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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Refractory Metals 2018
Presentation Title Oxidation and Creep Behavior of Mo-Si-Ti Alloys
Author(s) Martin C. Heilmaier, Daniel Schliephake, Alexander Kauffmann, Camelia Gombola, Xiangna Cong
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Martin C. Heilmaier
Abstract Scope Mo-based silicides consisting of the three phases Mo<sub>ss</sub>, Mo<sub>5</sub>SiB<sub>2</sub> and Mo<sub>3</sub>Si are promising candidates for structural applications at elevated temperatures. Recently, it was found that macro-alloying of Mo-Si-B alloys by Ti allows for replacing Mo<sub>3</sub>Si by the more creep and oxidation resistant phase Mo<sub>5</sub>Si<sub>3</sub>. Furthermore, Ti causes a significant reduction in density of such alloys. However, our recent approach in the Mo-Si-Ti system also shows very encouraging results regarding oxidation and creep behavior of two-phase alloys at elevated temperatures. This talk will focus on the oxidation and creep resistance of two alloys with different – eutectic and eutectoid – phase equilibria in the ternary Mo-Si-Ti system. Microstructure evolution for both reactions was experimentally tracked regarding composition, temperature and time as well as compared to thermodynamic calculations. The oxidation (isothermal and cyclic) and creep (compression) behavior was characterized at temperatures between 800 and 1200 °C in case of the optimized microstructures.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


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