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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High Temperature Electrochemistry III
Presentation Title Electrochemistry in Molten 2LiF-BeF2 Salt for the Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor Applications
Author(s) William Doniger, Thomas Chrobak, Brian Kelleher, Kieran Dolan, Guoping Cao, Mark Anderson, Kumar Sridharan
On-Site Speaker (Planned) William Doniger
Abstract Scope A dynamic beryllium reference electrode has been developed for in-situ study of redox potential in molten LiF-BeF2 (66-34 mol%) (FLiBe) salt, a candidate reactor coolant for the fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactor (FHR) concept. Measurement and control of redox potential can mitigate corrosion and enable more common structural materials to be used in FHR. This three electrode probe has demonstrated good reproducibility of the salt redox potential with an error of 4 mV at 500ᵒC. The response of the probe to changes in salt chemistry was investigated by simulating oxidizing corrosion processes. The changes in redox potential were measured by progressively increasing concentrations of fluorides of nickel, iron, and chromium, corrosion products of common structural materials. The reduction potentials of the metal impurity fluorides were measured in solutions containing approximately 250 ppm of a single impurity using cyclic voltammetry. This approach is extended to study electrochemical purification of molten FLiBe.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume


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