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About this Symposium
Meeting 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)
Symposium 18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)
Organizer(s) Peter Martin Anderson, Ohio State University
Irene J. Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara
James C. Earthman, University of California-Irvine
Michael J. Mills, Ohio State University
Timothy J. Rupert, University of California, Irvine
Izabela A. Szlufarska, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scope This event will be held July 15-19, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on the campus of The Ohio State University.

ICSMA 18 builds on a 50-year tradition of providing an international venue for the latest advances in the strength of materials. Scientific topics provide comprehensive coverage of the field, from basic concepts of deformation to advanced engineering materials, and across composites, alloys, biomedical and bio-inspired materials, and emerging materials. The meeting will advance fundamental understanding of the processes that govern the strength of materials at different length and time scales, and it will forge links between basic studies and investigations of technologically important engineering materials. Thus, ICSMA 18 will offer a broad forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects related to the strength and deformation of a wide range of materials. The conference will be held at The Ohio State University (USA), providing an open campus setting in which to meet.

Topic areas include:

  • Advanced (including in situ) characterization of deformation processes
  • Elementary deformation mechanisms in engineering materials
  • Fracture and fatigue
  • Friction and wear
  • Glasses and non-crystalline solids
  • High-temperature deformation and creep
  • Materials under extreme conditions
  • Mechanical behavior associated with phase transformations
  • Mechanistic foundations for multiscale modeling and ICME
  • Micro-and nano-scale mechanical testing
  • Effects of grain boundaries and interfaces
  • Reinforcements at the sub-nanometer scale
  • Strength of biomedical and bio-inspired materials
  • Emerging topics
  • John P Hirth and Hael Mughrabi Honorary Symposia
Abstracts Due 02/28/2018
Proceedings Plan Undecided

3D characterization of the evolution of crystal mosaicity during solidification and influence on high temperature strength of Ni-base superalloys
A Comprehensive Overview of the Notch Sensitivity of Deformation in Sub-Micron/Nanoscale Metallic Glasses
A Development for a Prediction Method of Time to Creep Rupture of Repaired Weld Joints of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel
A Magnesium Alloy and Post-Fabrication Techniques Towards Biodegradable Implants
A Materials Informatics Approach to Predict Creep of High-Temperature Alloys
A Micromechanical Modeling Scheme to Parameterize a Loading-Path-Dependent Hardening Model for DC06 Steel
A New Type of Superelastic and Shape Memory Materials: ThCr2Si2-Structured Intermetallic Compound at Small Length Scales
A Phenomenological Creep Model for Ni-Base Single Crystal Superalloys at Intermediate Temperatures
A Test to Determine Stress Relief Cracking Susceptibility in Grade 11 Welds
Ab Initio Calculations of Ideal Strength and Lattice Instability in W-Ta and W-Re Alloys
Advanced TEM Characterization of High Strength Superelastic NiTiHf Alloys for Biomedical Applications
Advances in Characterizing the Crystallographic and Atomic Structure of Grain Boundaries
AFOSR Requirements for Modeling and Assessing Multi-length Scale Deformation Mechanisms across Diverse Material Interfaces
Aging and Oxidation Effects on the β21S Titanium Alloy Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Alloy Design by Dislocation Engineering
An Optical Trap Method to Measure Scale-Dependent Properties of Soft Materials
Anisotropic Mobility of Faceted Grain Boundaries
Anisotropy of Static Strain Aging in a Fine-Grained Linepipe Steel
Anneal Hardening and High Temperature Strain Rate Sensitivity of Nanostructured Metals and Their Relation to Intergranular Dislocation Accommodation
Anomalous Strain-Rate Sensitivity of High-Entropy Alloy: Effects of Strain Rate and Grain Size
Assessing Creep Mechanisms Through Strain Transient Experiments
Assessing Mechanical Properties of Irradiated Materials by Nanomechanical Testing
Atom Probe Tomography Investigation of Diamantane in Bulk Nanocrystalline Aluminum Alloys
Atomic Structure and Electrical Conduction Property of Dislocations in Strontium Titanate
Basal Slip Dominant Fatigue Damage Behavior in Cast Mg-8Gd-3Y-Zr Alloy
Bayesian Inferential Framework for Model Selection in Crystal Plasticity Modeling
Benchmarking Multi-Scale Models with Microtensile Experiments and 3D Microstructural Characterization of René 88DT
