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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Actinide and Lanthanide Materials III
Organizer(s) Clarissa A. Yablinsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ryan Stillwell, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kester Clarke, Colorado School of Mines
Clinique Brundidge, Naval Nuclear Laboratory
Adam Farrow, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Curt Lavender, Battelle - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Douglas Burkes, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Scope Actinide and Lanthanide materials display broad and varied behaviors driven by self-irradiation, unusual electronic structures, allotropic phase transformations, challenges in processing, reactivity and many other factors. This symposium seeks to understand the fundamental and applied materials science of Actinide and Lanthanide metals, alloys and compounds from experimental and computational studies of structure, transformations, processing and manufacturing, properties, and applications.

Examples include, but are not limited to:
Phase allotropy, thermodynamics and kinetics in plutonium and it alloys and compounds.
Deformation mechanisms in low-symmetry crystals of plutonium, uranium and their alloys.
Self-irradiation driven property or phase stability changes in aging nuclear materials.
Phase stability in Cerium and its alloys.
Industrial manufacturing and processing science of Actinide and Lanthanide materials.
Material compatibility and reaction studies in less-common materials.
Abstracts Due 03/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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