of a Precipitation Hardened CuCrZr Alloy
B61: Effects of High Magnetic Field Annealing on Microstructure and Texture at the Initial Stage of Recrystallization in a Cold-Rolled Pure Copper Sheets
B62: Electrochemical Properties of Al-Cu Alloys in 1M NaCl Solution
B63: Thermophysical Properties of Modified Ti-Bearing Blast Furnace Slags
B64: Evaluation of Mild Acid Treatment on Brown Bentonite
B65: Evaluation of Palf Fibers Elasticity Modulus with Different Diameters by Weibull Analysis
B66: Evaluation of Thermoelectric Methods for the Detection of Fretting Damage in 7075-T6 and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys
B67: Experimental Investigation on High Temperature Roasting of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag
B68: Experimental Study of Advanced Treatment of Coking Wastewater Using PFS Coagulation-Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology
B69: Experimental Study on Half Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Ash Used in Steel Slag Composite Material
B70: Experimental Study on Oxidation Resistance of Improvement of Iron Based High Temperature Alloy
B72: PHYBALSIT - Fatigue Assessment and Life Time Calculation of the Ductile Cast Iron EN-GJS-600 at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
B73: Ferronickel Polymerization Behavior of Reduction Roasting High-Magnesium Low-Nickel Oxide Ores in Using Accelerators
B74: Gold Leaching Characteristics and Intensification of a High S and As-Bearing Gold Concentrate
B75: Hardness and Decomposition of (Ti,Zr)C
B76: Hot-Pressing and Mechanical Properties of BN Based Composites
B77: Identification of Chemical Reactions and Physical-Chemical Principles of Ag8XSe6 (X = Si, Ge, Sn) Argyrodites Synthesis
B78: In Situ Electron Microscope Characterization on Deformation Mechanisms and Size-Related Mechanical Properties of Ti
B79: Doubling the Life of Concrete Structures
B80: Influence of Cu2+ and Zn2+ on the Dissolution of Ag in S2O32- Medium
B81: Influence of Gas Nitriding Parameters on the Wear Resistance of AISI 430 Stainless Steels
B82: Influence of Pulverized Coal Devolatilization in Tuyere on the Total Burnout Percentage
B83: Investigation on Mechanical and Thermal Behaviours of Copolyester/pla Blend Reinforced with TiO2 Nanoparticle
B84: Iron Recovery from Copper Slag Through Oxidation-Reduction Magnetic Concentration at Intermediate Temperature
B85: Izod Impact Test in Epoxi Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fiber
B86: Mechanical Behavior of Single Phase Ti-7Al Alloy under Dynamic Compression
B87: Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Nanocomposites with Organoclay and Discarded Bond Paper
B88: Metallographic Feature of a Nickel-Based Superalloy in Fluoride Electrolyte Melt
B90: Microstructural Characterization of Surface Degradation for Ag/W Circuit Breaker Contacts during Standardized UL Testing
B91: Microstructural Evolution And Mechanical Properties Of Metastable Beta Titanium Alloys in the Ti-Nb-Fe System
B92: Numerical Simulation of the Copper Steel Composite Stave Heat Transfer in the Belly and Lower Shaft Region of the Blast Furnace
B93: Microstructural Imaging through EBSD Pattern Intensity Analysis
B94: Mn-Doping Effect on Spin-Phonon Coupling in LiFe1-xMnxPO4 Olivines
B95: Morphology and Distribution of Nb-Rich Phase and Graphite in Nb Microalloyed Ductile Iron
B96: Near Fifty Percent Sodium Substituted Lanthanum Manganites – A Potential magnetic Refrigerant for Room Temperature Applications
B97: New Solid Solution MAX Phases: (Ti0.5,V0.5)3AlC2, (Nb0.5,V0.5)2AlC, (Nb0.5,V0.5)4AlC3 and (Nb0.8,Zr0.2)2AlC
B99: On the Forbidden 1/3 {422} SADP Reflections in FCC Materials
Behavior of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Under UV Ageing for Agricultural Application
Bending Mechanical Behavior of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Fique Fiber
Brazilian Bentonite Submitted to Mild Acid Treatment under Moderated Conditions
Characterization of a Controlled Texture Tantalum Plate
Characterization of Closed-Cell Aluminium Foams Subjected to Compressive Loading
