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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Characterization and Modeling of Metal Whisker Formation
Organizer(s) Philip Eisenlohr, Michigan State University
Eric Chason, Brown University
Carol A. Handwerker, Purdue University
Scope The functional degradation or even complete failure of electronic components caused by the growth of long, conductive whiskers from metallic coatings poses a severe reliability problem. Tin (Sn) coatings are particularly prone since lead (Pb) alloying, which in the past mitigated whisker formation, was legally banned from use in electronic assemblies. Despite observations dating back many decades, there is no complete understanding of this phenomenon that would allow to confidently predict whisker locations, spatial densities, growth rates, or mitigation strategies based on variables such as coating conditions, crystallographic film texture, grain size and morphology, chemistry, and, most importantly, thermomechanical loads experienced in service. This symposium aims to distill existing and new observations regarding metal whisker formation into physically-based models and shall provide a forum for the fruitful exchange of theories and experimental results on this mysterious and challenging problem.
Abstracts Due 04/05/2019
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

Cadmium Whisker Growth on Cd-plated Steel Fastener Hardware
Characterization of Cadmium Plating Microstructure and Whiskers
Formation and Evolution of Tin Surface Defects Using Cyclic Mechanical Loading
Nucleation of Whisker Grains at Grain Boundaries in Sn Films at Early Stage of Thermal Cycling
Pressure Induced Whisker Growth in Sn Coatings
Spontaneous Metal Whisker Growth on MAX Phases and Beyond
The Effects of Bismuth on Tin Whisker Growth after High Temperature, High Humidity Storage
Understanding Driving Forces and Mechanisms of Tin Whiskers on Thermally Strained Films Using Multi-physics Simulations
Whisker Mitigation in Indium Doped Tin Electroplating

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