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About this Symposium
Meeting 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 11th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Pyrometallurgy Committee
Organizer(s) Zhiwei Peng, Central South University
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University
Jerome P. Downey, Montana Technological University
Dean Gregurek, RHI Magnesita
Baojun Zhao, University of Queensland
Onuralp Yucel, Istanbul Technical University
Ender Keskinkilic, Atilim University
Tao Jiang, Central South University
Jesse F. White, Elkem Carbon AS
Morsi Mohamed Mahmoud, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals - KFUPM
Scope The organizers solicit papers from authors who are engaged in the analysis, development and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the extraction and processing of material resources, production and treatment of metals, alloys and ceramic materials. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving property enhancement, impurity segregation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, energy efficiency, and utilization of complex ores are particularly welcome. Also of interest are papers on the various technical, economic, and environmental issues associated with commercial-scale high temperature processing methods.Best papers presented and published on the symposium proceeding will be selected and award certificate will be issued.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2019
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A kinetic model for the interaction of FeO with MgO-14.5 wt. % C refractory under the conditions of the novel flash ironmaking technology (FIT)
A multi-zone equilibrium model for using secondary raw materials in the silicon furnace
A new approach for the production of Li4SiO4 powder
A novel and efficient gas blowing mode for a 70t steelmaking ladle
A Study on Recovery of Iron from Red Mud by Solid State Reduction Followed by Magnetic Separation
An integrated optimal control model for the drying and preheating process in iron ore pellet manufacturing
Analysis of post-combustion behavior on O2 gas injection in converter process
Application of vacuum distillation technology in extracting selenium from selenium-rich by-products of copper anode slime
Atmosphere influence on melting behaviour of synthetic slags from Ta recycling
Characterization and Formation Mechanism of Oxide Inclusions in Low Aluminum Non-Oriented Electrical Steels
Cleaner Separation and Efficient Recovery of Precious Metals from Ag-rich Lead Slime Anode
Combining Discrete Element Method and Artificial Neural Network to Predict the Particle Size Segregation Behaviors at Bell-less Top Blast Furnace
Comprehensive mathematical model of adding scrap steel to blast furnace
Control of the Distribution of Vacuum Arcs within Vacuum Arc Remelting with Externally Applied Magnetic Fields
Converter Endpoint Control Model Based on Chi-square Boxing Method and Logistic Regression Algorithm
Design calculations for a pilot-scale submerged arc furnace for the production of high carbon ferromanganese applying FACTSage thermodynamic software
Development of a heat and mass transfer model for a shaft kiln to preheat manganese ore with hot air
Drying characteristic of artificial magnetite pellet
Eeffect of Plastic-Coal Mixed Carbonization Reducing Agent on Direct Reduction Behavior of Carbon-Bearing Pellets
Effect of additives on semi-molten state reduction for titanium slag production from ilmenite concentrate
Effect of CO2 on Vanadium Extraction and Thermal Effect in top-bottom Combined Blowing Converter
Effect of different refining slag composition on the cleanliness of 25Cr2Ni4MoV rotor steel
Effect of Distributor Structure on the Uniformity of Multiphase System in Fluidized Ironmaking Process
Effect of intercritical heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Sn bearing 33MnCrB5 steel
Effect of interfacial reaction between CaO–BaO–Al2O3-based mold fluxes and high-aluminum steels on fundamental properties of mold flux
Effect of Mechanical Carbon Coating on Reduction of Magnetic Ore Powder
Effect of P2O5 on the Recovery of Ti from Ti-bearing Blast Furnace Slag by Super-gravity
Effect of Slag-conglomerating Agent on Melting Properties of Desulfurized Slag in Hot Metal Pretreatment
