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Hide details for [<b><font size='4'>6th International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth</font></b>]6th International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth
Mon 07/18/201608:00 AMPlenary Session I
Mon 07/18/201609:00 AMGrain Growth I: Theory
Mon 07/18/201609:00 AMRecrystallization I: Modeling and Simulation
Mon 07/18/201609:00 AMSteel I: Electrical Steels
Mon 07/18/201602:00 PMAdvanced Characterization
Mon 07/18/201602:00 PMGrain Growth II: Simulation
Mon 07/18/201602:00 PMSuperalloys
Mon 07/18/201604:20 PMSteel II: Specialty Steels
Tue 07/19/201608:00 AMPlenary Session II
Tue 07/19/201608:50 AMAluminum Alloys
Tue 07/19/201608:50 AMGrain Boundary Structure and Properties
Tue 07/19/201608:50 AMRecrystallization II: Dynamic Recrystallization
Tue 07/19/201608:50 AMSteel VI: Iron and Low Carbon Steels
Tue 07/19/201602:00 PMGrain Growth III: Abnormal Grain Growth
Tue 07/19/201602:00 PMRecrystallization III: Nucleation
Tue 07/19/201602:00 PMSteel V: Stainless Steels
Tue 07/19/201602:00 PMUnconventional Materials: Ceramics, Ice, Refractories
Tue 07/19/201604:10 PMRecrystallization IV: Novel Materials Systems
Tue 07/19/201606:30 PMPoster Session
Wed 07/20/201608:00 AMPlenary Session III
Wed 07/20/201608:50 AMDeformation, Substructure, and Texture
Wed 07/20/201608:50 AMSteel III: HSLA and Microalloyed Steels
Wed 07/20/201608:50 AMTwinning
Thu 07/21/201608:00 AMPlenary Session IV
Thu 07/21/201608:50 AMGrain Growth IV: Nanocrystalline Materials
Thu 07/21/201608:50 AMMagnesium Alloys
Thu 07/21/201608:50 AMSteel IV: TRIP and TWIP Steels
Thu 07/21/201610:35 AMGrain Boundary Migration
Thu 07/21/201610:35 AMTitanium Alloys

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