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About this Symposium
Meeting 9th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives
Symposium Superalloy 718 and Derivatives: Energy, Aerospace & Industrial Applications
Sponsorship TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: High Temperature Alloys Committee
Organizer(s) Xingbo Liu, West Virginia Univ
Kevin J. Bockenstedt, ATI Specialty Materials
Ian Radcliffe Dempster, Wyman Gordon /PPC
Chantal K. Sudbrack, QuesTek Innovations, LLC
Joel H. Andersson, University West
Paul D. Jablonski, DOE/NETL
Eric Allen Ott, GE Additive
Max A. Kaplan, Pratt & Whitney
Jon R. Groh, GE Aviation
Karl A. Heck, Carpenter Technology Corp
Zhongnan Bi, Central Iron And Steel Research Institut
Daisuke Nagahama, Honda R&D Co Ltd
Scope Recent innovations in alloy research, along with novel processing techniques, continue to extend their applications in very challenging environments—ranging from corrosion resistance in the deep sea to extreme temperature, radiation, and pressure resistance in space applications. Technical presentations are carefully and stringently curated to ensure the highest quality programming at Superalloy 718 & Derivatives. This conference will provide an opportunity for authors to present technical advancements relative to a broad spectrum of areas while assessing their impact on related fields associated with this critical alloy group.

This conference is more industrially focused than other superalloys conferences, with technical topics focusing on alloy and process development, production, product applications, trends, and the development of advanced modeling tools. New developments in R&D, new processing methods, 3D printing, and other nontraditional applications will also be covered in the program. Technical coverage at this conference will include:

- Alloy 718
- Superalloys
- High Temperature Fe-, Ni-, and Co- Alloys
- Casting
- Forging
- Powder & Additive Manufacturing
- Modeling
- Oil & Gas
- Land Based Power Generation
- Aerospace
- Chemical Processing
Abstracts Due 07/04/2017
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

