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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Young Professional "Meet the Candidate" Interactive Session
Presentation Title MC-4: A Engineer Fighting for 3D IC Development - Jen-Jui Yu
Author(s) Jen-Jui Yu
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Jen-Jui Yu
Abstract Scope Jen-Jui Yu is a Ph. D candidate in the department of materials science and engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan and expected graduated on June, 2016. Now, he is a visiting researcher in department of materials science and engineering, UCLA to deploy his 7 years’ experience in microelectronic packaging and materials science especially in intermetallic compounds and metals. His research mainly focus on the up-and-coming issues in 3D IC integration technology including interfacial reaction in microbumps, microbump modification and micromechanical behavior of microbumps. Multiple characterization techniques including scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, electron back-scattered diffraction, synchrotron X-ray diffraction and nanoindentation are involved to investigate coupled effect of intermetallic morphology, crystal structure/orientation, phase and composition influence on the micromechanical behavior. He also interested in development of advanced packaging architecture, nanomaterial mechanical behaviors and theories of dislocation, especially in intermetallic compounds.
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MC-11: Sivanesh Palanivel: Expertise in Processing, Additive Manufacturing, Characterization, and Computation
MC-12: Understanding Fatigue Mechanisms through Microstructural Control
MC-13: Nano-mechanical Behavior of High Entropy Alloy and Bulk Metallic Glass
MC-14: Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Response by ‘Design and Modeling’
MC-15: Achieving Exceptional Properties in High Temperature Materials Using Friction Stir Processing (FSP)
MC-16: Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum 7000 Series Alloys
MC-17: Fabrication of Microchannel Monolithic Heat Exchanger Using Additive Manufacturing
MC-1: Seeking Broader Applications of Materials Science
MC-2: Controlling Microstructure for Smart Applications through FSP Advisor - Dr. Rajiv Mishra
MC-3: Experimental Micro and Nanoscale Mechanics with Microsecond Temporal Resolution for MEMS Applications
MC-4: A Engineer Fighting for 3D IC Development - Jen-Jui Yu
MC-5: Physical Metallurgist with Expertise in Computational and Experimental Techniques
MC-6: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
MC-7: Metallugical Studies of Dr. Takahiro Kunimine
MC-8: Modeling of Microstructural Evolution Accompanying Phase Transformations
MC-9: Microelectronic & Nanoelectronic Packaging and Thermoelectric Devices

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