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Hide details for [<b><font size='4'>Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2022 (AM-Bench 2022)</font></b>]Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2022 (AM-Bench 2022)
Mon 08/15/202208:00 AMMonday Plenary
Mon 08/15/202210:20 AMMonday Benchmarks
Mon 08/15/202201:30 PMIn-Process Measurements and Models
Mon 08/15/202201:30 PMMaterials I: Phase Evolution
Mon 08/15/202201:30 PMMechanical Behavior I
Mon 08/15/202201:30 PMPowders I
Mon 08/15/202203:30 PMAlternate AM Methods and Materials I
Mon 08/15/202203:30 PMAM Bench 2022 Data Management I
Mon 08/15/202203:30 PMMaterials II: Microstructural Engineering
Mon 08/15/202203:30 PMMechanical Behavior II
Mon 08/15/202205:00 PMPoster & Exhibitor Session
Tue 08/16/202208:30 AMTuesday Plenary
Tue 08/16/202210:20 AMTuesday Benchmarks
Tue 08/16/202201:30 PMMaterials III: Dendrite Scale
Tue 08/16/202201:30 PMMechanical Behavior III
Tue 08/16/202201:30 PMPolymer AM I
Tue 08/16/202201:30 PMResidual Strain/Stress and Distortion I: Diffraction-Based Measurements
Tue 08/16/202203:30 PM Residual Strain/Stress and Distortion II
Tue 08/16/202203:30 PMMaterials IV: Grain Scale
Tue 08/16/202203:30 PMMelt-Pool Scale I
Tue 08/16/202203:30 PMPolymer AM II
Wed 08/17/202208:30 AMWednesday Plenary
Wed 08/17/202210:20 AMWednesday Benchmarks
Wed 08/17/202201:30 PMMechanical Behavior IV
Wed 08/17/202201:30 PMMelt-Pool Scale II
Wed 08/17/202201:30 PMMetals Multi-Scale Simulation
Wed 08/17/202201:30 PMResidual Strain/Stress and Distortion III
Wed 08/17/202203:30 PMAM-Bench Discussion
Thu 08/18/202208:30 AMThursday Plenary & Benchmarks
Thu 08/18/202210:30 AMData-Driven Approaches I
Thu 08/18/202210:30 AMMechanical Behavior V
Thu 08/18/202210:30 AMMelt-Pool Scale III
Thu 08/18/202210:30 AMMetals Multi-Scale Simulation II
Thu 08/18/202201:30 PMQualification & Certification

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