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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium ICME Infrastructure Development for Accelerated Materials Design: Data Repositories, Informatics, and Computational Tools
Presentation Title PRISMS: An Integrated Predictive Multi-Scale Capability for the Materials Community
Author(s) , Larry Aagesen, Samantha Daly, Krishna Garikipati, Vikram Gavini, Margaret Hedstrom, H. V. Jagadish, J. Wayne Jones, Emmanuelle A. Marquis, Amit Misra, Brian Puchala, Shiva Rudraraju, Veera Sundararaghavan, Sravya Tamma, Glenn Tarcea, Katsuyo Thornton, Anton Van der Ven
On-Site Speaker (Planned)
Abstract Scope The mission of the Center for PRedictive Integrated Structural Materials Science (PRISMS) is the development of a unique scientific platform for enabling accelerated predictive materials science. We are developing and making available to the materials community, a suite of high performance, open-source integrated multi-scale computational tools for predicting microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of structural metals. These computational methods are being tightly linked with advanced experimental methods for determining model inputs, filling gaps in theory and for validation. This capability is being demonstrated by improving the predictive understanding of magnesium alloys, in particular precipitate evolution and the influence of microstructure on monotonic and cyclic mechanical behavior. An important element of the PRISMS Center is the “The Materials Commons,” a knowledge repository and virtual collaboration space for curating, archiving and disseminating information from our experiments and computations as well as providing a collaborative platform and repository for the broader materials community.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


3D Digital Representations of Knitted Textile Architectures
An ICME Approach to Generation Three Advanced High Strength Steel Development
An ICME Approach to the Investigation of the Relationship between Processing Parameters and Microstructure Development in an Extruded ZE20 Magnesium Alloy
An Integrated Model for Prediction of Yield Stress in Al-7Si-Mg Cast Alloys
Analytics on Large Microstructure Datasets Using 2-pt Statistics
Assessing the State of Manufacturing Process Data and its Potential as a Shared Resource for ICME
Automated Convergence Checks with the Python Based Workbench PyIron
D2C – Converting and Compressing Discrete Dislocation Microstructure Data
Data Curation and Exchange the Easy Way: Modular Data Models and Automated Capture
Data Structures and Algorithms for Thermodynamic and Related Data in the Open Calphad Software System
Development of Common Materials Classification Terminology to Enhance Discoverability, Exchange, and Reuse of Data
Evaluating Image Texture Recognition Algorithms for Generic Microstructure Characterization
Experiences with ICME Information Infrastructures for Applying Materials Models in Sequence to Give Accurate Macroscopic Property Prediction
Genomic Data Infrastructure for Computational Materials Design
Magpie: A Materials-Agnostic Platform for Informatics and Exploration
Materials Data Curation System
Materials Data Management and Chaining of Multiprocess Modeling under the Framework of ICME
Microstructural Modeling of Dynamic Intergranular and Transgranular Fracture Modes in Crystalline Alloys
MIDAS: A Workflow Tool for Improving Materials Strength Modeling
PRISMS: An Integrated Predictive Multi-Scale Capability for the Materials Community
Spectral Database Solutions to Elasto-viscoplasticity within Finite Elements
Statistical Characterization of Microstructure-sensitive Models Applied to Engineering Components
The Materials Data Facility - Data Services to Advance Materials Science Research
Towards an ICME Methodology: Current Activities in Europe
Towards Better Efficiency and Accuracy: Data Mining for Prediction and Optimization in Materials System Design
Web Based Nano-materials Design Platform for Li Ion Battery

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