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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Driving Discovery: Integration of Multi-Modal Imaging and Data Analysis
Presentation Title Integrated Multimodal Imaging of Cathodes for Lithium Ion Battery
Author(s) Charudatta Phatak, Doga Gursoy, Emine Begum Gulsoy, Lynn Trahey, Vincent De Andrade
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Charudatta Phatak
Abstract Scope Lithium ion batteries (LIB) have had a remarkable effect on the adoption of portable electronic devices. Owing to research on new materials, LIBs and advanced energy storage will play a key role in the future of energy. The LIB positive electrode class LMR-NMC (lithium- and manganese-rich, nickel manganese cobalt oxides), represents a leap forward for cathode materials if the high reaction potentials and high energies can be stabilized during cycling. Our focus is on understanding the degradation mechanisms related to phase change that happens with the charging and discharging within LMR-NMC cathode material. In this work we have used combination of X-ray and electron microscopy to probe these materials and combine the information from different modalities by developing a universal computational toolbox. We will present our results on merging and analyzing the data from 3D tomographic reconstruction of the structure of uncycled/cycled cathode particles obtained from X-ray and electron microscopy.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


3D and 4D Characterization of Failure Mechanisms in Commercial Li-Ion Batteries
Bingham Mixture Model for Efficient Microtexture Estimation from Discrete Orientation Data
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Integrated Multimodal Imaging of Cathodes for Lithium Ion Battery
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Multi-Modality Imaging at the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline at the NSLS-II
Multi-scale, Multi-Model Analysis of Deformation Behavior in Metallic Materials by X-ray Microtomography, FIB, and EBSD
Neutrons, Materials and Data Challenges
Real Time Analysis, Interpretation and Experimental Steering for Electron Microscopy
Recognizing Patterns from Experimental Data
Structure Quantification, Property Prediction and 4D Reconstruction Using Limited X-ray Tomography Data

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