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Meeting Extraction 2018
Symposium Part B-2: Peter Hayes Symposium on Pyrometallurgical Processing, sponsored by University of Queensland School of Chemical Engineering
Organizer(s) Evgueni Jak, University Of Queensland
Graeme Goodall, XPS- Glencore
Gerardo Raul Alvear Flores, Rio Tinto
Scope The Pyrometallurgy technical theme is one of four technical themes for Extraction 2018 and consists of two symposia:

B-1: The 7th International Symposium on Advances in Sulfide Smelting
B-2: The Peter Hayes Symposium on Pyrometallurgical Processing

The Peter Hayes Symposium on Pyrometallurgical Processing will cover the following topic areas:

- Novel processes, integrated plant designs, process selection and criteria
- Recycling/environmental impact
- Lessons learned
- Experimental fundamentals – determination of phase equilibria, other physicochemical properties
- Modelling fundamentals – thermodynamic and other physicochemical properties modelling
- Process fundamentals and reaction kinetics
- Process/flow modelling

Abstracts Due 11/30/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: At-meeting proceedings

A New Pyrometallurgical Recycling Technique for Lead Battery Paste without SO2 Generation — A Thermodynamic and Experimental Investigation
A Study of Cementite Formation in the Reduction of Hematite by CO-CO2 Gas Mixture Using High Temperature XRD
Assessing High-pressure Oxy-fired Flash Metallization of Iron Ore via Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Phase Characteristics
Behavior of Nickel as a Trace Element and Time-dependent Formation of Spinels in WEEE Smelting
Calciothermic Reduction and Electrolysis of Sulfides in CaCl2 Melt
Carbochlorination of Low-grade Titanium Slag to Titanium Tetrachloride in Molten Salt
Carbothermic Reduction of Red Mud with Spent Potlining as Reductant
CFD Modeling of Reactors for the Direct Reduction of Ring of Fire Chromite
CFD Modelling of Sonic and Transonic Gas Injection into Liquid Metals
Chlorine Addition to Slag Fuming Processes: A Thermodynamic and Experimental Study
Computational Modeling of a Secondary Lead Reverberatory Furnace: Effect of Burden Geometry
Condensation of SiO and CO in Silicon Production – A Literature Review
Determination of Thermodynamic Activities from Experimental Data in the Liquid Region of Ternary Systems
Development and Improvements of Novel Pyrometallurgical DC-arc and High-intensity Furnaces Equipped with Water-cooled Copper Coolers
Development of a Thermodynamic Database for the Multicomponent PbO-“Cu2O”-FeO-Fe2O3-ZnO-CaO-SiO2 System for Pyrometallurgical Smelting and Recycling
Dynamic Modelling of Molten Slag-matte Interactions in an Industrial Flash Smelting Furnace Settler
Effect of Clays Minerals Contained into Copper Sulphide Concentrates on Refractory Brick Wear during the Smelting Stage
Experimental Investigation of Pyrometallurgical Treatment of Zinc Residue
Extraction of Pig Iron and Ferrosilicon from Low-grade Bauxite Ores
Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Spent Rare Earth Magnets Using Ferrosilicon and Sodium Silicate Flux
Flexibility and Innovation in Materials Processing
Forming Micro-bubbles in Liquid Steel
Gaseous Reduction of Mn ores in CO-CO2 atmosphere
Heat Transfer to Copper Coolers in Freeze Lined Furnaces: The Role of Radiation and the Influence of Slag Liquidus
High Temperature Characteristics of Slags Originating from the Production of Synthetic Tantalum Concentrate
High Temperature Recovery of Rare Earth Ortho-Ferrites from Permanent Magnets
Hydrogen Assisted Magnesium Reduction of TiO2
Influence of Manganese on Dissolution of Graphite in Manganese Iron Alloys
Innovative Applications of Bubbles and Drops to Ferrous Process Technology