Effects of electrolytic parameters on the deposition of element Boron at the cathode during the molten salt electrolysis for silicon
Enriching Behaviors of Silver and Antimony Metals from the Pb-Ag-Sb Melts under the Super-Gravity Field
Evaluation of the Liquid Phase Fluidity of Iron Ores during Sintering
Experimental Research on Gasification Dephosphorization with Coke Powder Reducing Converter Molten Slag
Experimental study of CO2 for vanadium extraction by segmental and constant-ratio combined blowing in converter
Experimental study on water model of continuous smelting reduction reactor
Extraction of metallic tin and regeneration of calcium oxide from waste calcium stannate by reducing roasting
Extraction, Thermodynamic Analysis and formation Mechanism of Arsenic-Containing Rare Earth Inclusions in Steel
Feasibility research of steel scrap melting in multifunctional hot metal ladle
Flow Field and Temperature Field Optimization for a 5-strand Induction Heating Tundish
Gasification Characteristics of Biomass with Vanadium Titanium Magnetite as Oxygen Carrier
High Temperature Processing of Tungsten Slag
Hydraulic Model Study of Combined Blowing in 65t Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
In-situ electrical conductivity measurements during slag cooling
In-situ Investigation of Iron Ore Stock Pile during its Stacking and Reclaiming Process
Influence of Mg-Ca separation degree in MgO-bearing Fluxes on Fluidity of Liquid Phase during Sintering
Influence of process parameters on the metal quality at electron beam melting of molybdenum
Influence of rotation speed and temperature on dissolution rate of Cr2O3 in Ti-bearing blast furnace slag
Influences of Li2O on the Properties of Ultrahigh-Basicity Mold Fluxes for Continuous Casting of Peritectic Steel
Investigating the reaction kinetics of a copper system in a pilot-scale Top Submerged Lance furnace
Investigation of Crack Initiation and Propagation in Super Duplex Stainless Steel during Hot Working
Magnetite carbon-free sintering process based on electromagnetic induction
Mechanical properties of a laser deposited GE Ti4822 alloy
Method to quantify the effect of temperature and rotational speed on the decrepitation of South African manganese ores in a rotary kiln
Microwave drying behavior of zinc leaching residue
Non-isothermal kinetics of carbothermic reduction of fayalite
Numerical simulation and optimization of temperature field in the baking of RH vessel
Numerical Simulation on Distributor Optimization of Twin-Roll Strip Continuous Casting
Numerical Simulation on the Sedimentation and Interaction Behavior of Liquid Iron Droplets during Smelting Reduction of Converter Slag
Numerical simulation study on height and angle of rotary bottom burner arrangement
Numerical Simulation Study on Optimization of Large Capacity Single Strand Tundish Flow Control Devices
Online Prediction and Guidance of Accurate Calcium Treatment
Optimization Application of Electromagnetic Stirring in Slab Continuous Casting Mold for Interstitial-Free Steel
Optimization of Process Parameters for the Synthesis of Mo2C on an Activated Carbon Matrix
Parameters Affecting on the Phosphorus Distribution between Slag and Liquid Metal in BOF
Phase equilibria in the system Al2O3-MnO-SiO2: thermodynamic and application
Population balance modelling of the poly-dispersed bubble flow behavior in a plasma fuming process
Precipitation behavior of B2O3 addition on CaO-Al2O3-Sc2O3 slag system through in-situ observation
Precipitation of high-melting-point phase from molten iron and simulation on the procedure
Prediction model of end-point molten steel temperature in RH refining based on PCA-CBR
Prediction of Iron Ore Sinter Strength Using Statistical Technique
Predictive modelling and optimization of the variant combinations of material ratios in the gasification-reduction coupling process
Preparation of metallized pellets from blast furnace dust and electric arc furnace dust based on microwave impedance matching
Preparation of railway ground line by continuous casting composite casting method
Preparation of Transition Metal Nitrides Using Ammonia Gas
Preparing cuspidine glass-ceramics from stainless steel pickling sludge
Process of Thermal Decomposition of Lithium Carbonate
Pyrolysis of Scrap Steel Tailings and Iron Recovery
Recovery of Chromium from Ferronickel Slag via Alkaline Roasting Followed by Water Leaching: Effect of Roasting Atmosphere
Recovery of copper from copper smelting slag using a green reductant