Bulk and Surface Grain Boundary Engineering for Improved Resistance to Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of Nuclear Alloys
Cause and Effect of Retained Austenite Transformation in High Strength Q&P Steel
Characterization and Analysis of PMMA Cohesion Behavior
Characterization of deformation in metal powder produced by Modulation-Assisted Machining
Characterization of Hot Deformation Behaviour of Extruded Mg-Y-Zn Alloys with LPSO Phase
Characterization of Microstructure, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Mg-Zn-Y Based Alloys with Low Fraction of LPSO Phase
Characterizing Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nanotwinned Metal Thin Films for High Temperature MEMS Devices
Collective Motion of Dislocation Associated with Local Plasticity Initiation and Subsequent Behavior in bcc Metals
Combined In Situ SEM DIC/EBSD Study on the Influence of Dispersoid Distribution on Strain Localization and Dislocation Accumulation during Deformation of AA6451
Computational Design of Nearly Hysteresis-Free and Linear Super-Elastic, and Ultralow Modulus Ferroelastic Materials
Connecting Atomistic Simulations, Defect-based Theories, and Continuum Plasticity in Amorphous Solids
Constrained Plastic Deformation in a Sub-Micron Sized Crystalline-Glass Bilayer Leads to the Formation of Geometrically Necessary Stacking Faults
Correlating Dislocation Configurations to Deformation Behavior in Cyclically Loaded Additive Manufactured IN718
Corrosion Behavior of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coated Additively Manufactured NiTi: An Experimental Study
Corrosion of Heat- and MAO-Treated Mg-1.2Zn-0.5Ca-0.5Mn: A Candidate Alloy for Bioresorbable Skeletal Fixation
Creep Behaviour NiZrY Alloys Undergoing Fast Internal Oxidation
Creep Deformation and Strengthening Mechanism in Newly Developed Ni-20Cr-15Co-1Ti-2Al-8W Polycrystalline Heat-Resistant Alloy
Crossover in the Power-Law Statistics of Acoustic Emission during Jerky Flow
Cryogenic Temperature Effects on Superelasticity of the Novel Intermetallic Compound CaFe2As2 At Small Length Scales
Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue of Two High Strength Mg Alloys
Damage-Tolerance in Multi-Element Metallic Alloys
Damage Processes in Third-generation Steels
DAMASK: The Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit for Studying Multi-Physics Crystal Plasticity Phenomena
Data-Driven Mechanism Modeling of Creep Behavior of 9Cr-Steels
Decomposition of the CrMnFeCoNi High-Entropy Alloy and Effects on Mechanical Properties
Density Functional Study of Pipe Diffusion in Ni
Detwinning Mechanisms for Growth Twins in Epitaxial Nanotwinned Cu
Developing High-Strength, Compliant Polymer Nanocomposites by Infiltration of Inorganic Reinforcing Nanoclusters
Direct Characterization of Atomic-Scale Crack Propagation Path along a Dopant-Segregated Grain Boundary
Dislocation Interaction with the Grain Boundary in Bi-crystalline FCC Micropillars
Dislocation Mapping Using Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging (ECCI) and High Resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction (HR-EBSD)
Dislocation Multiplication within the γ Channels of a Single Crystal Superalloy during Stage II of High temperature Creep
Dislocation Slip Transfer through Grain Boundaries: Insights from In-situ Nanomechanics
Dose Dependences of CdIn2S4 Resistance at Various Roentgen Radiation Hardnesses
Ductility of Alloys from Nonlinear Elasticity
Durability and Sustainability of Guayule Natural Rubber Filled with Eggshell and Precipitated Silica Reinforcing Fillers
Dynamic Strain Aging during Constant Strain Rate and Creep Tests in Near-α Ti Alloy – IMI 834
Effect of Advanced Mechanical Surface Treatments on Room and Elevated Temperature Residual Stress, Microstructure, Strength, and Fatigue Behavior of ATI 718Plus Nickel-Base Alloy
Effect of Elemental Combination on Friction Stress and Hall-Petch Relationship in Face-Centered Cubic High / Medium Entropy Alloys
Effect of Grain Refinement on Mechanical Properties of Si-Added 22Mn-0.6C Steel
Effect of Long Period Stacking Ordered Phase on Thermal Stability of Magnesium Alloys Containing Rare Earth Element
Effect of Microstructure Refinement on Tensile Properties of Low Carbon Dual Phase Steel Composed of Soft Ferrite and Hard Martensite
Effect of Precipitates on Martensitic Transformation in NiTiHf Alloys
Effect of Thermomechanical Treatment on Yield Strength of an Extruded ZX10 Alloy
Effects if Ni3Ti Eta Phase on the Performance of High Temperature Nickel-Base Alloys
Effects of Graphene Reinforcement on Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Characteristics of Electrodeposited Copper
Effects of Strained Heat Treatment on the Transformation Temperature of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Wires
Elastic Heterogeneities in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Electronic and Atomic Structures of Dislocation Cores in Ductile Ionic Crystals
