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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Characterization Techniques for Quantifying and Modeling Deformation
Sponsorship TMS: Shaping and Forming Committee
Organizer(s) Rodney J. McCabe, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thomas R. Bieler, Michigan State University
Marko Knezevic, University of New Hampshire
Irene J. Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara
Wolfgang Pantleon, Technical University of Denmark
C. Cem Tasan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mariyappan Arul Kumar, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scope Objective: This symposium will provide a venue for presentations regarding the use of advanced characterization techniques in all classes of materials to quantify and model deformation mechanisms.

Background and Rationale: Advances in characterization technology have greatly improved our ability to quantify deformation mechanisms such as dislocations, twinning, and stress induced phase transformations, and the microstructural changes accompanying deformation such as texture evolution, grain morphology changes, and localized strain. A variety of relatively new techniques are being applied to both structural and functional materials. These techniques, in combination with modeling, are improving our understanding of deformation and failure during material processing/forming and under normal or extreme conditions in service. In situ techniques are also providing enhanced understanding of individual mechanism interactions and direct validation of plasticity models. This gathering provides a place to talk about new advances in current techniques or in technique development as they apply to deformation.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
(1) Dislocations, deformation twins, and stress induced phase transformations
(2) All advanced X-Ray-based techniques
(3) All advanced electron-based techniques including HR-(S)TEM, EBSD, HR-EBSD, PED, and in situ TEM
(4) All structural and functional materials systems
(5) Advances in material modeling through the use of advanced characterization techniques
(6) Industrial applications
(7) Technique development

Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

316L Stainless Steel Subjected to Shear
3D Characterization of Nano-scale Precipitates in Shape-memory Alloys
3D Characterization of Shock-induced Damage in Wrought Ta
3D Observation of Plastic Slip Localization in a Ti-7Al Alloy Using X-ray Topotomography
A Multi-scale Characterization of Strain Localization in Ni-based Superalloys – combined HEDM and Dark Field X-ray Microscopy
A New Mechanism of Strain Transfer in Polycrystals
A Refined Template Matching Approach to Index Electron Backscatter Diffraction Patterns
A Statistical Analysis of Twinning in Rare Earth Magnesium Alloy WE43 Using Fully Automated Post-processing in MTEX
A Temperature Sensitivity Study of Non-proportional Strain-paths Using In Situ X-ray Diffraction
Accelerated Dictionary Based EBSD Indexing
Characterization of Deformation Behaviour of Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys with Different Austenite Stabilities
Characterization of Dislocation Evolution using Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging and its Effect on Supercondcuting Properties of Nb
Characterization of Intragranular Deformation and Damage
Characterizing Microstructure-property Relationships through Microscale Strain Mapping and Large Data Analysis
Coherent Diffraction Imaging of Strain at the Nanoscale
Cold Creep of Ti Alloys: In Situ Synchrotron Diffraction and Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Analysis
Coupling Experiments and Simulation to Understand Local Deformation Mechanism in Ni Micro-wire
Crystal Plasticity Model for Discrete Evolution of Deformation Twinning in HCP Metals and Alloys
Customized Polarized Optical Microscope for Determining C-axis Orientation of Alpha-titanium
Deformation and Degradation of Superelastic NiTi under Multiaxial Cyclic Loadings
Deformation Behavior during Bending in AA6xxx Alloys
Discerning Multlaxial Stress Gradients Using High Energy X-rays and Finite Elements
Dislocation-type Evolution in Quasi-statically Compressed Polycrystalline Metals
Dislocation Slip Transmission through a Coherent Σ3{111} Copper Twin Boundary: Strain Rate Sensitivity, Activation Volume and Strength Distribution Function
Effect of Basal Precipitates on Non-basal Deformation Mechanisms: a Micro-compression Study of Single Crystal Mg-9Al (wt%) Pillars
Effect of Microtextured Regions on the Early Plastic Deformation of Ti-6Al-4V: EVP-FFT Simulations of Realistic Polycrystals Reconstructed Using 3D EBSD
Effect of Severe Shear Deformation and Crystal Orientation on the Local Hardness of Ti-6Al-4V Chips Obtained from Turning using Nanoindentation Mapping and Electron Backscatter Diffraction Mapping
Elucidating the Role of Localized Deformation on Hydrogen Environment-assisted Cracking Susceptibility in a Precipitation-hardened Ni-base Superalloy
Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Local Stresses Associated with Twinning in HCP Magnesium
Fundamental Issues Associated with {11-22} Twinning in Titanium
In Situ Analysis of Dislocation/Grain Boundary Interactions in Mg Alloys
In Situ Characterization of Dislocation Motion during Hydrogen Diffusion in Steels
In Situ EBSD Characterization of Lattice Rotation during Tensile Testing of Ti-6Al-4V: A Tool for the Analysis of Deformation Processes and Strain Partitioning
In Situ EBSD Study on the Influence of Constituent Particles on Dislocation Accumulation during Deformation of AA6451
In Situ High Resolution TEM on Twinning Nucleation in BCC Crystals
In Situ Measurement of Slip System Softening Resulting from Planar Slip in an Aluminum-Lithium Alloy
In Situ X-ray Diffraction and High-resolution DIC of a High Work-hardening Ti-6Al-4V Prepared by Electron-beam Melting
Intra-grain Elastic Strain Reconstruction from Near-field High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscope Data
Investigation of Improved Ductility in Mg-Ca Alloy through In Situ EBSD and 3DXRD Experiments
K-10: Modeling the Critical Dynamic Recrystallization of a Ti-22Al-25Nb Alloy during Hot Compression Deformation
K-11: Multiscale Quantitative Mapping of Deformation on Grain Level with X-ray Microscopy
K-12: Quasi-plastic Zone Characterization of Regular and Si-doped Boron Carbide
K-13: Role of Hierarchical Martensitic Microstructure on Localized Deformation and Fracture of an Lath-martensitic Steel under Impact Loading at Different Temperatures
K-14: Simple and Accurate Method to Calculate Circular Dichroism Spectra of Peptides and Proteins in Molecular Dynamics Simulations
K-15: Stacking Fault Energies in Austenitic Stainless Steels
K-16: Understanding Fundamental Mechanisms of Abrasive Wear: An In-Situ Study
K-1: Additive Manufactured Metal Lattices for Large Deformation and Crush Applications
K-2: Analysis of Microscopic Strain Distribution in Steel Bar with Load by Neutron
K-3: Atomistic Thermodynamic Force Calculation for Deformation Prediction
K-4: Deformation Driven Grain Growth in ECAE Processed AZ31B
K-5: Effect of Microstructure and Martensite Formation on the Residual Stress Development and Formability of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel
K-7: Insights into In-plane Compression Testing of Aluminum Alloy 2024 and AISI 1008 Steel Sheet Materials
K-8: Measuring the Partitioning of Plastic Strain in Precipitate-strengthened Alloys
K-9: Modeling Crystal Plasticity of Niobium
Kinetics of Dislocations, Solid Solution Hardening and Dynamic Strain Ageing in Fe and Fe Alloys
Micro-cantilever Tests of Asymmetry in Tensile and Compressive Slip Properties in Alpha Titanium
Microstructural Evaluation of the Onset of Deformation Twinning in FCC Metals at High Strain Rate
Microstructural Evolution of Ti-7Al Under Cyclic Loading
Microstructure and Deformation Behavior of CP Titanium with Different Oxygen Contents
Nanoindentation for Identification of Phase Change in Nano-precipitates
Non-trivial Scaling Exponents of Avalanches in Crystal Plasticity
On the Shear Band Nucleation and Flow Transitions in Cutting of Metals
Plastic Deformation of InSb Micro-pillars: A Comparative Study Between Spatially Resolved Laue and Monochromatic X-ray Micro-diffraction Maps
Quantifying Grain Size and Shape in Anisometric Structures by the Orientation Correlation Function
Quantifying In-plane Deformation by Integrating Indentation and Digital Image Correlation
Robust Methodology for Combining High-energy X-ray Diffraction and 3D Electron Microscopy Methods to Elucidate Evolving Plastic Response of Polycrystalline Alloys
Slip Ttransfer at Grain Boundaries in Pure Al
Stress Obtained from Digital Image Correlation for Two Dimensional Microstructures
Study of Heterogeneous Deformation and Estimation of Surface Dislocation Density in Hexagonal Titanium
Study of Temperature Dependence of Plasticity in β-tin and Titanium using Nanoindentation and Constitutive Modelling
Texture Evolution of Warm Rolled Uranium Plate and its Effects on Formability
The Competition between Deformation Twin Nucleation and Thickening in Nanostructured FCC Materials
The Shear Response of Beryllium as a Function of Temperature and Strain Rate
Three-dimensional Microstructure Effects on Twin Nucleation and Growth in HCP Metals
Three-dimensional Nature of {0-112} Deformation Twin in Magnesium
To Twin or Not to Twin in Boron Ccarbide
Understanding Deformation Near Nanoscratches using HR-EBSD Measurements and CP-FEA Simulations
Understanding Fatigue-induced Dislocation Processes at Grain and Twin Boundaries
Understanding the Alpha-omega Phase Transformation in Titanium and Zirconium using Spherical Nanoindentation and EBSD
Understanding the Mechanical Response of Brittle Single Crystals Combining Micromechanic Analyses and Simulations

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