Reducing Emissions of Carbon Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides from Iron Ore Sintering by Double-layer Pre-sintering
Reduction behavior of in-flight fine hematite ore particles by CO+H2 mixtures in a high-temperature drop tube furnace
Research and Application on Particle Size Matching between Blending Ore and Fuel in Sintering Process of Shougang Jingtang Plant
Research of Gas-Liquid Multiphase Flow in Oxygen-Enriched Bottom Blowing Copper Melting Furnace
Research on Database Construction of Furnace Material Consume in EAF Steelmaking Process
Research on Mechanism of Ring Formation in Grate-Kiln of Titanium-Containing Pellets
Research on The Effect of CO2 Mixing on Material and Heat Balance of Bottom-Blowing O2-CaO in Converter
Ripening behavior of carbides in low-carbon low alloy steel FAS3420H during spheroidizing annealing process
Selective Carbothermic Reduction and Smelting (SCRS) Process for Beneficiation of Low-Grade Iron-Manganese Mineral Deposits
Selective recycling of Cu alloys from metal-rich particles of crushed waste printed circuit boards by high temperature centrifugation
Self-reduction of core-shell EAF dust-biochar composite pellet under microwave irradiation
Sinter Iron ores and Titanium ores used in pelletizing
Slag-metal Separation and Reduction Behaviors of Vanadium-bearing Titanomagnetite Metallized Pellets
Smelting high carbon ferrochromium by carbothermal reduction vanadium extraction tailings with high content chromium
Solid-state Reduction Studies for Recovery of Iron from Red Mud
Strain-age cracking of nickel-base superalloys processed by Laser Beam Melting
Strengthening sintering of limonitic nickel laterite by substituting ferronickel tailings for sintering fluxes
Study of the Double Ignition Sintering in Super-high Bed Height
Study on coal injection evaluation method in blast furnace
Study on distribution of sulfur element in blast furnace process with different pellet ratios
Study on energy saving of steel manufacturing process
Study on metallurgical properties of magnesium flux pellet
Study on modification of inclusions by Mg addition in 16MnCrS5 gear steel
Study on Optimization of Dephosphorization Process in the Early Stage of 300t Top-Bottom Combined Blowing Converter Smelting
Study on the Flow Behavior of an Asymmetric Tundish in Unsteady Service Situation
Study on the Influence of the Angle Between the Bottom-blowing Elements on Dynamics Condition of the 300t Converter
Study on the Properties and Mineralization-flotation Process of a Low Grade Cu-Ni-bearing Industry Sludge
Study on tuyere coke deterioration in the super large blast furnaces
Synthesis of Ni-MgO composite through sulfates reductive and catalytic decomposition
Synthesis of Porous Graphite by Dealloying of Silicon Carbide
Synthesization of Na2(Ni, Fe)(SO4)2 cathode materials from nickel sulfide concentrate by a combination of pyro- and hydro-metallurgy processes
Technology Advances in Pyrometallurgy with Focus on Recent Development of Sustainable Processes – Experiences of Swerim Pilot Plant Activities
The application of an effective equilibrium reaction zone model based on CALPHAD thermodynamics to steel making
The effect of high proportion added of grinded sinter feed on pellet production
The Effect of La Content on Inclusions and Microstructure of C-Mn Steel Treated by Ti-Mg-Ca
The effect of magnetic field to CaO-SiO2-CaF2 mould flux:new insight from molecular dynamic simulation
The preparation of expanded slag ball with blast furnace slag by rotary cup
The separation of vanadium from iron in vanadium rich molten iron
Thermochemical processing of exothermic metallic systems - Direct production of metal alloy powders
Thermodynamic Analysis of Preparation of Iron-based Cermet with Zinc Kiln Slag
Thermodynamic Calculation and Verification of Sodium Magnesium Silicates
Thermodynamic corrosion behavior of Al2O3 and ZrO2 Refractories in contact with high basicity refining slag
Thermodynamics analysis of high temperature chlorination process of zinc-bearing phases in pyrite cinder
Transformation and distribution of vanadium phases in stone coal and combustion fly ash
Transient Behavior and Thermodynamics of Inclusions in Stainless Steel for High Grade Plate
Upgrade pilot-scale facility at MINTEK to evaluate the effect of preheating on smelter operations

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