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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Mechanochemical Synthesis and Reactions in Materials Science IV
Presentation Title Easy Access to Copper-antimony Mixed Sulfides (CuxSbySz): Mechanochemical Synthesis, and Structural and Surface Analysis
Author(s) Antonio F. Fuentes, Francisco A. López-Cota, Isidro J. González-Panzo, José A. Díaz-Guillén, Joelis Rodríguez-Hernández, Patricia Quintana
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Antonio F. Fuentes
Abstract Scope Mixed metal chalcogenides are an important group of functional materials for a wide-range of technological applications, mainly in the electronic and optoelectronic industry. Typically, they are synthesized by firing under vacuum, mixtures of the corresponding elemental powders, or by complex solution-mediated approaches. Herein, we show that Cu/Sb mixed sulfides, can be easily obtained under ambient conditions (air), by a simple, and convenient mechanochemical method, starting from commercially available binary sulfides (Sb2S3, Cu2S and CuS), Thus, nanometric single phase chalcostibite (CuSbS2), famatinite (Cu3SbS4), and tetrahedrite, (Cu12Sb4S13) powders, were all prepared by dry milling in a planetary ball mill, the corresponding starting mixtures. However, attempts to obtain skinnerite (Cu3SbS3) yielded a mixture of CuSbS2 and Cu12Sb4S13. As-prepared samples were characterized by XRD using the Rietveld method, thermal analysis and by XPS showing similar characteristics to analogous sulfides obtained by more elaborate powder processing methods.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Other (journal publication, etc.; describe below)


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