Element Testing of Additively Manufactured Nickel Alloys
Elementary Processes which Govern Microstructural Evolution During HIP Rejuvenation Treatments of As-Processed and Pre-Crept Single Crystal Superalloys
Elucidating the Relationship Between Micromechanics and Macroscopic Response During Crystallographic Twin Reorientation
Enhanced Strength and Ductility in Ni-Co-Cr Alloys Through Cold Work and Annealing
Enhancing the Fatigue Performance of Precipitate Strengthened Al Alloys
Evaluation and Application of a Shear Test Method for Characterization of Ultrasonic Additive Manufactured Materials
Evolution of Elastic Properties of Cold Sprayed Metal Coatings at Elevated Temperatures
Experimental Characterization of Mode II Delamination in Commercial Thermal Barrier Coating Systems
Finding Strength in our Faults: Superstrong Magnesium Alloys via Nano-Spaced Stacking Faults
First Principles Calculations of Screw Dislocations in Model Engineering Alloys (Ni, Ni3Al, hcp-Ti)
Forming Limit Criteria Under Full 3D Stress Condition and Its Application to Incremental Sheet Forming Processes
Fracture Toughness of Tungsten
From Atoms to Turbine Blades: Challenges for Scale Bridging Materials Science in the Field of Co- and Ni-base Single Crystal Superalloys
Generalized Wave Model of Macrolocalized Plastic Flow
Grain-Scale Investigation of the Anisotropic Dependence of Plastic Instability in AZ91
Grain Boundary Complexions and the Strength of Nanocrystalline Metals
Grain Boundary Dynamics/Deformation Coupling
Grain Size Effect on the Strain Hardening Behavior of Fe-24Ni-0.3C Metastable Austenitic Steel Studied by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction
Grain size strengthening in a CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy
Hardness Distribution in a Heavily Cold-Rolled Duplex Stainless Steel
High-temperature Compressive Strength and Tensile Creep Strength of ZrC-Modified MoSiBTiC Alloy
High Strength Titanium Alloy and Its Deformation Mechanism during In-Suit SEM Tensile
High Temperature Low Strain Rate Tensile Behaviour of Surface Modified Alloy 602CA Subjected to Two Surface Modification Techniques
High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Q390 Steel
How Reliable are Yield Strength Anomaly Predictions from First Principles Calculations Done at 0K?
Hydrogen Embrittlement in a Compositionally Complex FeNiCoCrMn FCC Solid Solution Alloy
Impact Testing and High Strain Rate Sensitivity Measurements with a Nanoindenter
Improved Ductility of High Pressure Die-cast Mg-xCe-yAl-0.5Mn Alloys by Modifying Al/Ce Ratio
Improving Strength in Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo
In-Situ Characterization of Grain-Scale Deformation Mechanics in Shape Memory Alloys using High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
In-Situ Investigation of Deformation Dynamics for Quality Monitoring in Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing
In-situ Micro-pillar Compression Testing of Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
In-Situ Nanotomography Investigation of High Temperature Deformation in Al-Cu Alloys
In-situ SEM characterization of deformation processes in Ti-5553 at room temperature: influence of the β phase and consequences on fatigue crack initiation
In-Situ TEM Observation of Stress Induced Phase Transformation in Zirconia
In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Twinning Nucleation and Growth in BCC Crystals
In Situ Characterization of the Deformation Mechanisms Present in Biaxially Loaded Magnesium Alloys
In situ irradiation studies of nanoporous and nanotwinned metals
In Situ Neutron Diffraction of Strain Path Change Effects in Cold-Rolled MgAZ31B Sheet
In Situ X-Ray Diffraction of a High Work-Hardening Ti-6Al-4V Prepared by Electron-Beam Melting
Influence of Alloy Composition, Extrusion Parameters and Heat Treatment on Strength and Corrosion Resistance of Extruded 6xxx Series Al-Alloys
Influence of Aluminum and Germanium Additions on Microstructure and Creep Properties of Mo-9Si-8B (at.%)
Influence of Cryogenic Quenching on ECAP Al-Mg-Si-X Alloy
Influence of Strain Rate and Microstructure on the Substructure Evolution and Properties of Ti-407
Influence of the Beta to Omega Phase Transformation on the Elasticity of Metastable Beta-Ti Alloys
Influence of the Composition on the Deformation Mechanisms of Mg-Y-Zn Alloys with Long-Period-Stacking-Ordered Phase
Influence of Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Pre-Exposures on the Creep Life of Single Crystal Superalloys
Influence of γ′–γ″ Co-Precipitation on the Mechanical Properties and Coarsening Kinetics of Alloy718 Variant Superalloys
Investigation of Deformation Mechanisms of Ordered Intermetallic Phases in Superalloys
Investigation on the Effect of Cr to Ni Ratio on Solid Solution Strengthening in CrxMn20Fe20Co20Ni40-x High Entropy Alloys
Is Deformation Twinning Important for Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel?
