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About this Conference
Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Dates 02/26/2017 - 03/02/2017
Location San Diego, CA, USA
Scope TMS2017: The World Comes Here

Abstracts are solicited for inclusion in the technical sessions to be held at the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The purpose of these techical sessions is to update metallurgists, materials scientists and engineers, university professionals and students with the latest scientific and technical developments in minerals, metals, and materials.

TMS2017 welcomes two co-located international conferences: the 3rd Pan American Materials Congress organized by nine professional societies spanning the Americas, and Energy Materials 2017, co-organized by TMS and the Chinese Society for Metals. Both are included with your TMS2017 registration. TMS2017 will also introduce a more comprehensive approach to your annual meeting experience by extending special events and technical programming to four full days. Check the TMS2017 website regularly for updates on new features and activities under development.
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2017 EPD Distinguished Lecture
2017 Light Metals Keynote Session
2017 Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials: Emerging Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
2017 Technical Division Student Poster Competition
2017 Technical Division Young Professional Poster Competition
8th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
A Prospective Look at the MGI After Five Years
Acta Materialia Symposium
Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Establishing Location-Specific Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships
Additive Manufacturing: Building the Pathway towards Process and Material Qualification
Additive Manufacturing: Past, Present, and Future
Advanced Characterization Techniques for Quantifying and Modeling Deformation Mechanisms
Advanced High-Strength Steels
Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Advanced Materials in Dental and Orthopedic Applications
Advanced Thermo-mechanical Characterization of Materials with Special Emphasis on In Situ Techniques
Advances in Environmental Technologies: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session
Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications V
Alumina & Bauxite
Aluminum Alloys, Processing and Characterization
Aluminum Reduction Technology
Applications of Process Engineering Principles in Materials Processing, Energy and Environmental Technologies: An EPD Symposium in Honor of Professor Ramana G. Reddy
Applications of Solidification Fundamentals
Bio-Nano Interfaces and Engineering Applications
Biological Materials Science
Bulk Metallic Glasses XIV
Cast Shop Technology
Cast Shop Technology: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session
Ceramic Materials for Nuclear Energy Research and Applications
Characterization of Materials through High Resolution Coherent Imaging
Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
Computational Approaches to Materials for Energy Applications
Computational Materials Discovery and Optimization – From Bulk to Materials Interfaces and 2D Materials
Computational Methods and Experimental Approaches for Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation, Model Validation, and Stochastic Predictions
Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Defects and Properties of Cast Metals
Deformation and Transitions at Interfaces
Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Materials: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session
Electrode Technology
Emerging Interconnect and Pb-free Materials for Advanced Packaging Technology
Energy Materials 2017: Energy and Environmental Issues in Materials Manufacturing and Processing
Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Coal-Based Power
Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Energy Conversion with Emphasis on SOFC
Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Gas Turbines
Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Nuclear Energy
Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Oil and Gas and AMREE Oil & Gas III
Energy Materials 2017: Materials in Clean Power
Energy Technologies
Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Theory and Practice
Fatigue in Materials: Fundamentals, Multiscale Modeling and Prevention
Fracture Properties and Residual Stresses in Small Dimensions
Friction Stir Welding and Processing IX
Frontiers in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology: An FMD Symposium in Honor of Sungho Jin
Fundamental Aspects and Modeling Powder Metal Synthesis and Processing
Gamma (FCC)/Gamma-Prime (L12) Co-Based Superalloys II
GAT-2017 (Gamma Alloys Technology - 2017)
General Poster Session
Global Energy 2025: Presented by TMS-Chinese Society for Metals-Federation of European Materials
High Entropy Alloys V
High Temperature Electrochemistry III
Hume-Rothery Award Symposium: Alloy Phase Chemistry at the Atomic Level - Opportunities and Challenges
ICME Gap Analysis: Structural Materials for Automotive Applications
In-situ Methods for Unraveling Structure-Property Relationships in Light Metals
Interface-Mediated Properties of Nanostructured Materials
Job Candidate Poster Session
Magnesium Technology 2017
Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors VI
Materials by Design: An MPMD Symposium Honoring Greg Olson on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday
Materials Engineering of Soft Magnets for Power and Energy Applications
Materials for High Temperature Applications: Next Generation Superalloys and Beyond
Materials Processing Fundamentals
Materials Science for High-Performance Permanent Magnets
Mechanical and Creep Behavior of Advanced Materials: A SMD Symposium Honoring Prof. K. Linga Murty
Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Materials
Microstructural Processes in Irradiated Materials
Multiscale Architectured Materials (MAM II): Tailoring Mechanical Incompatibility for Superior Properties
Nanocomposites IV: Nanoscience for Renewable Energy
Nanostructured Materials for Nuclear Applications II
Nanostructured Surfaces for Improved Functional Properties
Pan American Materials Congress Plenary
Pan American Materials Congress: Advanced Biomaterials
Pan American Materials Congress: Advanced Manufacturing
Pan American Materials Congress: Materials for Green Energy
Pan American Materials Congress: Materials for Infrastructure
Pan American Materials Congress: Materials for Oil and Gas Industry
Pan American Materials Congress: Materials for Transportation and Lightweighting
Pan American Materials Congress: Minerals Extraction and Processing
Pan American Materials Congress: Nanocrystalline and Ultra-fine Grain Materials and Bulk Metallic Glasses
Pan American Materials Congress: Steels
Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XVI
Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution
Pioneers in Additive Manufacturing
Rare Metal Extraction & Processing
Recent Developments in Biological, Structural and Functional Thin Films and Coatings
Solar Cell Silicon
Solid State Precipitation
Staff Only - Late Submission Area
Student-Run Symposium: Building Bridges – Connecting Academic and Industry Research
The John Cahn Memorial Symposium
The Science of Melt Refining: An LMD Symposium in Honor of Christian Simensen and Thorvald Abel Engh

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