Integrated Pyrorefining of Lead at Teck’s Trail Operations
Interfacial Reaction between Magnesia Refractory and EAF Slag
Iron Segregation Roasting Processes
Kinetics of Bauxite Residue Sintering
Kinetics of Decarburization and Manganese Loss During AOD Processing of High Manganese Steels
Kinetics of Dephosphorisation of Iron Carbon Alloys; the Importance of Competing Reactions, Slag Properties and CO Bubbles
Kinetics of Reduction-carburization of Synthetic (Fe,Mg)(Cr,Al)2O4 Solid Solutions by Ar-CH4-H2 Gas Mixtures
Knowledge-based Industry 4.0 Solution for Metallurgical Operations
M-12: Chemical Reactivity and Thermal Stability of the Phosphate Binder used in Ceramic Foam Filters (CFFs)
M-13: Metallurgical Processing: A Key Component of the Engineering Education at KU Leuven and in the Sustainable Materials Master Programme of EIT Raw Materials
Manganese Reductive Alloying: Novel Laboratory Data & Analysis
Microanalysis and Experimental Techniques for the Determination of Multicomponent Phase Equilibria for Non-ferrous Smelting and Recycling Systems
Multicomponent Thermodynamic Databases for Complex Pyrometallurgical Processes
Multiphysics and Thermodynamic Modeling of Kinetically Controlled Processes using Constrained Free Energy (CFE) Method in Pyrometallurgy
New Paradigms for Iron Ore Pelletization
On the Effect of Liquid Viscosity, Density and Surface Tension on the Hydrodynamics of Top Submerged Lance Injections Systems
On the Evaporation of S from Liquid Fe-C-S Alloy
Operational and Environmental Opportunities of the Na2O-SiO2-FeOx Slag System
Optimization of Slag Composition in View of Iron Recovery and Dephosphorization in EAF Process
Phase Transformations from Quartz to Cristobalite
Plasma Fuming for Clean Slags: Rationale, Challenges and Solutions
Prediction of Critical Cooling Rate for Metallurgical Slags
Pretreatment of Manganese Ores with Methane
Process Zones Observed in a 48 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace Producing Silicomanganese According to the Ore-based Process
Production of Ferromanganese Alloys from Silicomanganese Sludge and an Iron Source
Reaction Behavior of Phosphorus in Multi-phase CaO-FeOX-SiO2-P2O5 Flux System
Recovery of Nickel and Vanadium from Heavy Oil Residues using DC Plasma Smelting
Reduction of Manganese Ore Pellets in a Methane-containing Atmosphere
Relating Reported Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Iron and Steelmaking Process Details
Study of High-grade TiO2 Production from Ilmenite via Selective Chlorination and Chlorine Recovery Processes
Study on the High Porosity Refractory Bricks Made from Mining Waste
T-15: Assessing the Techno-economic Feasibility of High-pressure Oxy-fired Flash Metallization of Iron Ore
The Distribution of Sn between CaO-CuOx- FeOy-SiO2 Slag and Copper Metal at 1300 ° C
The FactSage Thermodynamic Computer Package - Recent Developments
The In Situ Micro Raman Study of the NO3- Electrochemical Behavior in Molten NaNO3-KNO3 Mixtures
The Influence of Aluminum on Indium and Tin Behavior in Secondary Copper Smelting
Thermodynamic Modeling of Liquid Phases for Metallurgical Applications
Thermodynamic Modeling of the Solid State Carbothermic Reduction of Chromite Ore
Thermodynamic Study on the Equilibrium of Platinum Group Metals between Slag and Molten Metals
Thermodynamics and Kinetics as Key-sciences for Understanding and Controlling Steelmaking Operations: A Constant Preoccupation for ArcelorMittal Global R&D
Towards a Microwave Metal Extraction Process
Understanding Viscosity-structure Relationship of Slags and its Influence on Metallurgical Processes
Verification of Permeability and Forchheimer Drag Coefficients of Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filters (CFF) at High and Low Flow Rates

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