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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Recent Development in Additive Manufacturing: Process and Equipment Development and Applications
Balraj S. Mani, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Johannes Homa, Lithoz GmbH
Kim Brand, 3D Parts Manufacturing, LLC
Xinghua Yu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Yeongil Jung, Changwon National University
Nuggehalli M Ravindra, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Scope Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is a fast-growing technique for fabricating parts layer-by-layer directly from 3D digital models. AM has tremendous potential for producing high-value, complex, individually customized parts. As the 3D printing technology advances, both in hardware and software technology together with reduced materials cost and complexity of creating 3D printed items, its applications will expand to mass market areas.

In this symposium, leaders in this highly dynamic and research active area of AM will expound on this fastest growing industry of this decade. Sessions will be organized into following topic areas: process development and modeling, equipment and techniques, product engineering applications, in-situ and modular structures in architectural engineering and construction, electronics and energy related applications, and biological applications.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Planned: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

Additive Manufacturing in the Metals, Minerals, and Materials Community: Past, Present, and Exciting Future
Additive Manufacturing of Catalyst Substrates for Steam-methane Reforming
Additive Manufacturing of Large Scale Metal Parts by Combination of Lamination Technology and Diffusion Bonding
Challenges Adopting Additive Manufacturing Processes into Mining and Energy Applications
Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Plastic components
Cost Analytics in a Cyber-manufacturing Environment
Depleted Uranium Wire Manufacturing Process Development for EBAM Feedstock
Effect of Build Parameters on the Variation in Mechanical Properties of Fused Deposition Modeled ABS
Effects of Microstructure and Defects on Fracture and Fatigue of EBM Ti-6Al-4V
Flexible Heat Treatment of AM Material in a HIP
Fundamental Research on 2D Electron Beam Powder Melting and Beam/Powder Interactions
Hot Cracking in SLM-produced Inconel 738LC: Origins and Remedy
Macro Scale Thermal Modeling in Additive Manufacturing
Microstructure Analysis of 15-5PH Stainless Steel Powders and Direct Metal Laser Sintered Components
Modeling of Powder Bed Manufacturing Defects
Quantifying Accuracy in Additive Manufacturing Processes through Standardized Test Structures
Selective Laser Melting of an Aluminium Alloy Blended with Pure Silicon to Control the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Selective Laser Melting of Components with Thick Section through In-situ Shelling
Suspension-based Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic and Metal-ceramic Components
The Metalysis Process: Alloy Design Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing
Toward Predicting Rapidly Solidified Microstructures of Metallic Alloys

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