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Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Gamma (FCC)/Gamma-Prime (L12) Co-Based Superalloys III
Presentation Title Creep Deformation Mechanisms and Compositional Changes in SX Co-base Superalloys Studied by Means of EM and APT
Author(s) Malte Lenz, Yolita Eggeler, Julian Müller, Dorota Kubacka, Surendrar Makineni, Christopher Zenk, Nicklas Volz, Steffen Neumeier, Peter Felfer, Philip Wollgramm, Gunther Eggeler, Mathias Göken, Baptiste Gault, Dierk Raabe, Erdmann Spiecker
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Malte Lenz
Abstract Scope In this work a multinary SX Co-based superalloy (ERBOCo-1) was creep deformed at 850°C in tension and compression. At different creep stages corresponding to plastic strains of 0.3% and 5% characteristic defect processes are activated giving rise to a tension-compression asymmetry. The nature of planar faults and dislocations are characterized using conventional TEM and large-angle convergent beam electron diffraction (LACBED). Moreover, HR-STEM imaging combined with geometric phase analysis (GPA) was utilized to study the atomic structure of these defects. The chemical composition of twins, superlattice intrinsic/extrinsic stacking faults and superpartial dislocations was studied by combining STEM-EDXS and atom probe tomography (APT). A site-specific preparation method was applied to prepare APT-tips containing single planar defects. HR-STEM and EDXS investigations show that the local crystal structure in SISFs changes from L12 to D019 accompanied by localized compositional changes. We also investigated the influence of defects on the microstructural degradation.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


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Elucidating the Effects of Cr on the Microstructure, Oxidation Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Cobalt-based Superalloys
Exploration of Thermo-Mechanical Processing Parameters for a Polycrystalline γ-γ' Cobalt-base Alloy
Low Cycle Fatigue of Single Crystal γ'-Strengthened Co-based Superalloys at 750 °C in Air
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M-15: The Effect of Titanium on the Tungsten-free Cobalt-base superalloys
Microstructural and Compositional Design of Multicomponent Co/Ni-based Superalloys using High-throughput Diffusion Multiples
Partitioning Preferences of Alloying Elements and their Effect on the Stability of the γʹ/L12-phase in Co-base Superalloys
Solute Segregation Effects at Planar Defects during Creep of CoNi-based Superalloys
Structural Evolution of a Single Crystal Co-base Superalloy during Creep at 1000ºC/137 MPa
The Effect of Long Term Exposure at Elevated Temperature on the Stability of a Novel Co-Ni Based Superalloy
The Formation of Protective Alumina on γ’-Strengthened Co-Ni-Al-Mo-Ta Alloys during Exposure at Elevated Temperatures
The Hunt for B and C in Grain Boundaries and their Role in Crack Tip Embrittlement
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Towards Developing a New Generation of Cobalt Based Superalloys
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γ+γ′ Microstructures in W-free Co-Ta-V- and Co-Nb-V-based Systems

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