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About this Conference
Meeting Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC 2021)
Dates 09/19/2021 - 09/22/2021
Location Philadelphia, PA, USA
Scope The 2021 Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC 2021) is the only conference series exclusively dedicated to bringing together industry and academia to discuss the latest advances in primary and secondary melt processing. LMPC 2021 will feature highly focused technical talks encompassing melt process controls and simulation, ingot defect formation and characterization studies, and process parameter-material properties characterization. Industrial contributions are particularly encouraged.

Organizers of LMPC 2021 are seeking abstracts on the following technical topics:
- Primary and secondary melt processing (Vacuum Induction Melting, Vacuum Arc Remelting, Electroslag Refining, Plasma Melting, and similar processes)
- Physical property measurements of liquid metals and slags
- Modelling and control of liquid metallurgical processes
- Ceramic, slag and refractory reactions with liquid metals
- Alloy melt refining, evaporation and gas/metal reactions
- Origins of defects during liquid metal processing

LMPC 2021 conference attendees will be provided with a published copy of the proceedings, and copyrights of the papers will remain with the authors.

Abstracts are due for consideration by January 8, 2021.

Conference Chair Matthew John Krane, Purdue University
Mark Ward, University of Birmingham
Abdellah Kharicha, Montauniversität
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Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC 2021)

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