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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Rare Metal Extraction & Processing 2015
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Hydrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy Committee
Shafiq Alam, University of Saskatchewan
Harald Oosterhof, Umicore
Animesh Jha, University of Leeds
Shijie Wang, Rio Tinto Kennecott Utah Copper Corp
Scope The symposium will cover extraction of rare metals as well as rare extraction processing techniques used in metal production.

Extraction of rare – less common metals or minor metals (not covered by other TMS symposiums) will be covered. For example elements like antimony, bismuth, barium, beryllium, boron, calcium, chromium, gallium, germanium, hafnium, indium, lithium, manganese, molybdenum, platinum group metals, rare earth metals, rhenium, scandium, selenium, sodium, strontium, tellurium, tungsten, etc. are rare metals of low tonnage sales compared to high tonnage metals such as iron, copper, nickel, lead, tin, zinc, or light metals such as aluminum, magnesium or titanium and electronic metalloid silicon.

Rare processing will cover bio-metallurgy, hydro-metallurgy, electro-metallurgy, as well as extraction of values from EAF dusts, and less common waste streams not discussed in recycling symposiums. Rare high temperature processes such as microwave heating, solar-thermal reaction synthesis, cold crucible synthesis of the rare metals will be included.

Design of extraction equipment used in these processes will be included from suppliers, as well as laboratory and pilot plant studies.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Novel Technology of Vanadium Extraction from Stone Coal
Apatite Concentrate, A Potential New Source of Rare Earth Elements
E21: TGA/DTA of Rare Earth Elements
E22: Study on Electrolysis for Neodymium Metal Production
E23: Experimental Investigation of Recycling Rare Earth Metals from Waste Fluorescent Lamp Phosphors
E24: Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from NdFeB Based Magnet Scraps by Pyrometallurgical Processes
E25: Research on Quality Improvement of Titanium Sponge By Process Optimization
Effect of Solution Compositions on Optimum Redox Potential in Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite by Moderately Thermophilic Bacteria
Electrochemical Reduction of Eu(III) for the Recovery of Eu from Rare Earth Materials Solution Using Channeled Cell
Electrochemical Removal Impurity of NaCl from LiCl-KCl Melts
Establishment and Application of Activity Model Based on FeO-SiO2-V2O3-TiO2 System
Extraction of Gold from a Low-Grade Double Refractory Gold Ore Using Flotation-Preoxidation-Leaching Process
Gold Extraction from a High Carbon Low-Grade Refractory Gold Ore by Flotation-Roasting-Leaching Process
Gold Leaching from a Refractory Gold Concentrate by the Method of Liquid Chlorination
How to Recover Minor Rare Metals from E-scrap Recycling
Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Precious, Rare and Base Metals Using an Oxidizing Acid Chloride Heap Leach
Industrial Practice of Biohydrometallurgy in Zambia
Industry Oxygen and Its Advanced Application Technology for Hydrometallurgy Process
Large-Scale Testing of Vacuum-Distillation Refining of Ill-Conditioned Rough Selenium
Leaching of Vanadium from the Roasted Vanadium Slag with High Calcium Content by Direct Roasting and Soda Leaching
Mechanical Activation of Processing of Egyptian Wolframite
Modern Beryllium Extraction - A State-of-the-Art Kroll Reduction Plant
Numerical Simulation of the Mass Transfer for Rare-Earth Concentrate in Leaching Process
Optimization of Rare Earth Leaching
Rare Earth Element Recovery and Resulting Modification of Resin Structure
Rare Earth Elements Gallium and Yttrium Recovery From (KC)Korean Red Mud Samples by Solvent Extraction and Heavy Metals Removal/ Stabilization by Carbonation
Recovery of Platinum Group Metals from Wasted Automobile Catalyst Using Perovskite-Type Oxide
Recovery of Tungsten from Machining Waste Alloy Scrap
Research on Process of Hydrometallurgical Extracting Au, Ag, and Pd from Decopperized Anode Slime
Solvent Extraction of Cu2+ from the Leaching Liquor Containing Cu and Fe Using a Microfluidic Technology
Solvent Extraction of Vanadium from Converter Slag Leach Solution by P204 Reagent
Status of Separation and Purification of Rare Earth Elements from Korean Ore
The Effects of Common Associated Sulfide Minerals on Thiosulfate Leaching of Gold
Ultra High Temperature Rare Earth Metal Extraction by Electrolysis

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