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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advances in Metallic Coated Advanced Steels
Sponsorship AIST: Metallurgy Processing Products and Applications Technology Committee
AIST: Galvanizing Technology Committee
Organizer(s) Joseph R. McDermid, McMaster University
Frank E. Goodwin, ILZRO
Scope Advanced dual phase, TRIP, Quench and Partition (Q&P) and third generation (3G) advanced high strength steels continue to occupy a prominent place in automotive structural applications and are an essential element in the drive for automotive weight reduction and fuel efficiency increase. However, corrosion protection for the reduced cross-sections in these application is essential to ensure long-term safety and to meet consumer durability expectations.

The scope of this symposium includes recent advances in zinc and zinc alloy-coated steel sheet steel processing, including the processing of zinc or zinc alloy coated sheet steel after initial manufacturing, in particular hot press forming, together with the effect of processing on properties, including liquid metal assisted cracking (LMAC) and phenomena related to fusion welding. Topics of special interest include the effects of these processes on the development of steel microstructures and consequent effects on properties, internal and external oxidation phenomena occurring during processing including effects on development of the zinc coating, advances in zinc coating control, galvannealing, and hot press forming processing. Properties of interest include formability, weldability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties under both static and dynamic tensile and shear conditions of zinc and zinc alloy coated sheet steels.

Abstracts Due 04/15/2021
Proceedings Plan Planned: At-meeting proceedings

A Study on Mechanical and Super-hydrophobic Behavior of the SiO2@ZnO Nano Core-shell Based Polymeric Coating
Galvanizing Sheet Steel Under SHS Conditions for the Development of Steel Microstructures
Influence of Temperature on the Mechanical Behavior of TRIP1180 Spot Welds with Liquid Metal Embrittlement Cracks
Insight into the Mechanism of Liquid Metal Embrittlement in Resistance Spot Welding of Zn-coated Dual Phase Steel: The Role of Boron and Silicon
Liquid Metal Embrittlement in TRIP and Martensitic Ultrahigh Strength Steels
Liquid Metal Embrittlement of 3rd Generation Advanced High Strength Steel Driven by Nano-intermetallic Phase Formation Along Grain Boundaries
Optimal Wavelength Selection for Improved Multi-wavelength Pyrometry of Advanced High Strength Steel
P3-22: Reduction of the Internal and External Oxidation of the Charge during Galvanizing Under SHS Conditions
Use of the New Integrated Indicator ECP-Zn for Control Zinc Coating Obtaining Under SHS Conditions

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