Large Scale 3D Atomistic Simulations of Dislocation Interactions with Coherent Twin Boundaries during Multiaxial Loading
Large Scale Atomistic Simulations of the Interaction of Glide Dislocations with Grain Boundaries in fcc Bipillars
Location and Stress-state Dependent Mechanical Characterization of Additively Manufactured Metals
Mapping Local Strain and Order with Nanobeam Diffraction during In Situ Deformation of Bulk Metallic Glasses
Measurement of Power Law Creep Parameters by Nanoindentation
Measuring and Simulation of Residual Stress after Shot peening
Measuring Stresses and Strains with Subgrain Resolution Using High Energy X-Ray Diffraction
Mechanical characterization of OFE-Cu for SRF cavity fabrication by electrohydraulic forming
Mechanical Properties and Shape Memory Behaviors of Highly Porous Ti-Based Biomaterials
Mechanical Properties of Al Doped Ni1.5Co1.5CrFeTi0.5 Powder High Entropy Alloy after Heat Treatment
Mechanical Properties of Hetero-Nanostructured Duplex Stainless Steels
Mechanical Properties of High Strength Pearlitic Steels under Various Loading Conditions
Mechanical Properties of Mg-8Gd-3Y-0.5Zr Alloy with Bimodal Grain Size Distributions
Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastic Composites for Wind Turbine Blades
Mechanical Properties of (CoMoNi)/WC Nanocomposite Systems Measured via Nanoindentation Testing
Mechanism of Enhanced Ductility in Mg Alloys
Meso-Scale Modelling of the Anisotropic Slip Behaviors in a Reduced Activation Ferrite/Martensite (RAFM) Steel
Metastability of Austenitic Stainless Steels
Micro-tension Testing and Micro-scale Strengthening Mechanisms of Lightweight Alloys
Micromechanical Modeling of Fatigue Crack Incubation and Small Crack Growth in Polycrystals
Micromechanical Study of Grain/Twin Shape and Elastic Mismatch at Annealing Twin Boundaries in Ni-base Superalloy
Micromechanics of Biaxial Cold Dwell Fatigue in Ti-7Al Using Far-Field High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy
Microstructural Characterization of Creep-Fatigue Deformation in 9Cr-1MoV Steel and Weldments
Microstructural Studies of the Effect of Process Parameters on Additively Manufactured NiTi
Microstructure and Deformation Behavior of Nb Nanoparticle Reinforced CuZnAl Composite
Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior in Gas Atomized Al 6061 Powders and Splats
Microstructure, Texture and Strength Evolution during Severe Plastic Deformation of CrMnFeCoNi High-entropy Alloy
Model-Based Description of the Temperature Dependent Strength of Ferritic and Austenitic ODS Steels
Modeling of Additively Manufactured Shape Memory Alloys
Modeling of Anisotropic Fracture in Soft Biological Composites
Modeling of Precipitation Microstructure and Yield Strength of Mg-Al-Sn based Magnesium Alloys
Modified Constitutive Analysis of Flow Stress in Hot Deformation
Monitoring Martensitic Transformation during Tensile Test in TRIP Steels Using Neutron Diffraction
Monitoring Meso Phase and Micro Strains in Fully Pearlitic Steels by Means of In Situ Neutron Diffraction
Multi Length-scale Characterization of Ferroelastic Deformation in Ceramic Materials
Multiscale Investigation of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Nickel-Based Superalloy Inconel 718 Manufactured by Powder-Bed Selective Laser Melting
Near-Ideal Theoretical Strength in Au Angstrom Scale Twins
New Modes of Imaging for In Situ TEM Nanomechanical Testing
New Results from Double Shear Creep Testing of Ni-Base Superalloy Single Crystals in the Low Temperature High Stress Creep Regime
Nickel-Titanium-Hafnium Alloy Design in Tribological Systems
Numerical Analysis of Void Closure by Large Plastic Deformation
Numerical Modeling of the Influence of Process Conditions on Hydrogen Transport at Microstructural Level
Observation and Modeling of Strain Hardening Anisotropy in Al-Cu Alloys via Neutron Diffraction
