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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Cast Shop Technology: Energy Joint Session
Presentation Title Efficiency of the Casting Process Starts in the Melt Shop
Author(s) Ryan Brown
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Ryan Brown
Abstract Scope Though leading metal casting facilities are converting to newer, more efficient styles of melting furnaces, a majority of the metal casting industry in North America still uses reverb furnaces. This paper/presentation compares the melting process of efficient shaft/tower style melting furnaces to the common reverb furnace, highlighting the numerous ways in which shaft/tower melting furnaces can save money for the owner and increase the bottom line, while improving metal quality. The primary topic involves a study or comparison of gas consumption and metal loss, which are the two main cost drivers in the melting process. Further advantages of shaft/tower melting furnaces include a reduced environmental impact (COČ emmissions), higher quality and more temperature stable metal, ease of cleaning, methods of automation, greatly reduced dross and sludge formation, and further savings through energy rebate programs.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


Aluminum Melting Furnace Pressure Control
Case Study of Air Cooled Electromagnetic Stirred Melting Furnace at Hydro Henderson
Efficiency of the Casting Process Starts in the Melt Shop
Gas Fired Holding Furnace Modeling for Efficient Operation
Praxair’s OPTIVIEWTM Image Analysis System for Enhanced Combustion Control on Aluminum Tilting Rotary Furnace
Productivity and Energy Efficiency Improvements at Two Reverberatory Furnaces at Alcoa, Norway
Resource Efficiency Analysis of High Pressure Die Casting Process
The Application of ALTEK Stirring Technology to a 90MT Melting Furnace at ALCOA Moesjen, Norway

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