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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices
Ruyan Guo, The University of Texas at San Antonio
K. M. Nair, E.I.duPont de Nemours & Co, Inc
Danilo Suvorov, Jožef Stefan Institute
Rick Ubic, Boise State University
Scope The symposium covers the recent developments of design, preparation, and properties of dielectric and electronic materials as well as manufacturing issues related to dielectric materials and electronic circuits. Session topics include:

- Composition, Processing, Micro- and nano-structure, and Property Relationships
- Simulation, Modeling and Designing Issues for Dielectric and Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
- Design, simulation and fabrication of electronic circuits
- Advancement in Dielectric, Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric Materials Synthesis
- Advancement in Dielectric, Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric Materials Applications
- Advancement in Dielectric, Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric Materials Characterizations
- Synthesis and Properties of Thin and Thick Films, Composites, & Single Crystal Materials and Devices
- Ferroelectric Relaxors and Applications
- Novel Composition, Composites and Meta-materials: Electronic, Magnetic, Optic, and Cross-Coupled Properties
- Amorphous and Semiconducting Dielectrics, glass-ceramics-based electronics
- Tunable Dielectric Materials
- Metal-Ceramic Composites/Nano Composites for Microelectronic Packaging Applications
- Manufacturing Issues to Improve Product Yields of Electronic Circuits
- Emerging Electronic Technologies – Harsh Environment Dielectrics
- Fractal Analysis
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Undecided

An Empirical Model for Perovskite Tetragonality
Anomalous Magnetic Behavior in BiFeO3-PbTiO3 Multiferroic Nanoparticles
Bulk Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramics as Refrigerant Elements in a Dielectric Cooling Device
Characterization of Doped Multiferroics-probed by Terahertz Transient Pulses
Closing the Performance Gap between Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics and Single Crystals
Combinatorial Studies of Scandium-aluminum Nitride Thin Films for Piezoelectric Applications
Combinatorial Synthesis of Piezoelectrics Using an Inkjet Printer
Decrypting the Origin of Ferroic States in Single-phase Multiferreic Magnetoelectric Materials
Effects of Crystallographic Texture in Bi-based Piezoelectric Thin Films
Enhancement of Energy Storage Density in CaTiO3-Based Dielectric Ceramics
Environmental Friendly Strontium Titanate Based Double Perovskites for High Temperature Thermoelectric Power Generation
Ferroelectric Phase Transition and Low Temperature Relaxations in Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Ceramics
Fractal Microelectronics within Nanotelectronics and Energy Correlation
Growth Peculiarities of PMN-PT Thin Films Prepared with Pulsed-laser Deposition
Induced High-temperature Relaxor Behavior in Intrinsically Ferroelectric Bismuth and Lead Based Complex Oxides
Influence of Processing and Microstructure on Dielectric Properties of Calcium Copper Titanate Ceramics
Magnetoeletric and Magnetodielectric Properties of (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3-(Co,Ni)Fe2O4 Particulate Composites
Manufacturing Grain Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics
Microstructure Analysis and Biological Application of Core-shell Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles
Nature of BaTiO3 Nanocubes for Dielectric 3D Architectures
Novel Microwave Dielectric Ceramics with Ultra-low Sintering Temperatures
Photo-induced Electrical Properties of Silver Nanoparticles-embedded BiFeO3 Thin Films Prepared through a Solution-based Process
Predicting A-site Cation Ordering in Na(1-3x)/2La(1+x)/2TiO3
Processing of Magnetoelectric Particulate Composites with a Morphotropic Phase Boundary PZN-PT or PMN-PT Composition as Ferroelectric Phase
Recent Advances on the Multiferroic Properties of Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3–BaFe12O19 Composites
Recent Development of Perovskite-based Composite Ceramics for High Temperature Thermistor Applications
Reducing the Search Space, Time and Cost, for Developing Materials and Devices
Synthesis and Properties of Lead-free BNBT-based PTCR Thermistor Ceramics
Synthesis and Properties of Nanostructured BiFeO3 Ceramics Obtained under Extreme Conditions
The Origin of High Piezoelectric Properties of KNN-based Ceramics
Towards Perfect Template Particle Alignment in Textured Ceramics
[001]c Textured PIN-PMN-PT Ternary Ceramics with Enhanced Piezoelectric Properties by Templated Grain Growth

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