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Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Advanced Coatings for Wear and Corrosion Protection
Organizer(s) Evelina Vogli, Flame Spray Inc.
Virendra Singh, Schlumberger
Scope This symposium will serve as a forum for discussion of:

(i) Corrosion and wear performance of coatings and surface treatment produced by different processes, including but not limit to additive manufacturing processes, thermal spray, weld-overlay, laser and plasma processing, CVD, PVD, nitriding, carburization, and plating. The coatings can be made from metals (crystalline and/or amorphous), polymer, ceramics, nitrides, carbides, cermets, or composite materials.
(ii) High-performance coatings with exposure to high temperatures, high stress, and other extreme environment applications.
(iii) Understanding degradation mechanisms of coatings through friction, wear and corrosion or other dynamic loading condition; the relationship between composition, processing techniques, microstructural and nanostructural features, and test environments, and their effects on performance and life.
(iv) Approaches to design improved coatings and surface treatment materials and processes based on modeling and experimental data.
(v) The latest development of test methods considering the interplay between mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical interactions and the ability to predict performance. Emphasis on valid, accelerated performance tests and the relation between test technique and field performance data is specifically appreciated.
(vi) Theoretic modeling to predict coating properties, performance, durability and reliability in service environments.

Abstracts Due 04/15/2021
Proceedings Plan Planned: At-meeting proceedings

Aerosol Cold Spray Technology for Ceramic and Metal Coating Deposition
Controlled Release of Corrosion Inhibitors by Microencapsulation for Protection of Steel Reinforced Concrete
Direct Electrodeposition of Corrosion Resistant Coatings onto Aluminum Alloys
Effects of Laser Remediation Treatments on Environmentally-assisted Cracking of 5xxx Aluminum Alloys and Ship Plates
Electroplated Ni-MMC Coatings as a Base Coating to Improve High Temperature Corrosion Caused by Sodiumvanadates
Galvanic Corrosion Mitigation of CFRP-AZ31B Dissimilar Joint
Galvanic Corrosion of AZ31B Ultrasonically-welded with Bare and Zn-coated Steels
High-performance Chrome Coatings to Protect Against Wear and Corrosion
Hot Corrosion Behavior of Yb2O3–Gd2O3–Y2O3 Co-Stabilized Zirconia in Thermal Barrier Coatings with a Lewis Neutral Layer
Improved Coating Performance of REACH Compliant Trivalent Chromium Plating Process for Functional Applications
Investigations on the Effect of Open Atmosphere Laser-nitriding on Surface Mechanical and Elevated Temperature Fretting Wear Properties of A356-Alloy
New Multidisciplinary Approach for Investigating Hot Corrosion Behavior in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Novel Spray-on TBC Coating with Outstanding Wear and Corrosion Protection
Now On-Demand Only - Amorphous Based PTA Weldings for Icy Surfaces
Now On-Demand Only - Combinatorial PVD Coatings on SiC-SiC for Boiling Water Reactor Conditions
Now On-Demand Only - Polymeric Coatings Embedded with Green Anti-corrosive Pigment for Corrosion Inhibition of Steel
P2-12: Increase of Wearproofness Steel Surface as a Result Mechanochemical Influence Polymethylmethacrylat
P2-13: Increased Efficiency Serfising Diffusion Metalization of Cast Iron and Steel Chemical Equipment Parts
P2-14: Production Aluminized Alloyed Coatings for Protection Against Wear and Corrosion
Properties of Ni-P-ZrC Nanocomposite Coatings for Corrosion Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry
The Effects of Graphene in Composite Polymer Coatings Against Inorganic Scales
The Environmental Performance of Nitrided Corrosion Resistance Alloys in a Water – Glycol Hydraulic Fluid
Tribological Resistance and Anti-corrosive Properties of Cr-based Electrochemical Nano-composite Coatings Reinforced with Yttria Stabilised Zirconia and Carbon Nanotubes

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