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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Scaling-up from the Laboratory: Strategies, Examples, Challenges, and/or Solutions for Advanced Metal Manufacturing
Organizer(s) Babak Raeisinia, Novelis Global R&T Center
Scope Scaling issues; whether it is extrapolating laboratory-measured material response to large-scale operations or adapting laboratory-scale technologies to large-scale operations; are among the fundamental challenges facing the scientific and engineering communities at large. More recently, with different national and international initiatives that aim to enable faster and cheaper discovery-to-commercialization material development cycles (such as White House’s Materials Genome Initiative or European Science Foundation’s Metallurgy Europe), these scaling issues have received increased attention. This symposium is geared to act as a forum for exchanging ideas and discussing strategies, examples, challenges, and/or solutions related to scale-up in general. Metal manufacturing is targeted here to highlight i) the fact that this well-established sector is still in need of scale-up enablers to achieve faster, cost-effective, and sustainable manufacturing practices and ii) the historical precedence of overcoming such hurdles within this sector which can serve as case-studies and possible solutions to existing and future challenges. Topics of interest aimed at facilitating scale-up are, but not limited to, the following:
• high-throughput experimentation (processing and characterization)
• material sampling and testing strategies
• extrapolating from a coupon, to a component, to a product
• evolving old practices or systems for new applications
• computer-assisted scale-up

Presentations from General Motors Company, Pratt & Whitney, NASA Glenn Research Center, the Ohio State University, the University of British Columbia, INSA Lyon, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, and University of Birmingham to discuss both industrial and academic perspectives planned.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Planned: MS&T all conference proceedings CD

Challenges of Transfer from Basic Research into Application of New Magnesium Alloys and Processes
Data-analytics Approach for Studying Structure-property Relationships in Functional Gradient Products
High-throughput Experimentation for Metallic Materials
Materials Insertion Challenges in The Automobile Industry
Pilot-scale Accelerated Cooling Studies
Potentialities of Ultra Rapid Heat Treatments of Metallic Alloys
Process Modelling in Aluminium Sheet Production
Realizing the Vision MGI: The Construction, Deployment, and Implementation of the Materials Innovation Infrastructure
Scale-up of GRCop: From Laboratory To Rocket Engines
Scale-up of Innovative Forming Solutions from Scientific Fundamentals to Industrial Applications
Technology Scale-up in Metal Additive Manufacture: From a Coupon to a Product
Use of Modeling Methods for Scale-up and Qualification

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