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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 2016 Technical Division Young Professional Poster Competition
Presentation Title YP-8: Study of Reduction of Zinc Ferrite Contained in Electric Arc Furnace Dusts by CO - CO2 Gas Mixtures
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope The reaction between an equimolar synthetic zinc ferrite-ZF and Electric Arc Furnace Dusts-EAFD samples and mixtures of CO - CO2 gases were studied. The temperature ranged from 1073 to 1373K, and the gas mixtures from 50 to 100%CO. These tests were supported by physical, chemical, structural and microscopic characterizations of both, ZF and EAFD. It was observed that the temperature and CO content were the main factors affecting the ZF and EAFD reductions. The maximum reductions of ZF obtained were 85%, for 100% CO at 1373K, in 105 min, and 52%, for 50% CO at 1373K, elapsed 105 min while EAFD reductions were: 100%, for 100% CO at 1273K, in 80.75 min, and 60%, for 50% CO at 1373K during 105 minutes. Apparent Activation Energies obtained of ZF and EAFD reduction were between 55.60 to 54.74 and 91 to 100 kJ/mol, for 100 and 50% CO, respectively.
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