On Micromechanics Associated with Crack Growth in Quasi-Brittle Materials
On the Competition between Slip and Twinning in Very Low Stacking-Fault Energy Cu-Al Alloy Single Crystals
On the Dislocation Transfer through Phase Boundaries during Creep of NiAl-based In-situ Composites
On the Interplay between Vacancies, Dislocations, and Pores during Low Stress High Temperature Creep of SX Superalloys
On the Mechanical Response of Single Crystal Iron under Extreme Loading Conditions
On the Non-Validity of Routinely Used Formulae for Stress Intensity Factors and Plastic Zone Sizes of Mode II and Mode III Fatigue Cracks
On the Origin of Extraordinary Cyclic Strengthening of a New, High-temperature Capable Austenitic Stainless Steel Sanicro 25 during Fatigue at 700°C
Optimization and Parametrization of Crystal Plasticity Model Using Efficient Data-Driven Material Tools
Orientation-Dependent Slip in bcc Metals from Atomistic Simulations and Experiments
Orientation Dependence of Deformation Behaviors in Cyclic Deformation of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Investigated by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction, EBSD and TEM
Origin of Anelasticity in Metallic Glasses
Oxidation Behavior of a Zr52Cu29Al10Ni8 Bulk Metallic Glass at its Super-cooled Liquid Region in the Dry Air
Oxygen Diffusion around (10-12) Twin Boundary in Titanium
Parallel Versus Perpendicular Interfaces to the Current Flow, and Their Role on Formation of Kirkendall Voids in Cu/Sn/Cu Sandwich Interconnections, a DFT Assisted Phase Field Study
Phase Specific Nanoindentation of Stainless Steel Wear Resistant Alloys
Phase Transformation and Degradation of Superelastic NiTi during Uniaxial and Multiaxial Loading
Phase Transformation Strengthening in Metastable fcc Materials
Planar Defects in Nanocrystalline Metallic Alloys: Stability, Transformation and Transport
Plastic Work Partition into Stored Energy and Heat during Low Cycle Fatigue of Austenitic Steel
Predicting Thermodynamic Forces from Atomistic Simulations
Probing Creep Deformation Using High Temperature Nanoindentation and Bulk Mechanical Testing
Processing--Structure--Properties Relations in Al-Fe Impact Welds
Programmable Materials - Tuning Effective Materials Response
Quantification of the Susceptibility to Ductility Dip Cracking in Welds of Ni-Based Alloys
Quantifying the response of polycrystals using high energy synchrotron x-ray experiments
Ratcheting Fatigue Behavior of Zircaloy-2
Rejuvenation of Nanocrystalline Metals using Femtosecond Laser Treatments
Residual Stresses in 18 Carat Gold Alloys: A Multi-Scale Diffraction Study
Role of Mesoscopic-Scale Self-Organization of Dislocations in Macroscopic Characteristics of Jerky Flow
Room-temperature Plasticity of Sphalerite Zinc Sulfide Single Crystals in Darkness
Room Temperature Stress Relaxation of a Quenchend and Tempered Steel
Segregation-mediated Strengthening Mechanisms in Nanotwinned Metals
Segregation of Alloying Elements to Planar Faults in Ni-Based Superalloys
Shear Banding in Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites with Dendrite Reinforcements
Sites of crack initiation in austenitic high interstitial steel under low cycle fatigue at different load levels
Solute effect on the tensile strength of Nano-twinned Ag thin films
Solute Interfacial Segregation as an Elevated Temperature Strengthening Mechanism in Precipitation Hardened Alloys
Spatial Correlation of Elastic Heterogeneity Tunes the Deformation Behavior of Metallic Glasses
Stabilized Dislocations Cores in AZ31 Mg Alloy
Stage I Fatigue Crack Initiation in Polycrystalline FCC Metals
Statistical Analysis of Slip and Twinning Activities in Mg-Ca Alloy by In Situ EBSD
Stirred Not Shaken: A Dislocation-Obstacle Analysis of a Friction Welded Microstructure in an Age-Hardenable Aluminum Alloy
