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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Solar Cell Silicon
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Energy Conversion and Storage Committee
TMS: Recycling and Environmental Technologies Committee
Organizer(s) Gabriella M Tranell, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Yulia Meteleva-Fischer, Materials innovation institute M2i
Arjan Ciftja, SINTEF
Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies, Isra University
Scope There is an expanding interest in silicon for solar energy and electronics. The past decade has seen an unsurpassed growth in the solar industry and despite the recession, growth has continued and costs have been cut dramatically along the production value chain. The most important feedstock for crystalline solar cells is high purity silicon. For the industry to mature and grow into green production, improvements in Si production, refining and crystallization processes, emission control and recycling needs to be carried out.

Abstracts are being solicited for the following topics:

Silicon feedstock production (reduction of silica and silica ores, advances in furnace design and process intensification, novel techniques of silicon production, thermodynamic and kinetic modelling).
Silicon refining and behavior of impurities (all types of metallurgical upgrading approaches: solvent refining, slag refining, electrolysis/FCC Cambridge process, gas blowing/oxidation refining, plasma refining, vacuum refining, solidification techniques, optimization of the Siemens-like routes)
Advanced silicon separation and all types of wafering techniques, thin flexible silicon films, interaction of materials with silicon during the processes and novelties in ingot growth)
Recycling of silicon, solar cells and electronic components
Characterization of silicon materials for solar cells
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A New Centrifuge CVD Reactor that will Challenge the Siemens Process
Boron Removal from Silicon by Humidified Gases
Boron Removal from Silicon Melts by H2O/H2 Gas Blowing – Gas-phase Mass Transfer
Characterization of Silicon Nanoparticles Incorporated into Metal-coated Carbon Fiber and Nanotube Arrays
Determination of Cell Potential for Silicon Electrodeposition
Distribution of Boron, Calcium and Aluminium between Silicon and CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 Slags
Effect of Grain Orientation and Cooling Rate on Stress Distribution in a Small Scale Silicon Ingot
Effective Boron Removal by Calcium Silicate Slags Combined with Solvent Refining
Effects of Solidification Rate and Settling Time of SiC Particles on the Macrosegregation of Carbon in Silicon Ingots
Electrochemical Deposition of High Purity Silicon from Molten Fluoride Electrolytes
Enabling Thin Silicon Technologies for Next Generation Low-cost c-Si Photovoltaics Systems
Gas Phase Interactions as Sources of Contamination in Solar Silicon
Investigation on the Electrochemical Reduction Behavior of Granular SiO2 in Molten CaCl2
Kinetic Model for Gaz-liquid Extraction of Boron from Solar Silicon: The Role of Hydrogen
Magnetically Guided Shaping for Solar Cell Silicon Applications
Metallurgical Silicon Refining by Transient Directional Solidification
New Applications of Sheet Casting of Silicon and Silicon Composites
Novel Effects on the Fracture Strength of Silicon Wafers for the Photovoltaic Industry
Preparation of Solar Grade Silicon Precursor by Electrolysis SiO2 in Molten Salts
Purification of Solar-grade Silicon by Induction Melting in Cold Crucible
Removal of Phosphor in Metallurgical Silicon by Rare Earth Elements
Research on the Forecast Model of the Boron Removal from Metallurgical Grade Silicon by Slag Refining Based on GA-BP Neural Network
Separation of Si and SiC Microparticles of Solar Grade Silicon Cutting Slurry by Micropore Membrane
Synthesis of SiC by Direct Reduction of SiO2 by Using a Methane Gas–Experimental Approach
Theoretical Aspects on Pushing and Engulfment of SiC Particles during Directional Solidification Experiments with Molten Silicon
Thermodynamic Behavior and Morphology of Impurities in Solidification from a Si–Al Melt for the Refining of Silicon
Thermodynamic Database and Kinetic Solidification Model of the Si-Ca-Fe System for Refining Metallurgical Grade Silicon
Tracing Impurities in Silicon Production in the Microwave Furnace

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