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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Materials for High Temperature Applications: Next Generation Superalloys and Beyond
Presentation Title Plasticity of Hard and Brittle Materials at Micron-meter Size Scales
Author(s) Haruyuki Inui, Kyosuke Kishida, Norihiko Okamoto
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Haruyuki Inui
Abstract Scope There are many hard materials that are considered to be candidates for structural applications under extreme conditions such as very high temperatures. But, one of the common characteristics for these hard materials is their brittleness at ambient temperatures. Many of them need very high temperatures for plastic flow. So, even, fundamentals for plasticity such as operating slip systems and their CRSS values have yet to be known for many of them. However, there is a chance for these hard materials to plastically deform in the form of micropillars of the micron-meter size even at ambient temperature, from which we can obtain the information of operating slip systems and their CRSS values. The results obtained for some brittle transition-metal silicides of the M5Si3-type such as Mo5Si3, Nb5Si3 and Mo5SiB2 and those of the MSi2-type such as MoSi2, VSi2, CrSi2, NbSi2 and TaSi2 will be presented.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided


A Perspective on the Challenges to Thermal Barrier Coatings
About the Predictability of Microstructure Evolution upon Thermomechanical Processing of Nickel-based Superalloys
Accelerated Discovery and Development of Intermetallic-containing Refractory-based Multi-principal-component Alloys
Additive Manufacturing of High Temperature Alloys: An Emphasis on the Current State and Future Direction of Ni-base Superalloy Processability in AM
Advanced Aerospace Engine Requirements and Materials Development
Advanced γ-TiAl Based Alloys
Atom Probe Tomography Study of Sigma Phase in Long Term-thermally Exposed High Refractory Ni-based Superalloy
Benchmarking Multi-scale Models with Microtensile Experiments and 3D Microstructural Characterization of René 88DT
Ceramic Matrix Composites for Jet Engine Applications: Damage Mechanisms and Design
Challenges and Future of Ni-based SX Superalloys Components
Comparative Study of High-temperature Grain Boundary Engineering of Two Powder Processed Low Stacking-fault Energy Ni-base Superalloys
Creep and Oxidation Resistance of Select MAX Phases: A Critical Review
Deformation Behavior and Solid Solution Hardening of Al-containing Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Design and Production of bcc Titanium-molybdenum-based Alloys Strengthened by Ordered Intermetallic Precipitates
Design of Next Generation Intermetallic Bond Coatings
Design of Nickel-base Superalloys with High Creep and Oxidation Resistance
Determination of Gamma/Gamma Prime Lattice Misfit in Ni-based Single Crystal Superalloys at High Temperatures by Neutron Diffraction
Development of an Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ni-Based Superalloy Enabling Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Wheels for Improved Combined Cycle Efficiency
Directionally Solidified Ni-Al-X Ternary Eutectics for High-Temperature Applications
Effect of Alloying on the Microstructure and Properties of Superalloys Containing Gamma Prime and Gamma Double Prime Precipitates
Effect of Trace Levels of Si on Grain Boundary Segregation in an Ir Alloy
F-56: An In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Study of Microstructural Evolution in a Model Ni-based Alloy
F-57: Long-term Thermal Stability of Nickel-base Superalloys
F-59: Physics-based Creep Model of Ni-based Alloy Welds in High Temperature and Pressure Applications using Crystal Plasticity
F-61: Physical Simulation of Skin Formation during Investment Casting of Nozzle Guide Vanes Made of Ni-based Superalloys
F-62: Surface Tension and Viscosity of the Ni-based Superalloys LEK94 and CMSX-10 Measured by the Oscillating Drop Method on Board a Parabolic Flight
F-63: Mechanism of Eutectic Growth in Directional Solidification of an Al2O3/Y3Al5O12 Crystal
Functionally Graded Tungsten/EUROFER Coating for Plasma Facing Components of Fusion Power Plants
Gamma-Prime Strengthened Superalloys for Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Applications
High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Mo-Si-B-Ti-Based Alloys
ICME Approach to Design γ'/γ'' Composite Precipitate Microstructure for Ni-based IN718 Super Alloys
Improved 3rd Generation Single Crystal Superalloy CMSX-4® Plus
Improved Creep Strength of Nickel-base Superalloys by Optimized γ/γ'-partitioning Behavior of Solid Solution Strengthening Elements
Improvement of Creep Resistance at 950 °C/400MPa in Ru-containing Single Crystal Superalloys
Influence of Stress Trriaxiality and Relaxation on the Creep Behavior under Oxidizing Conditions of the Nickel-based Single-crystal Superalloy CMSX-4: Experiments and Numerical Approach
Iron Aluminides: Recent Alloy Developments and Industrial Processing
Kinetic and Structural Processes Affecting Alumina-scale Establishment during Early-stage Oxidation of Ni-base Alloys
Long Term Grain Growth Behavior of Ir-Alloy DOP-26*
Microstructure–property Relationship in Next Generation TiAl Alloys
Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Nb-based Nb-Al-Fe Alloys
Microstructure Characterization of Single-crystal René N5 Fabricated through Scanning Laser Epitaxy
Modelling of Kirkendall Pores Formation during the Fabrication and the Ageing of Pt-based Diffusion Coatings on Nickel Base Superalloys
Nanosized TaC Precipitates for Strengthening High-Temperature Co-Re Based Alloys
Nickel-based Superalloys Reinforced by Gamma Prime and Gamma Double Prime Precipitates
Novel High Strength Eutectic Intermetallics
On the Design of Nb Silicide Based Alloys with a Balance of Properties
Oxidation Behavior of Silicide Coatings Produced by Molten Salt Technique on the Nb-1Zr-0.1C Alloy
Oxidation of Alumina-forming MAX Phases in Turbine Environments
Oxidation Resistance of Aluminized Ir-based Refractory Alloys
Phase Evolution and Creep Properties of Nb-rich Nb-Si-Cr Eutectics
Plasticity of Hard and Brittle Materials at Micron-meter Size Scales
Portevin-Le Chatelier Effect in a Ni-Co Based Superalloys with Different Gamma Prime Content
Powder Route Processing of Nb Silicide Based Alloys
Room and Elevated Temperature Fatigue Life Improvement of ATI 718Plus Using LSP Treatment
Scalable Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties in Mo-matrix Mo-Si-B
Solidification Processing of Nb-silicide Based Alloys
Solubility Limits and Phase Stability in Advanced Polycrystalline Ni-base Superalloys
Sources of Creep Dislocations in Ni-base, Single Crystal Superalloys Revisited
The Drive for Greater Efficiencies: Creating New Materials to Meet the Challenge
The Effect of Borosilica Pack-Cementation Coatings on the Oxidation Resistance of Mo-Si-B Based Alloys
The Effect of Molybdenum on the Microstructure and Properties of Model Quinary Nickel-based Superalloys
The Influence of Bond Coats on Crack Progression during Sustained Peak Low-Cycle Fatigue
The Influence of Ta and Ti on Heat-treatability and γ/γ’-partitioning of High W Containing Re-free Nickel-based-superalloys
The Influence of Titanium on the Phase Equilibria in Mo-Si-B Alloys
Toughness and High Temperature Strength of Nb-Si and MoSiBTiC Alloys
Weldability and Weld Properties in Iridium Alloys

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