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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Advancements in In-situ Electron Microscopy Characterization
Organizer(s) Khalid Hattar, Sandia National Laboratories
Josh Kacher, Georgia Tech
Daniel S Gianola, University of California, Santa Barbara
Judith C Yang, University of Pittsburgh
Amith D Darbal, AppFive LLC
Scope This symposium will provide a venue for presentations investigating the microstructural stability of structural materials in extreme environments via the application of advanced in-situ, analytical, and automated orientation mapping techniques.

Background and Rationale: Recent advances in in-situ electron microscopy techniques have expanded the experimental parameter space to permit a deeper characterization of materials at the micrometer and nanoscale during a range of thermal, mechanical, or chemical loading conditions and in a wide range of environments. It is now possible using in-situ TEM and SEM to directly observe and characterize the mechanical and thermal stability of nanostructured materials as well as deformation modes of structural materials in both ambient and extreme environments. This includes in-operando electron microscopy, a new but rapidly growing field of techniques in which the direct spectroscopic characterization of materials is collected simultaneously with chemical reactivity measurements. The major emphasis of this symposium will be the use of these recently developed techniques to understand the microstructural stability, especially grain boundary stability, of structural materials exposed to extreme environments. Talks of this nature are often scattered across symposia at MS&T and this new gathering would provide a place to talk about new advances in in-situ and in-operando electron microscopy techniques and their application to a variety of material systems.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: (1) Development of new SEM and TEM capabilities (2) Research in extreme environments including but not limited to: gas, liquid, and radiation environments, as well as thermal and mechanical loading (3) Combination of analytical and in-situ SEM and TEM techniques applied to structural materials (4) Combination of automated phase and orientation mapping to microstructure characterization and in-situ SEM and TEM techniques applied to various material systems (5) Overlapping of two or more in-situ SEM and TEM techniques applied to structural materials (6) The application of insights gained through advanced in-situ electron microscopy experiments to the development of computational models.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Definite: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

3D Characterization of Al5083 Spall by Micro-CT and In-situ Femtosecond Laser - FIB
A Study of Texture and Phase Evolution during Grain Growth of Nanocrystalline Ni Thin Films by In-situ and Precession Electron Diffraction Microscopy
An In-situ TEM Observation on the Stability of Al0.3CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloys under High Temperature Oxidation Environments
Cross-correlative Precession Electron Diffraction: Atom Probe Tomography Study of Solute Segregation in Grain Boundaries
Crystallization Kinetics of Phase Change Materials Measured with Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscopy
Examination of Grain Boundary Character Evolution in Copper through In-situ Annealing in SEM and TEM
In-situ TEM Study of the Initial Oxidation Behavior of Zirconium under High Humidity Environments
Influence of Noise Generating Factors on Cross Correlation EBSD Measurement of GNDs
Nano-scale Spatio-temporal Resolution In-situ TEM and Numerical Modeling of Rapid Solidification in Al Alloys after Laser Melting
Real-time Mapping of Nanoscale Functionality Utilizing Advanced Scanning Diffraction
Simulated Kikuchi Diffraction from Atomistic Structures
TEM In-situ Cantilever Testing to Assess Grain Cohesion in Irradiated ODS
Time-resolved Atomic-scale Chemical Imaging for Study of Dynamic PhaseTransformation in Li-rich Layered Cathode Materials

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