Characterization of DP980 Steel by 2-Point Correlation Function and Relation to Mechanical Properties
Characterization of Feldspar by Instrumental Analytical Techniques
Characterization of Hydrophobic Aerogel For Insulation Application
Characterization of MnAl Magnetic Alloys
Characterization of Nitronic 30, 40 and 50 Series Stainless Steels and Correlation of Their Microstructure to Their Properties
Characterization of Sintering Dust, Blast Furnace Dust and Carbon Steel Electric Arc Furnace Dust
Characterization of Steelmaking Desulfurization Slag
Characterization of the Phase Composition of Nanosized Lithium Titanates Synthesized By Inductive Thermal Plasma
Comparison of the Mechanisms of Voids Formation by Plastic Deformation in Single- and Dual-Phase bcc- Steels
Constitutive Modeling of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced PTFE Gasketed-Joint Under a Re-Torque
Coupling the Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element Methods for Determining Flow Behavior Beyond Uniform Elongation
Creep Behavior Investigation of P92 Steel by Small Punch Creep Testing
Cyclic Hardness Test PHYBAL-CHT – A New Short-Time Procedure to Estimate Fatigue Properties of Metallic Materials
Deformation Mechanisms at Varying Temperatures in Alloy 718 Ni-Base Superalloy
Development and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Zinc Vapor Capture
Development of Artificial Stone Using Particulate Glass Waste
Doubling the Life of Concrete Through Microstructural Changes- Chemical Admixtures as Nanoviscosity Modifiers to Reduce the Permeability to Moisture
Dynamic In-situ Compression with Synchrotron 3D Tomographic Imaging of Cellular Materials
Effect of Casting Conditions on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Co-19 at.%Al-6 at. %W Alloy
Effect of Pressure on the Corrosion of Materials in High Temperature Water
Effective Measurement of Elastic Constants from Polycrystalline Samples
Elastic and Anelastic Properties of Ti-6Al-4V: Effects of Interstitial Elements.
Elemental Identification of Surface and Subsurface Particles within a Mineralogical Core using Micro X-ray Computed Tomography and Confocal Micro X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Evaluation of Cr- and Cr Free Surface Corrosion Inhibitors
Evaluation of Structural Clay Brick Masonry Units by Weibull Analysis and Brazilian Code and Specifications
Fiber Reinforcement of Andalusite at High Temperature
Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous Banana Fibers
High-resolution Imaging and Quantification of Boron Segregation to Austenite Grain Boundaries in High-Strength Steels Using Combined NanoSIMS/EBSD Analysis
High Resolution Analysis of Ultrasonic-Based Processes and Fatigue Experiments by Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry for Applications in Materials Science and Engineering
Identification of Cleavage Planes of Single-Crystal Silicon Carbide Using Single and Sequential Knoop Indentations
Improvement in Performance of Mg-C Refractories as Lining of Vanadium-Extraction Converters
In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Tomography Investigation of Void Healing in an Aluminum Alloy
Increase of Flexural Strength of Red Ceramic Pieces Incorporated With Ornamental Rock Waste: Application of Weibull Statistic for Determination of Best Firing Temperature
Influence of Mineralogical Characteristics of Iron Ore on Formation and Flow of Liquid Phase
Influence of Sintering Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia Ceramics
Innovative Procedure for the Characterisation of Thermo-mechanical Properties Of Carbon Base Materials Using The Gleeble® 3800 System
Interface-Driven Plasticity: The Presence of an Interface Affected Zone in Metallic Lamellar Composites
Interfacial Structure and Mechanisms of Precipitate Growth in Al-Cu
Investigation of Strain Transfer Across Grain Boundaries in Commercially Pure Tantalum
Investigation of Temperature Effects on the Tensile Deformation Characteristics of a Quenched and Partitioned Steel Using Digital Image Correlation
Investigation of Thermal Properties of Illite-Based Ceramic Materials by the Use of Acoustic Emission Technique
