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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Thermomechanical Processing in Shaping and Forming of Steels
Organizer(s) Evgueni Poliak, ArcelorMittal East Chicago
Amy Clarke, Colorado School of Mines
Kester D. Clarke, Colorado School of Mines
Pello Uranga, CEIT and TECNUN (University of Navarra)
Scope Thermomechanical Processing (TMP) is generally understood as a carefully scheduled and precisely controlled sequence of forming and heat treatment operations. Combining plastic deformation and phase transformations in a single production cycle of steels produces unique microstructures that render combinations of mechanical properties which cannot be achieved in any other way. TMP is utilized during manufacturing of steel products, as well as of the finished parts by technologies such as die quenching, press hardening, etc. The Symposium will focus on recent developments in TMP in both conventional and innovative technologies for manufacturing products of steels of various alloying classes. The submissions are invited related but not limited to the following topics:
• Theoretical and computational developments in TMP;
• Physical simulations of TMP and resultant mechanical properties;
• Dynamic and static evolution of microstructure in various TMP routes;
• Modeling of TMP for more sophisticated and precise control of manufacturing processes;
• Application of TMP to various classes of steels: advanced and ultra-high strength steels (AHSS and UHSS), dual phase (DP) steels, complex phase (CP), TRIP- and TWIP assisted steels, HSLA steels, Ultra-Fine Grain steels, etc.;
• Technology requirements for successful TMP;
• TMP practices in general steel product manufacturing;
• TMP practices in manufacturing finished steel parts in automotive industry;
• TMP practices in steel manufacturing for energy and infrastructure applications;
Abstracts Due 03/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Undecided
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