3D Stochastic Modelling of Microstructure Evolution during Solidification of Alloy 718
A Computational Model of the Electroslag Remelting (ESR) Process and Its Application to an Industrial Process for a Large Diameter Superalloy Ingot
A Simplified Varestraint Test for Analyzing Weldability of Fe-Ni based Superalloys
Age Hardenable Nickel-based Alloy Developments and Research for New High Temperature Power Cycles
Alloy 718: Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing for Turbine Applications
Analysis of Microporosity-dependent Fatigue Crack Behavior in Alloy 718 by using Synchronic Radiation X-ray CT and FEM
Application of Analytical Electron Microscopy and Tomographic Techniques for Metrology and 3D Imaging of Microstructural Elements in Allvac 718Plus
Characterisation of the Initial Stages of Dynamic Recrystallisation in ATI 718Plus®
Characterization and Modeling of Deformation Mechanisms in Ni-base Superalloy 718
Characterization of Nano-Scale γ' Phase in HPT-Disk P/M Superalloys HGN300 by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Compositional Design and Mechanical Properties of INCONEL® Alloy 725 Variants
Computed Tomography as an Alternative Method to Measure Crack Growth in Non-conventional Geometries
Constrained Lattice Misfit Measurement in Bulk Inconel 718 Using High Resolution Neutron Diffraction
Corrosion and Carburization Behavior of Ni-Cr-Mo-Nb Superalloys in a High Temperature Supercritical-CO2 Environment
Dependence of Creep Strength on Cooling Rate after Subsolvus Solution Treatment in Wrought Alloy 718
Depletion Induced Grain Growth in Alloy 751 after Long Term Aging and Its Effect on Fatigue
Development of an Automated Property Simulation Tool for Direct Aged Alloy 718 Engine Disk Forgings
Development of New Alloy 718 with Super Machinability
Development of Ni-base Disk Alloy for Large-size Gas Turbines by Improving Macrosegregation Property of Alloy 718
Effect of Grain-Boundary Fe2Nb Phase on Stress-assisted Grain-Boundary Oxidation Behavior in Novel Austenitic Heat-resistant Steel of Fe-20Cr-35Ni-2.5Nb
Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of VDM Alloy 780 Premium
Effect of Homogenization on Creep of Additive Manufactured Inconel 718
Effect of Homogenization Temperature on Microstructures of IN718C Alloy with Different Solidification Cooling Rates
Effect of Novel Heat Treatment on Properties of the Highly Alloyed C&W Ni-based Superalloy
Effect of Solutionizing Temperature on the Hot Flow Behavior of Inconel 718Plus
Effects of Phosphorus Addition on Creep Properties of Wrought Gamma-Prime Strengthened Ni-based Superalloy
Enhanced Strength of Inconel 718 by High Rate Severe Plastic Deformation
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Fretting Wear Resistance of Inconel 690 Alloy with Stable Gradient Nanostructures
Evaluation of the Stress-Strain State in Alloy 718 after Hydrogen Charging
Experimental TTT Diagram of HAYNES 282 Alloy
Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Behaviour of Variably Precipitated Inconel 625/AISI 304L Welds
High Performance New Ni-base Alloy AF955 (UNS N09955) for Oil and Gas Industry
Hydrogen Influence on Crack Propagation and Stress-Strain Evolution of Alloy 718
ICME Based Additive Manufacturing of Alloy 230 Components
Impact of Powder Variability on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Selective Laser Melted Alloy 718
Influence of Residual Stresses on Aging Precipitation Behavior of Alloy 718
Influence of Temperature and Strain Rate during Rolling of René 65 Bar
Isothermal Oxidation Behavior of EBM-additive Manufactured Alloy 718
Kinetics Study of Denitrogenation from Liquid Inconel 718 during Vacuum Induction Melting
LUMet – Laser-Ultrasonic Sensor for In-Situ Metallurgical Studies
Machine learning to optimize additive manufacturing parameters for laser powder bed fusion of Inconel 718
Manufacturing of IN718 Aero Engine Components by Smart Powder Based Directed Energy Deposition Process
Mechanical Performance of Various INCONEL® 740/740H Alloy Compositions for Use in A-USC Castings
Melt Parameters and Resulting Characteristics in Laboratory-Scale Electroslag Remelting
Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Rene 65 Precipitates
Microstructure Controlling of U720-typed Superalloys to Improve a Hot and Cold Workability by Using Incoherent Gamma Prime
Microstructure Dependence of Dynamic Impact Behaviour of ATI 718Plus Superalloy
Microstructure Development in Track-by-track Melting of EBM-manufactured Alloy 718
Modeling Tensile, Compressive, and Cyclic Response of Inconel 718 Using a Crystal Plasticity Model Incorporating the Effects of Precipitates
Novel Design Approaches Using TCP Phases for Heat Resistant Materials
Novel Fractgraphy of Ni-based Alloy by SEM/EBSD Method
On the Effect of Alloying Additions to the Ni-Cr-Al-Nb Dual-Superlattice Gamma-Gamma Prime-Gamma Double Prime Superalloys
Optimization of the Forging Process Window in Respect of AGG, IGG and Direct Age Effect in Alloy 718 Engine Disks
Oxidation-assisted Cracking at 650 °C in superalloy 718 manufactured by Laser Beam Melting: Effect of temperature and strain rate
Performance of Wrought Superalloys in Extreme Environments
Pitting Behavior of Thermally Aged Inconel 625 Weld Claddings Made Using SMAW and GMAW Process
Precipitation Behavior and Mechanism of Sigma Phase in Alloy 925
Production of Nitride-free 718 by the VIM-VAR Processing Route
Progress in the Processing and Understanding of Alloy 718 Fabricated through Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Processes
Quantitative Texture Prediction of Epitaxial Columnar Grains in Inconel 718 Processed by Additive Manufacturing
Research of Twin Induced LCF Cracking for 718 Alloy Using In-Situ Observation
Review of Weldability of Precipitation Hardening Ni- and Fe-Ni-based Superalloys
Ring Rolling of IN718 for Critical Engine Applications
Shear Spinning of Nickelbased Superalloy 718
Simulation of Co-precipitation Kinetics of γ' and γ'' in Superalloy 718
Strain Controlled Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviors of U720Li Disk Superalloy above 700 °C
Stress Relaxation Behavior Comparison of Typical Nickel-base Superalloys for Fasteners
Study of the Oxidation-assisted Intergranular Cracking Mechanism on a Ni-base Superalloy
Superalloy 718; Evolution of the Alloy from High to Low Temperature Application
The Abnormal Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of Alloy 706 for Large Size Disc
The Case for Physical Experiments in a Digital Age
The Effect of Additive Manufacturing Growth Direction on the Thermomechanical Deformation Behaviour of IN718 Components
The Effect of Grain Size on the Dwell Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Alloy 718Plus
The Effect of Location and Post-treatment on the Microstructure of EBM-built Alloy 718
The High-Temperature Bauschinger Effect in Alloy 718
The Influence of Base Metal Microstructure on Weld Cracking in Manually GTA Repair Welded Cast ATI 718Plus®
Thermal Processing Design of Cast INCONEL® Alloy 740H for Improved Mechanical Performance
Varestraint Weldability Testing of ATI 718Plus® - Influence of Eta Phase

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