Investigation on Testing Methods of Selective Laser Melted 18Ni300 Maraging Powder
Influence of Clay Exfoliation on the Properties of EVOH/Clay Flexible Films
Laser welding between TWIP Steels and Automotive High-Strength Steels
Magnetic Data Storage on Thermal Spray Coatings (WCCoCr)
Material Stability at Light Ion Irradiated Oxide Interfaces
Mechanical Properties of Microstructural Gradients in the Low Solvus High Refractory (LSHR) Nickel Base Superalloy
Mechanical, Morphological and Thermal Properties of Açaí Fibers Reinforced Biodegradable Polymer Composites
Microcompression of Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Tungsten-Based Powders
Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Tire
Microwave Power Absorption Characteristics of Iron Oxides
Optical Evaluation for Biomimetic Microlens Array on PDMS Sheet
Optical Parameters of CdS1-yTey Thin Films
Photoacoustic Thermal Characterization of Malva Fibers
Prediction for the Surface Tension of FeO-TiO2-Ti2O3-X(SiO2, CaO, MgO) Slag Systems
Preparation and Characterization of Natural Rubber/Organophilic Clay Nanocomposites
Preparation and Characterization of Single Phase Strontium Borate (SrB6O10) by Mineral Sol-Gel Method
Pulsed Electrodeposition of Nano-Crystalline Ni with Uniform Co-Depostion of Micron Sized Diamond Particles on Annealed Copper Substrate
Qualitative and Mineralogical Characterization of Lead Deposit in Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Real Space Measurement of Lattice Misfit with Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Recovery of Rare Earth Metals form Wasted Magnet by Metals
Replacement of Carbon-Black on Natural Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites – Part 1
Selective Laser Melting: Characteristics of IN718 Powder and Microstructures of Fabricated IN718 Sample
Separation of Roasted Coating and Core in Double-layered Pellet Roasting For Pretreatment of Sulfur & Arsenic-Bearing Gold Concentrate
Shape Memory Characteristics of Rapidly Solidified Ti-37,8Cu-18,7Ni Alloy Ribbons
Sintering Characteristics of Iron Ores with Addition of Laterite Nickel Ores
Solid Solution Characterization in Metal by Original Tomographic Scanning Microwave Microscopy Technique
Spatially Correlated Nanoindentation, EBSD, and EDX Characterization of Friction Stir Welds
Stress Induced Microstructural Evolution in Haynes 282
Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Soft-Magnetic Alloy (Fe-Co and Ni-Fe) Gas Atomized, Prealloyed Powders
Structure-Property Relationships during Processing of Cold Drawn Steel Tubing
Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties Correlation in Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 – LaGaO3 Ceramics
Study of Age Hardening Behavior in a 350 Grade Maraging Steel
Study of Metallic Calibrated Defects by Subsurface Nanoscale Imaging
Temperature Dependence of Magnetic Properties of Er-Substituted Cobalt-Ferrites Synthesized by Sol-Gel Assisted Auto-Combustion Method
Tensile Properties of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous PALF Fibers
The Effect of MgO Content in BOF Slag on Dephosphorization of Molten Steel
The Effect of Strain Reversal during High Pressure Torsion on the Microstructure Evolution and Texture of Aluminum Alloys
The Effect of Welding on Complex Carbide Precipitates in a Ni-Cr-Mo-Si Alloy
The Influence of Microstructure and Volume Fraction on the Ambient Temperature Creep Deformation Mechanisms of Binary Ti–V Alloys
Thermophysical Property Measurement of Metallic Alloys in the Liquid Phase - Experiments on the International Space Station
Undercooling of Rapidly Solidified Droplets and Spray Formed Strips of Al-Cu (Sc)
Understanding the Behaviour of Abradable Coatings Using X-ray Micro Computer Tomography
Unloading-Rate Dependent Amorphization in Si Phase in Reaction Bonded Ceramic Composite
Weibull Analysis of the Behavior on Tensile Strength of Hemp Fibers for Different Intervals of Fiber Diameters
Wide Beam Laser Remelted Hot Dip Galvanizing Al-Zn-Mg-Si Coating

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