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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium 2018 Technical Division Student Poster Competition
Presentation Title SPG-39: Prediction of Single Crystal Properties of Aluminum-Lithium Alloy Using a Stochastic Inverse Model
Author(s) Srihari Sundar, Pinar Acar, Veera Sundararaghavan
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Srihari Sundar
Abstract Scope Prediction of single crystal anisotropic properties accurately has always been a challenge, due to the unavailability of single crystal samples and cumbersome experimental techniques. In this work, we use polycrystalline elastic moduli of an aluminum-lithium aerospace alloy obtained using acoustic measurements, and the associated orientation information to obtain single crystal elastic parameters. The polycrystalline texture obtained from electron backscatter diffraction data is represented using an orientation distribution function in Rodrigues space. The statistical variations in texture are quantified using a Gaussian description. Samples of different thicknesses were tested leading to statistical variability in the polycrystalline moduli, which is modeled to be orthotropic. The inverse problem of estimating the single crystal moduli is addressed stochastically using a novel linear programming approach.
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SPG-14: Oxide Rate of (111), (100) and Random Copper Films at Low Temperatures for the Application of Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding
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SPG-20: Modelling of Precipitate Evolution and Yield Strength of a Friction Stir Welded Al-Cu-Li Alloy
SPG-21: A General Multiphase Model for Macrosegregation and Columnar to Equiaxed Transition in Alloy Solidification
SPG-22: Effects of Strain Localization & Processing on the Corrosion of Nanostructured Aluminum
SPG-23: Effects of Variable and Constant Sealing Force Techniques for Studying the Formability Using Square Cup Die in Hydroforming of Cryorolled Al-Mg Alloy Sheets in FE Simulation
SPG-24: Fatigue Behavior of Ultrafine Grained Al0.3CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy
SPG-25: In-situ Strengthening of High Entropy Alloys by Friction Stir Processing
SPG-27: Microfract: An Image Based Code for Micro-crack Path Prediction for Multi-phase Materials
SPG-28: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Inconel 718 Produced by Selective Laser Melting: Sample Orientation Dependence and Effects of Post Heat Treatments
SPG-29: The Effect of Co Content on Fabrication of Full-scale High-performance Alnico Magnets with Near-final Shape
SPG-2: Electrochemical Reduction of Metal Oxides in Molten Salt
SPG-30: Towards a Standardized Technique of Determining Nanoindentation Derived Stress-Strain Curves of Metal Powder Particles
SPG-31: A Mechanism Study of Electromigration Effect: An In Situ Current Stressing Study
SPG-32: A Phase-field Study on the Role of Lattice Misfit on the Microstructural Stability in Ni-based Single Crystal Superalloys
SPG-33: Effects of Ar Ion Irradiation on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Zr-0.33wt.% Sn Alloy Probed through PAS, GI-XRD, Pico-indentation and TEM
SPG-34: Geometrical Effect on the Energetic Size Effect Law
SPG-35: Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour and Micromechanics of a Beta Titanium Alloy Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr
SPG-36: Markov Random Field Approach For Three-dimensional Microstructure Reconstruction
SPG-38: Microstructural Characterization of W-ODS Materials for Nuclear Applications
SPG-39: Prediction of Single Crystal Properties of Aluminum-Lithium Alloy Using a Stochastic Inverse Model
SPG-3: Nano Computed Tomography Characterization of Additive Manufactured Metal
SPG-40: Radiation Resistant Nanostructured 304 Austenitic Steel Prepared Using ECAP and HPT
SPG-41: Simulating Dislocation Patterning at the Micro Scale Using the Schnakenberg Model
SPG-42: The Microstructure Characterization and Precipitate Simulation of G115 Heat Resistance Steel during Creep
SPG-4: Teaching Applied in the Characterization of SAE 1020 Steel Corrosion in Atmospheric Test and Salt Spray Testing
SPG-5: Thermodynamic Properties of Silicon-boron Binary Alloys Determined Using EMF Measurements
SPG-6: Characterization of Magnetic Microstructure in Co-Pt Nano-chessboards
SPG-7: Determination of Crystalline Domains Alignment in the Cellulose Nanocrystal Films with an Improved Birefringence Technique
SPG-9: Hygroscopic Swelling Determination of Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) Films by Polarized Light Microscope Digital Image Correlation
SPU-10: Porous Metal from Selective Dissolution of Al-Cu-Mg Alloy
SPU-11: Effect of Alumina Nanoparticles on the Portevin-Le Chatelier Phenomenon in Al-Mg Alloys
SPU-12: Influence of Titanium Substrate Surface Preparation on the Growth of Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes
SPU-13: Method to Increase Data Throughput of a Single Bending Fatigue Test
SPU-14: Structure and Ductility in Multicomponent B2-ordered Intermetallic Compounds
SPU-1: Determination of the Activation Temperatures of Group III and IV Metals via XPS
SPU-2: Fluorescence of Functionalized Carbon Nano-onions for Bioimaging Applications
SPU-3: Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan-based Composites Containing TiO2 Nanoparticles and Their Antibacterial Activity
SPU-4: A Computational Study of Phase Evolution and Stability in Multi-Rare Earth Mg-Alloys
SPU-5: Fabrication of Novel Aluminum Welding Fillers Reinforced with NbB2 Nanoparticles
SPU-6: Influence of Volumetric Energy Density on Defect Formation and Crystallographic Texture Development in 3-D Printed Hastelloy-X
SPU-7: Investigating Damping Performance of Powder Bed Fused Inconel 718 with Unfused Internal Features
SPU-8: Laser Brazing of Nickel Superalloys with a Ni-Mn-Fe-Co-Cu High Entropy Alloy Nanopaste
SPU-9: Optimization of Anodization Parameters for Production of Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays

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