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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Cast Shop Technology: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session
Presentation Title The Implementation of a Comprehensive Dross Management Program at Constellium Ravenswood
Author(s) James Herbert, Steve Tua
On-Site Speaker (Planned) James Herbert
Abstract Scope Dross is an unfortunate by–product of the aluminum industry. While minimizing dross generation is important, so too is the handling and treatment of the dross once it has been removed from the furnace. Preventing the oxidation of trapped metal units is only part of the solution to maximizing the true value of dross. Specialty alloy producers such as those in the aerospace industry have particular interest in maintaining metal chemistries and values. This paper details the work conducted over a 12-month period at the Constellium Ravenswood facility on the implementation of a comprehensive dross management program. Working with ALTEK to improve both dross recoveries and reduce environmental emissions, the facility has installed the latest generation dross press technology. Metal recoveries have significantly increased (both in-house and secondary) and additional savings have been realized working with the secondary processor enabling the return of on-spec alloyed material instead of traditional RSI.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


Behavior of Mg-Si-rich Phases in Aluminum Can Sheets and Their Impact on Metal Oxidation during Industrial Thermal Pre-treatment
C-47: Promotion of Separation of Two Phase Liquid Metals by Applying Mechanical Vibration
Dissipative Use of Critical Metals in the Aluminum Industry
Environmental Impacts of Aluminum Dross after Metal Extraction
In-situ Observation of Dross Formation during Melting of Al-Mg Alloy
Potential for Handheld Analyzer to Address Emerging Positive Material Identification (PMI) Challenges
Recycling of Oxide from Dross into Aluminum Electrolysis Cells
The Implementation of a Comprehensive Dross Management Program at Constellium Ravenswood

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