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About this Symposium
Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XVI
Sponsorship TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS: Alloy Phases Committee
Chao-hong Wang, National Chung Cheng University
Jae-Ho Lee, Hongik University
Ikuo Ohnuma, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Chih-Ming Chen, National Chung Hsing University
Thomas Reichmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Yu Zhong, Florida International University
Shijo Nagao, Osaka University
Shien Ping Tony Feng, The University of Hong Kong
Yee-wen Yen, National Taiwan Univ of Science & Tech
Scope This is the 16th in a series of TMS symposia addressing the stability, transformation, and formation of phases during the fabrication, processing, and utilization of electronic materials and devices. Topics of interests range from microelectronic technologies to advanced energy technologies, including phase stability, transformation, formation, and morphological evolution of electronic packaging materials, interconnection materials, integrated circuit materials, optoelectronic materials as well as energy storage and generating materials.
Abstracts Due 07/17/2016
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

A Colorful Titanium Foil as a Photoanode Substrate for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells under Back-side Illumination
Ab Initio Critical Product of Blech Distance and Current Density
An Industry Perspective on Electromigration in Microelectronics
Analysis of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with a Blocking Layer
Calorimetry on Coin Cells with a DSC-like Battery Calorimeter for Lithium-ion Batteries
Controlling Interfacial IMC Phase via Modifying Bi Composition in Low Temperature Bi-33In/Cu Solder Joint
Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Chalcogenide-based Phase Change Materials and Elemental Semiconductors and Studied with Multi-frame, Nanosecond-scale Dynamic TEM
Dependence of Grain Size Distribution on the Conductivity of Ceria - Approach by Spark Plasma Sintering
Development of Sn-free and Sn-containing Low Melting Solder Alloys
Ductile and Strong Cu-to-Cu Interconnection Using Ga-based Pastes for Applications on 3D IC and WBG Devices
Effect of Structural Order on Pulsed Laser Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Germanium Thin Films
Effects of Cu Concentration on the Mechanical Reliability of the Sn-Ag-Cu/Ni Solder Joints–Solid-state Reaction
Effects of Pretreatments on the Adhesion of Cu/Non-conductive Substrates in Electroless Copper Plating
Electrochemical Fabrication of Functional Ag Nanocrystals with Highly Electrocatalytic Activity
Electromigration Effects upon Interfacial Reactions in Electronic Solder Joints of Different Bump Heights and Different Electric Current Densities
Electromigration Enhanced Intermetallic Growth and Damage Formation in Pb-free Solder Joints
Etching Behaviors of Copper and Invar in via Hole of Copper-Invar-Copper Clad Substrate
Formation and Growth of Intermetallic Compound Layer at the Lead-free Solder/Cu Interface Using Laser Soldering Process
High-speed Cu Electrodeposition and Its Solid-state Reaction with Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu
High Temperature Phase Stability of α2-Cu3Al in Binary Cu-Al Alloys: Issues in the Al-Cu Phase Diagram
In-situ Characterization of the Transverse Propagation Mechanism for Crystallization of Amorphous Germanium and the Resulting Microstructure
Interfacial Characterizations of an Electroless Nickel Layer on a Polyimide Film
Intermetallic Alloy Systems for Li-ion Batteries
Investigation of the Influence of Ni Content on Electromigration Resistance of (Pd,Ni)Sn4
Kinetics of Isothermal Reactive Diffusion between Solid Cu and Liquid Sn-base Alloys
L-174: Investigation on Interfacial Reactions between the Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Sn-Ag-Cu Composite Solders with Cu
L-175: Application of Computational Thermodynamics in SOFCs
L-177: Calorimetric Investigation of the Liquid Sn-3.8Ag-0.7Cu Alloy with Minor Additions of Mn and Ni
L-178: Degradation Mechanism of Piezoelectric Materials
L-179: Effect of Silver Precursor Addition on Shear Strength of Cu-Cu Joints with Silver Nanoparticle Paste
L-180: Investigating Mixed Crystal Solid Solution of High Performance Scintillators KBa2I5:Eu & KSr2I5:Eu
L-182: Stretchability Characteristics of Thin Metal Films on Polydimethylsiloxane Substrates with the Parylene Adhesion Layer for Stretchable Electronic Packaging
Low Temperature Cu - Cu Direct Bonding for Hermetic Sealing
Niobium Pentoxide Hole-blocking Layer for Perovskite Solar Cell
One-step Electrodeposition of Gold Dendrites in Aminosilane-contained Electrolyte and Their Applications
Oxide Growth Mechanism of (111), (100) and Random Copper Films at Low Temperatures for the Application of Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding
Phase-field Modeling of Grain-boundary Grooving and Surface Drift under Homogeneous Electromigration
Phase Stability of Mixed-Cation Alkaline-Earth Hexaborides: Insights from X-ray Diffraction and High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
Phase Transformations at Thermoelectric-Metal Interfaces – Experimental Analysis
Phase Transformations at Thermoelectric-Metal Interfaces - Thermodynamic Modeling
Pulse Pb-UPD to Achieve a High Gap-filling of Cu Film Deposited on Trenched Ru/p-SiOCH/Si Substrate
Searching for New Permanent Magnetic Phases: The Systems Bi-Mn-T (T = Ni, Rh, Pt)
Sintering of Nanoparticle-based Interconnections through Chemical and Photonic Means
Solderability of Ultrathin-Ni(P)-type Au/Pd(P)/Ni(P)/Cu Pad: P Content Effect of the Pd(P) Film
Strong Effect of Cu Electroplating Formulas on the Electroplated-Cu/Sn Interfacial Reactions
Sulfurization Effect on the Ag and Ag-Pd Reflectors
The Investigation of Electromigration Defects due to Currents Stress Effects between the Flip-chip Solder and Copper Substrate
The Thermodynamic Investigation of the Effect of CO2áto the Stability of (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98MnO3▒δ
Thermal Capacitive Electrochemical Cycle on Supercapacitor
Thermodynamic Study on PMN-PT Single Crystals
Thermodynamics and Electrochemical Behavior of Advanced Electrode Materials for Lithium Batteries
Thermomigration of Cu-Sn and Ni-Sn Intermetallic Compounds during Reliability Test in SnAg Solder Joints
Transient Liquid Phase Bonding of Cu/In/Ni and Cu/In/Co and Phase Equilibria of Cu-In-Ni and Co-Cu-In Ternary Systems
Ultra Thermal Stable Cu-to-Cu Interconnection
Using Sn-Bi-Zn Solder Layer as the LED Die-attach Material by Controlling Position of Zn in the Solder Layer
Weight Loss Mechanism of (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98MnO3▒δ during Thermal Cycles
Zirconia Mystery? Why and How Zirconia Phases and Phase Diagrams Have Been Misunderstood for a Long Time?

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