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About this Symposium
Meeting 2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium MHD 2015: Nagy El-Kaddah Memorial Symposium on Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in Materials Processing
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Organizer(s) Ramana G. Reddy, The University of Alabama
Thinium T. Natarajan, U. S. Steel
Scope This symposium is to honor the memory and legacy of Prof. Nagy El-Kaddah. Nagy Symposium on Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in Materials Processing will provide a forum where university and academic professionals can interact and exchange with other stakeholders to facilitate the advancement of MHD in industry.
• Experimental MHD,
• Mathematical modeling of MHD,
• MHD stability,
• Industrial applications of MHD,
• Recent applications of MHD.

Abstracts must be submitted through Program Master
Papers are needed from professionals in the following areas:
• Fundamental study of MHD interactions in materials processing,
• Electromagnetic levitation to study reactions and material properties of metals on earth and in microgravity condition,
• Application of MHD in non-ferrous industries – electromagnetic casting, electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic stirrer, induction heating, electromagnetic filtration, Halls-Heroults process,
• Application of MHD in ferrous industry – Electromagnetic stirrer/brake, Edge containment in twin roll strip casting, transverse flux induction heating of strips, VIM/VAR processes, ESR processes,
• Recent applications of EM field in areas such as electrostatic levitation, magnetopheresis, etc.,
Abstracts Due 07/15/2014
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

3D Mathematics Model of Formation and Motion of Metal Droplets during Electro-Slag Remelting Process
A New Electromagnetic Heating Method to Study Spray Cooling
Application of a Model for Simulating the Vacuum Arc Remelting Process
Application of Electromagnetic Stirring in Continuous Casting for the Production of High Quality Steel
Application of Lorentz Force Techniques for Flow Rate Measurement
Applications of Electromagnetic Levitation in Extractive/Process Metallurgy Research
Arrays of Rotating Permanent Magnet Dipoles for Stirring and Pumping of Liquid Metals
CFD of the MHD Mold Flow by Means of Hybrid LES/RANS Turbulence Modeling
Control of Slag-Dragging Effects at the Metal-Slag Interface through Electromagnetic Breaks in a Slab Mold
Convection in Duct Flows with Very Strong Magnetic Fields
CUFLOW: A Collaborative Computational Tool for Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
Effect of Ruler Electromagnetic Braking (EMBr) on Transient Turbulent Flow in Continuous Casting of Steel Slabs
Electromagnetic Damping of Liquid Steel Flows in Horizontal Single Belt Casting (HSBC).
Electromagnetic Levitation Studies on Decarburization of Liquid Fe-Cr-C Alloys
Flow Control of Molten Metal Using Measurements of Physical Properties and Flow Rate by MHD Techniques
Flow Visualization by Means of Contactless Inductive Flow Tomography in the Presence of a Magnetic Brake
Gas Heating and Chemical Dissociation
Impact of Coil Geometry on Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Flow in Liquid and Its Relevance to Inclusion Separation by Electromagnetophoresis
Instabilities in Electromagnetic Quasi-Levitation
Magnetic Suspension Melting Developments
Mathematical Modeling of the Mold Current and Its Influence on Slag and Ingot Behavior during ESR
Modeling of Coupled Electromagnetic and Flow Fields in Induction Crucible Furnace
Non-Contact Flow Measurement and Flow Control in Metal Melts Using Lorentz Force Techniques
Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Levitation Employing Meshless Method Based on Weighted Least Square Method
On the Influence of Coil Frequency on the Flow in Electromagnetic Solidification Systems
Online Electromagnetic Filtration of Molten Aluminum Using a Multistage Separator System
Optimization of an ElectroMagnetic Technology in ArcelorMittal Gent for Improving Products Quality in Steel Industry
Phase Separation of Hypermonotectic Alloys during Solidification in Electromagnetically Generated Gravitational Fields
Prediction of Inclusions Distribution in a Steel Continuous Casting Slab Cast with FC-Mold
Recent LIMMCAST Results on Modelling of Steel Casting
Remembrance of Life Time Academic Achievements of Professor Nagy El-Kaddah
Stochastic Mesoscopic Modeling of the Globular Microstructure and Microsegregation Evolution during the Solidification of Cast Mg AZ31B Alloys at Low Superheat
The Application of MHD Side Stirring Technology to Aluminium Melting Furnaces for Operational Efficiency Improvement – A Case Study
The Formation of a Magnetically Driven Tornado-Like Vortex
Velocity Measurements and Particle Laden Flow Experimental Investigations in Liquid Metals

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