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About this Symposium
Meeting NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes
Symposium S-11: Impulse Forming and Welding
Organizer(s) Pierre Marc L'Eplattenier, LSTC
Inaki Caldichoury, LSTC
Scope Contrarily to metalworking processes that are commonly used today, impulse metalworking processes typically utilize high pressures and short duration impulses that can be adapted to form, cut, join, weld, and emboss metals using lighter and more agile equipment. The fundamental nature of the short time-scale impulse also brings with it significant advantages. Increased forming limits, reduced springback and less wrinkling have for example been observed. Impact welding is a solid-state process that utilizes a high-speed collision to join metal components without simply melting the interface, leading to a strong weld region with no heat affected zones. Impulse forming and joining technologies can be driven by electromagnetic, electrohydraulic, explosive, hydro punch, vaporizing foil actuator, laser ablation or other novel mechanisms. The simulation of such processes often require complex multi-physics models. This mini-symposium will focus on recent numerical and experimental advances in impulse metalworking.

Visit the conference website, NUMIFORM 2019, for information about publication opportunities.
Abstracts Due 12/02/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

A Computational Model for Magnetic Pulse Forming and Joining Processes – Application to a Test Case and Sensitivity to Process Parameters
A Predictive and Reliable Eulerian Model to Compute the Interface Kinetics of Magnetic Pulse Welding
A Predictive Model to Estimate the Energy Requirements for Electromagnetic (EM) Springback Calibration of DP600 and TRIP700 profiles.
A Semi-analytical Method for Magnetic Pressure Calculation in Electromagnetic Sheet Forming
Advances in Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Impact Welding
Effect of the Forming Behavior on the Impact Flash during Magnetic Pulse Welding of Tubes
FEM-BEM Coupling for Non-Linear Electromagnetic Field Computations
Magnetic Metal Forming Simulations Using LS-DYNA
Numerical Investigations of Impact Welding by Eulerian and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methods
Numerical Modeling of Energy Deposition for Vaporizing Foil Actuator Forming

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