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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Pioneers in Additive Manufacturing
Presentation Title Making Things Bit-by-byte: Opportunity in a Fortuitous Convergence of Technologies
Author(s) Khershed P Cooper, Ralph F. Wachter
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Khershed P Cooper
Abstract Scope Traditionally, part manufacturing has been by shaping and molding materials using fixturing and tooling. In the 1980s, incorporating information technologies into manufacturing technology, a specialized research area emerged that defined a part as an enormous collection of carefully arranged microscopic bits of material that were incrementally fused together. Its simplicity offered a new paradigm for part manufacturing with the benefit of mass customization at a near constant unit cost. Called additive manufacturing, the field grew, patents were filed, international standards were proposed, and startups were spun-out. With impressive improvements in computing and sensing, new growth in the field fostered the "maker" movement. Its next chapters involve the intertwining of cyber-physical systems, advanced materials, and even biological processes. In this talk we will present a retrospective of government investments in additive manufacturing R&D and discuss a future for cyber-enabled additive manufacturing that is responsive to concerns of certification, safety, and security.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


3DP Retrospective: Do Inventors Know What They Are Doing?
A-94: 3D Additive Manufacturing of Metals at Micro/Nanoscale Using Localized Electrodeposition
A-95: Direct Metal Write Additive Manufacturing of Rare-earth Modified Aluminum Alloys Using Electromagnetic Heating Systems
A-96: FEM Modeling of Steel Additive Manufacturing Using Laser Hot-Wire Process
A-97: Microstructure Evolution and Galling Properties of Hard Facing Coatings Deposited Using Laser Directed Energy Deposition
A-98: Novel High Temperature Drop on Demand Liquid Metal-jetting for the Production of Complex 2D and 3D objects
A History of Additive Manufacturing
AFRL Contributions to Additive Manufacturing of Titanium, ca 2000
Assent and Decline of LOM Technology
Directed Light Fabrication: A Near-Net Shape Process using Laser Assisted Metal Deposition
Early Developments of AM within the UK
Laser Deposition of Metallic Powders
Laser Engineered Net Shaping - AM Metal Parts with Exceptional Material Properties
Making Things Bit-by-byte: Opportunity in a Fortuitous Convergence of Technologies
Pioneering International Consensus
Process Fundamentals for Selective Laser Melting: Power Ratio, Melting, Porosity, and Build Properties

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