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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Characterization of Materials and Properties through Metallography, Mechanical Testing and Analysis - From Fundamentals to the Cutting Edge
Organizer(s) Michael Keeble, Buehler
Scope Metallographic preparation and analysis is critical to fundamental research and material development, as well as industrial process evaluation and quality control. The characterization of microstructure and the relationship between structure and properties help drive the cutting edge of industry including lightweight technologies, smart materials and additive manufacturing. It also supports investigative research in wide ranging fields such as failure analysis, archaeometallurgy and mineralogy.

This symposium will include fundamental techniques, research and industrial application of International Standards (ASTM and ISO) in metallography and microscopy, for metallic and non-metallic materials, and the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties.

The International Metallographic Society (IMS) sponsors this symposium. Selected papers may be considered for a future issue of the Metallography, Microstructure and Analysis journal.

Abstracts Due 04/05/2019
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

A Comparison between Anodizing and EBSD Techniques for Primary Particle Size Measurement
A Simple Quick X-Section Method for Paint/Coating Samples
A Systematic Procedure for Phase Fraction Measurements from Backscattered Images Using the Rolling Ball Algorithm
Analysis and Comparison of Microstructure and Mineral Properties of Two Kind of Sinters: Ti-bearing and General Sinter
Arc Weldability of Incoloy 825 to AISI 321 Stainless Steel Welds
ASM-IMS Henry Clifton Sorby Lecture: Development and Characterization of High-performance Materials by Means of Cross-scale Metallography and Complementary Methods
Challenges in the Metallographic Preparation and Etching of Additive Manufactured Materials
Characterization of Microstructural Evolution in the IN718/Alvac 718Plus EB Welded Joint during Post-weld Heat Treatment Using Electron Microscopy and Tomography Techniques
Characterizing Inclusion Populations in Superelastic Nitinol and Correlation to Mechanical Behavior
Characterizing Metal Oxide Composites Processed by Internal Oxidation and Severe Plastic Deformation
Classification of Steel Microstructures – Tracing Bainite with the Help of Textural Parameters
Development of an Orthogonal Metal Cutting Experiment to Investigate Microstructural Evolution in Friction Stir Welding
Discontinuities in Additive Manufactured (L-PBF) Components - Influence on the Mechanical Properties
Effect of Austenite Reverted Transformation Annealing Time on Microstructure, Mechanical, and Electrochemical Properties of Medium Manganese Steel
Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior of 316L
Effect of Process Parameters on the Porosity of Al-7%Si Alloy Castings Produced by Ceramic Shell Investment Casting Process
Expanding Materials Characterization with Raman and TOF-SIMS Integrated with FIB-SEM
Fascinating New Surfaces by Advanced Laser Structuring? – Metallography and Mechanical Testing of Periodic Micro-patterned Surfaces for Reduced Friction and Contact Resistance
Grain Boundary Morphology Evolution in Low Cycle Fatigue of High Purity Aluminum
How to Measure the Homogeneity of Microstructures – A New Tool for a Quantitative Determination of Object- and Region Homogeneity
HRDIC and EBSD Study of Slip-band Behavior
In-situ Corrosion Fatigue in Ar and s-CO2 Environments
Interactions between Flaws, Microstructure, and Structural Properties in AM Metals
Measurement of the Unaffected Pores in Dynamic Impact Loading on the Fractured Surface of Selective Laser Melting Built Aluminum Specimens
Mechanical TEM Sample Preparation
Metallographic Evaluation of Additive Manufactured 316L Parts Made by Binder Jet Printing
Metallography of Thermal Spray Coatings: Challenges and Opportunities
Metallurgical Investigation of Tie Rod of Bottom Dispenser Bucket Used in Steel Making Process: A Critical Case Study
Microstructural Evaluation of Welded Nickel-based Superalloy Inconel 740H with Nimonic 263 after Creep Testing
Microstructural Evolution and Nanoindentation Study of the Mechanical Properties of MWCNT-Ti6Al4V Nanocomposites
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Al Bronze with Addition of Zr
Microstructure Characterization of Titanium Following Electrified Taylor Anvil Impact Tests
Microstructure of Iron-based Historical Specimens
Modern Dimple Polishing for Microstructure Analysis
Observation of Nanotwin and Ni2Si Discontinuous Precipitation in Cold-drawn Cu-Ni-Si Alloy
One Million Indents, a Hardness (and Modulus) Story
P2-6: Development of a Technique to Evaluate the Bond Strengths of Cold Sprayed Single Particle Impacts
P2-7: Metallographic Study of Chronic Surface Defects in Automotive Grade Cold-rolled Steel Sheet
Panel Session on Interpretation and Implementation of ASTM standards in Metallography
Pearlite Spheroidization and Its Relationship with Tensile Strength
Phase Fraction Development of Ni2Cr from Isothermal Ageing Conditions
Phase Identification and Mechanical Properties of a Ti-20Fe-20Co Alloy
Quantifying Visual Information in Powder Micrographs Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks
Results of an Interlaboratory Test Program to Assess the Precision of Inclusion Ratings Using ASTM E 45
Revealing Overheating in 7175 Aluminum
Revealing Prior Austenite Grain Size using the Oxidation, McQuaid – Ehn, and Saturated Picric Acid Methods
Room Temperature Time Dependent Deformation in Small Springs
Sample Preparation on Studying of Nanostructured Materials
Semi-muffle Box Furnace Temperature Uniformity and It’s Effects on Microstructure
Strength and Fatigue Life Characteristics of Cold Rolled AA1200 Aluminium Alloy
Surface Analysis of Film Formed by Egg Shell Extract on Stainless Steel in Acid Solution
The Effect of Tensile Test Speed Control on Mechanical Properties of Metal

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