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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2017
Symposium Non Beam-based Additive Manufacturing Approaches for Metallic Parts
Presentation Title Extrusion-based 3D-printing and Sintering of Ni-Mn-Ga and NiTi-Nb Shape Memory Alloys
Author(s) Shannon L Taylor, Amaka J Ibeh, Ramille N Shah, David C Dunand
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Shannon L Taylor
Abstract Scope We present a new additive manufacturing method that combines extrusion-based 3D-printing and sintering heat-treatments to create Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape-memory alloy (SMA) and NiTi-Nb SMA wires or micro-trusses. After (i) 3D-printing of a particle-based ink containing elemental or partially pre-alloyed Ni, Mn, and Ga powders, (ii) interdiffusion and homogenization to create the final alloy, and (iii) further sintering, controlled amounts of porosity are achieved in the Ni-Mn-Ga struts, which are beneficial to their twinning ability. Similarly, (i) 3D-printing of inks containing NiTi and Nb powders and (ii) liquid phase sintering, results in NiTi micro-trusses with struts containing some NiTi-Nb eutectic phase and residual porosity. We present the effects of the 3D-printing parameters and heat-treatment duration and temperature on the microstructure, porosity, and shape memory properties of the Ni-Mn-Ga and NiTi-Nb micro-trusses, using a combination of ex situ metallography, in situ X-ray tomography, and finite-element modeling.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: At-meeting proceedings


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