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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Advances in Zinc-coated Sheet Steel Processing and Properties
Presentation Title Influence of Treatment Regimes in the Conditions of SHS on the Development of Steel
Author(s) Borys Petrovich Sereda, Dmytro Sereda
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Borys Petrovich Sereda
Abstract Scope In this paper, it was investigated heet steels belong to the class of tool steels and are the basic material for manufacturing of the cutting tool working in the conditions of power loading and a considerable warming up, and corrosions. The performance of steel products with protective coatings in corrosive environments is determined by the properties of the surface layers. In operation, sheet steel was processed in zinc SHS-blends. Zinc plating in SHS- blends is a combination of gas-phase and liquid processes. The microhardness of the coatings was 3500-5600 MPa. With increasing zinc temperature, the hardness of the layer increased to 6000 MPa, which corresponds to the microhardness of the δ1 phase. The coating is dense with very small porosity. An increase in the corrosion resistance in a 3% NaCl solution by 20-25% compared to the galvanic galvanizing of the sheet steels.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: At-meeting proceedings


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P3-85: The Effect of Zn-Mg Interlayer on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of PVD-processed Coatings
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P3-87: Obtaining Zinc Coatings on a Sheet Steel in SHS Conditions
P3-88: Control of Zinc Coatings Obtained under SHS Conditions
P3-89: Study on the Environment-friendly Coating Technology for Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet with High Humidity Resistant
The Effect of Coating Process on Liquid Zn-assisted Embrittlement of TRIP Steel
The Influence of Electrode Geometry on the Liquid Metal Embrittlement Cracking in Resistance Spot Welding of Advanced High Strength Steel

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