Strain Induced Transformations and Additive Manufacturing - A Pathway to Develop Multiphase Materials
Strain Rate Sensitivities of Deformation Mechanisms in Magnesium Alloys and Rate Dependent Behaviors
Strengthening Mechanisms in Severe Plastically Deformed Metals and Alloys
Strong Neighbour Effects on Grain Resolved Stress Distributions in Hexagonal Metals
Structural Adhesion of Thermoplastic Composites for Wind Turbine Blades
Study of Microstructure--Deformation Behavior of Ultra High-strength Steel Resistance Spot Weld using Wedge Testing
Studying the Mechanisms for Pore Annihilation during Hot Isostatic Pressing of Nickel Based Superalloys Single Crystals
Sub-grain Evaluation of a Super-Dislocation Model via EBSD-Based GND Mapping
Superelastic Superconductor, CaKFe4As4
Suppressed Martensitic Transformation under Biaxial Loading in Low Stacking Fault Energy Metastable Austenitic Steels
Suppressing of Grain Boundary Migration in Nano-Grained Pure Metals
Synthesis of Self-Supported CuO and CuMOx nanogrids
Temper Bead Welding for Weld Overlays
Temperature and Microstructural Dependence of Dwell Fatigue in Dual-Phase Titanium Alloys
Tensile Behavior of Ultra-Fine Grained SUS304 Stainless Steel Fabricated by Cold Rolling and Annealing Processes
Tensile Creep Strength and Microstructure Evolution during Creep Deformation of 1st Gen. MoSiBTiC Alloy in Ultra-High Temperature Region
Tensile Properties and Fracture Behavior of ATI 718Plus Alloy at Room and Elevated Temperatures
Testing the Local Interfacial Properties of 3D Printed Polycarbonate
The Effect of Brazing on Microstructure of Honeycomb Liner Materials Hastelloy X and Haynes 214
The Effect of Hydrogen on the Deformation of Face-Centered Cubic Microcrystals: Three-Dimensional Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulations
The Effect of Temperature on the Suppression of Twinning in A-axis Textured Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
The Effects of Loading Frequency and Degree of Sensitization on Corrosion Fatigue of AA5083-H131 and AA5456-H116 in 3.5% NaCl
The Influence of Grain Size Distribution and Dislocation Density on the Mechanical Properties of Interstitial Free Steel
The Influence of the Base Elements on the Deformation Mechanisms in Single Crystalline Co/Ni-base Superalloys
The Potential of High-energy Milling to Produce Ultra-Fine Grained ZnFe2O4-Spinel-Reinforced Aluminum and High-Entropy Alloys for Applications at Elevated Temperatures
The Role of Chromium and Cobalt Segregation at Dislocations on the γ Dissolution in Nickel Based Superalloys
The Role of Short-range Order on the Dislocation Behavior in BCC and FCC Multicomponent Solid Solution Alloys Using Atomistic Simulations
Theory of Strengthening in BCC High Entropy Alloys
Toughening Mechanisms in Ceramic Nanocomposites with One- and Two-dimensional Reinforcements
Toward a Complete Design Space for Shape Memory Alloys in Gas Turbine Engines
Towards an Understanding of Shear Band Formation in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine-Grained Single Phase FCC Materials
Ultrasonic High Cycle Fatigue Testing at the Microscale
Understanding Extreme Strength and Plasticity in Nanotwinned NiMoW Alloys
Understanding the High Strength and Good Ductility in LPSO-Containing Mg Alloy Using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
Uniaxial Compression Tests of Amorphous Boron at the Micrometer Scale
Using In-situ SEM Micro Double Shear Experiments for the Analysis of Elementary Deformation Processes in Advanced Near-γ Ti-Al Alloys
Using Miniature Circular Notched Tensile Creep Specimens to Study the Influence of Stress State on Micrstructural Evolution during Creep of Ni-Base Single Crystal Superalloys
Very Strong Medium-Carbon Low Alloy Steel by Ultrafine-Metastable-Austenite Decomposition at Nano-Scale

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