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About this Conference
Meeting 18th International Conference on the Strength of MaterialsĀ (ICSMA 18)
Dates 07/15/2018 - 07/19/2018
Location Columbus, OH, USA
Scope ICSMA 18 builds on a 50-year tradition of providing an international venue for the latest advances in the strength of materials. Thirteen scientific topics provide comprehensive coverage of the field including materials under extreme conditions, biological materials, integrated computational materials engineering, and other emerging topics. The meeting will advance fundamental understanding of the processes that govern the strength of materials at different length and time scales and will forge links between basic studies and investigations of technologically important engineering materials. Thus, ICSMA 18 will offer a broad forum for the presentation and discussion of all aspects related to the strength and deformation of a wide range of materials. Topic areas include: - Advanced characterization of deformation processes - Elementary deformation processes in composites - Fracture, fatigue, and wear - Glasses and non-crystalline solids - High temperature deformation and creep - Materials under extreme conditions - Mechanical behavior associated with phase transformations - Mechanistic foundations for ICME - Micro-and nano-scale mechanical testing - Multi-scale modeling and in-situ studies of grain boundaries and interfaces - Reinforcements at the sub-nanometer scale - Strength of biological and soft materials - Emerging topics

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Conference Chair Peter Martin Anderson, Ohio State University
Irene J. Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara
James C. Earthman, University of California-Irvine
Michael J. Mills, Ohio State University
Timothy J. Rupert, University of California, Irvine
Izabela A. Szlufarska, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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18th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA 18)
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