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Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Gamma TiAl Alloys 2014
Presentation Title Wrought TiAl Blades
Author(s) Peter G Janschek
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Peter G Janschek
Abstract Scope LEISTRITZ have developed an isothermal forging process for blades from TiAl alloys during the past 18 years. The optimal process window was determined to 1100 to 1250 °C with extremely low strain rates.The high process temperature requires die material such as Molybdenum alloys under protective atmosphere.LEISTRITZ have established the isothermal forging process on a special hydraulic press. First forged blades have been HPC blades of the Rolls-Royce BR715 engine from Gamma-TAB. The following evolution step was HPC blades for the Rolls-Royce ANTLE engine made from TNB-V2. The next challenge was the production of 900 blades for HPC 7-9 of the Rolls-Royce E3E experimental engine from TNB-V4. All machining of these blades was done in the LEISTRITZ Nürnberg works.Up to now app. 3000 LPT stage 3 blades for the PW 1100G for MTU have been forged from cast TNM. Currently LEISTRITZ are the only approved supplier for these parts.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: A print-only volume


A Quarter Century Journey of Boron as a Grain Refiner in TiAl Alloys
Additive Manufacturing of Gamma TiAl Alloys and Control and Integration of Application-specific Microstructures
Additive Manufacturing via Electron Beam Melting of Gamma TiAl Alloys
Advances, Dilemmas and Future of Gamma Alloy Materials-processes Technology
Alloy Design Concepts for Wrought High Temperature TiAl Alloys
Anisotropy in Mechanical Properties and Directional Solidification of Lamellar TiAl
B21: The Effect of Mould Pre-heat Temperature and Casting Dimension on the Reaction between TiAl Alloy and the Zirconia Investment Casting Moulds
B23: Cyclic Oxidation Resistance of High Niobium Containing TiAl Based Alloy with Erbium
B30: Analysis of Solidification Procedures in Directionally Solidified Two-phase Gamma-TiAl Alloys Containing Beta Stabilizing Elements
B33: Oxygen Reduction in TiAl Produced by the TiPro Process
B34: Rolling and Grinding of Thin Sheets of Beta-Solidified Gamma TiAl Alloys
Beta Gamma Alloys: The First Fine-grained Engineering FL Gamma TiAl Alloys
Composition Optimization of β-γ TiAl Alloys Containing High Niobium
Deformation Induced Internal Stresses in Multiphase Titanium Aluminide Alloys
Deformation of PST Crystals of Ti46Al8Nb and Ti46Al8Ta
Design of Surface Protection for TiAl Alloys
Development and Optimization of Process Parameters for TNMB1 Titanium Aluminide for Selective Laser Melting: From Single Track to Fully Dense Specimens
Development of New Coatings to Prevent Environmental Embrittlement of Titanium Aluminides
Development of TiAl Alloys with Enhanced Room Temperature Ductility: A Fundamental Study Using In Situ TEM
Effect of Centrifugal Force and Pouring Atmosphere on Casting Quality of TiAl Base Alloys
Effect of Powder Pre-treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Powder Metallurgy Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb-0.15B
Effect of the Microstructure on the Deformation and Fatigue Damage in a Gamma-TiAl Produced by Additive Manufacturing
Electron Beam Joining of γ-Titanium Aluminide
Enhancement of the High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of TiAl-alloys by Fluorine
Experimental Research on the Recycling Potential of Precision Cast Gamma-TiAl during Electroslag Remelting
Fatigue Thresholds of a Lamellar Gamma-TiAl Alloy
Fine-grained Fully Lamellar Beta Gamma Cast Alloys for High Temperature Rotational Components
Fracture and Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Cast Titanium Aluminide
Fracture Toughness of the Constituent Phases and Interfaces of PST-TiAl Crystals as Measured by Microcantilever Tests
Fundamental and Application-oriented Research on Gamma Alloys
High Nb Content TiAl Alloys Specified to Cast Process
High Performance TiAl Alloys Realized by Spark Plasma Sintering
Impact of ISM Crucible Tilting Process on Mould Filling and Yield of Near-net Shape TiAl Turbine Blades
Influence of Aluminum Content on the Columnar-to-equiaxed Transition in Ti-Al-X Gamma Titanium Aluminides
Influence of the Slag Composition on the Fluorine Absorption in Gamma-TiAl during IESR
Laser-based Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aluminides
Manufacturing and Properties of High Nb-TiAl Sheet Materials
Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of a TNM Alloy Protected by the Fluorine Effect and Coated with a Thermal Barrier
Microscopic Mechanisms of Spark Plasma Sintering in TiAl Alloys
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Fine Structured Gamma TiAl Alloy Synthesized by a Powder Metallurgy Route
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TiAl Alloys Produced by Powder Metallurgy
Microstructure and Properties of Cast Ti-46Al-8Ta Alloy
Microstructure and Properties of Gamma-TiAl (48-2-2) Produced by Selective Electron Beam Melting
Microstructure Stability and Mechanical Properties in Gamma Plus Sigma Titanium Aluminides
Near-net-shape Casting of TiAl Components for Aero Engine Applications: A Casting Process Evaluation
On the Problem of Low-temperature Ductility Improvement of Ti-Al and Ti-Al-Nb Based Alloys
Phase Composition and Microstructural Analysis of Titanium Aluminides by In Situ, Real-time Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Techniques
Phase Transformation and Equilibrium Diagram of Ti-Al-Nb Ternary Alloy
Physical Metallurgy and Performance of the TNB and Gamma-Md-alloy Systems
Reaction behavior in Heating of Multilayered Ti / Al Foils
Recent Advances in Wrought Processing
Recent Development and Optimization of Forging Process of High Nb-TiAl Alloy
Response of Melt Treatment on the Solidified Microstructure of Ti48Al2Cr2Nb Alloy
Role of Interstitial Atoms on the Macrosegregation and Microsegregation in High Nb Containing TiAl Alloys
Seeded Growth of Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb PST Crystals
Status of Titanium Aluminide for Aero Engine Aplications
Study on Hot-cracking of TiAl-based Alloys
Tailoring Lamellar Microstructure through Heat Treatment Design of TiAl Alloys
The Effects of Microstructure on Impact Resitant Properties in Forged TiAl Alloys
The Industrialization of Near-net Shape Titanium Aluminide Investment Castings
The Use of In Situ Characterization Techniques for the Development of Intermetallic Titanium Aluminides
Wear Protection for Turbine Blades Made of Titanium Aluminum

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