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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Nanocomposites IV: Nanoscience for Renewable Energy
Presentation Title Hydrogen Storage, Ionic Conduction, and Photophysical Properties of Fullerene Based Materials
Author(s) Joseph Teprovich, Patrick Ward, Aaron Washington, Hector Colon-Mercado, Ragaiy Zidan
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Joseph Teprovich
Abstract Scope Our investigation of the interaction of metal hydrides and complex metal hydrides with carbon nanostructures (C60, CNT’s, etc.) has demonstrated that these composites reversibly interact with hydrogen. Through a series of spectroscopic analysis of these materials, the active hydrogen storage material resembles a metal-doped hydrogenated fullerene. Owing to our ability to judiciously control the metal doping and hydrogen content of these materials, we can fine-tune the properties of the materials for new applications. This led to the remarkable enhancement in lithium ion conduction in LiBH4-C60 nanocomposites observed at room temperature. Experimental and theoretical work suggested a nanoionic mechanism is responsible for the enhanced ionic conduction due to the destabilization/breaking of the Li+/BH4- ion pair by C60. The photophysical properties of these carbon nanocomposites have also been investigated. The hydrogen content of these materials can be used fine-tune the emissive properties of the material with potential applications in luminescence down-shifting devices.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


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