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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Bulk Metallic Glasses XIII
Presentation Title Structural Evolution of Liquid Eutectic GaIn Alloy using In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Author(s) , Qing Yu, X.D. Wang, Q.P. Cao, D.X. Zhang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Qing Yu
Abstract Scope To gain structural changes in metallic liquids, the liquid eutectic Ga85.8In14.2 alloy with melting temperature of 288.65 K is studied using in situ synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction combined with ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulation. A jump occurs in a temperature range of 350-550 K from thermal expansion curves of the liquid measured by dilatometer. This is also detected by changes in the first peak positions of pair correlation functions and structure factor. The nearest-neighbor interatomic distance increases with decreasing temperature. AIMD calculations reveal that low-coordinated polyhedra tend to evolve into high-coordinated ones during cooling. The coordination number starts to change abnormally at the vicinity of 550 K associated with atomic rearrangement in polyhedral clusters. All these results suggest that a liquid-liquid crossover indeed occurs at the temperature interval of 350-550 K prior to the onset of crystallization in the liquid eutectic GaIn alloy.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A print-only volume


A Novel Technique for Thermoplastically Forming Functional BMG Parts with Complex 3D Geometries and Multi-scale Features
A Research on Micro/Nano Imprinting of Metallic Glasses
Absence of Microscopic Elasticity in BMG and Its Implications
Amorphization of Fe-6.25 at% C Alloy by Mechanical Alloying
An Improved Method for Calculation of Elastic Constants of Metallic Glasses
Assessing the Critical Casting Thickness via High-speed Thermography
Atomic-scale Characterization of Shear Bands in Metallic Glasses: Tracer Diffusion, Free Volume and Nanocrystal Development
Atomic Size Effect on Elastic Softening in Multicomponent Glasses Investigated by MD Simulation
Bulk Metallic Glasses Composites Produced via Severe Plastic Deformation
Characteristics of Stress Relaxation Kinetics of La-based Bulk Metallic Glass: Evidence of Experiments and Simulations
Comparison of the Entropy in Cu50Zr50 and Cu46Zr46Al8
Compositional Dependence of Martensitic Transformation in Secondary Phase of BMG Matrix Composites
Consolidation of Blended Powders by Severe Plastic Deformation to Form Amorphous Metal Matrix Composites
Constraint Effects on the Serrated Behavior in the Compression and Nanoindentation for Bulk Metallic Glasses
Densification of a Cu-Zr-Al Metallic Glass Powder by Spark Plasma Sintering
Design and Implementation of BMG and BMG Composites in NASA Robotics Applications
Designed Heterogeneities Improve the Fracture Reliability of a Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass
Development of Bio-inspired Hybrid Composite with Ceramic Brick and BMG Mortar Structure
Direct Investigation of Crystallization of Metallic Glass Nanostructures Using In Situ TEM
Dissolution of Low Solubility Elements during Arc Melting
EE-1: Designing of Ti-Fe-Si Ternary Amorphous Alloys via a Themodynamic Approach
EE-2: Effect of Ni and Cu on the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of High Strength CoCrMoCB-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
EE-3: Electrochemical Corrosion and Passivation Behavior of Zr42Cu5Ag8 Bulk Metallic Glass in Artificial Physiological Solutions
EE-4: Mechanical Properties of FeSiB Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Alloys Using Nanoindentation Technique
EE-5: Shape Memory Bulk Metallic Glass Composites Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Effect of Composition on Mechanical Rejuvenation by HPT Deformation in Zr-Cu-Al-Ni Metallic Glass
Effect of Nanocrystallization on Stress Relaxation in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Elastic Heterogeneity in Compositionally-Varied Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Composites
Elucidating the Mechanisms of Rate Dependent Deformation
Enhanced Plasticity in Zr-Cu-Ag-Al-Be Bulk Metallic Glasses
Evolution of Atomic Distribution during Devitrification of Bulk Metallic Glasses
FeCoSiBNbCu Bulk Metallic Glass with Compressive Deformability
Five-fold Symmetry as Indicator of Dynamic Arrest in Metallic Glass-forming Liquids
Formation, Structure and Dynamics of Plastic Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
Fracture and Fatigue of a Ni-based Glass
Free-volume Dependent Atomic Dynamics in Beta Relaxation Pronounced La-based Metallic Glasses
Glass-forming Ability and Mechanical Properties of a Zr52.8Cu29.1Ni7.3Al9.8Y1 Bulk Metallic Glass Prepared by Hereditary Process
Heterogeneity and Structural Relaxation during Elastic Deformation in Zr-based BMG
High Density Ni-based Metallic Glasses Formed by Spark Plasma Sintering
In Situ Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Micronanoscaled Metallic Glasses
Insights into β-Relaxation-Mediated Performance of Metallic Glasses: An Integrated Density-Functional-Theory and Electron-Work-Function Study
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ductility of Amorphous Solids
Investigation of Simulated Local Atomic Structure above and below the Melting Temperature of a Metallic Glass
Jerky Flow Dynamics in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Kumar: Metallic Glass Janus Microstructures
Local Ordering in Molten State and Its Legacy on Abnormal Primary Crystallization in Al-RE Metallic Glasses
Local Structure Orders in Metallic Liquids and Glasses and Their Influence on the Phase Selection
Manipulating the Glassy State in Metals
Mechanical and Structural Properties of Metallic Glasses in Simulation and Experiment
Mechanical Properties of Micro-sized Metallic Glass Spheres
Mechanical, Thermal and Kinetic Characterization of a Series of Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glasses as a Function of Co-concentration
Mesoscopic Models for Amorphous and Crystalline Solids
Metallic Glass Formation: A Narrow Path to Success
Microstructural Investigation of CuZr-based Metallic Glass upon Sub-Tg Annealing
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Joints Brazed with Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni Metallic Glass as Filler Metal
Microstructure and Wear Behavior of Laser Clad Multi-layered Fe-based Amorphous Coatings on Steel Substrates
Microstructure Evolution of a Bulk-metallic-glass Matrix Composite Subjected to Different Deformations
Monatomic Metallic Glasses and Their Deformation through Ultrafast Liquid Quenching
Multifunctional Thin Film Metallic Glasses as Potential Coating Materials
Nanoscale Size Effects in Crystallization of Metallic Glass Nanorods
Non-equilibrium Phase Transformation in Bulk Metallic Glasses
On the Chemistry-topology-stiffness Relationship of Co-based Metallic Glass Thin Films: A Combinatorial Approach
On the Structural Origin of Strength and Plasticity of Metallic Glasses
Plastic Deformation Mechanisms in Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
Porous Bulk Metallic Glasses for Application as Biomedical Materials
Predictive Modeling of Glass-Forming Ability in the Ternary Fe-Nb-B System
Production of Amorphous Materials by Supersonic Spray Drying
Properties of BMG Nanoglasses Prepared by Thin Film Deposition in Comparison with Mechanical Methods
Protocols for Multi-step Thermoplastic Processing of Metallic Glasses
Role of Alloy Chemistry and Free Volume on the Corrosion Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glasses
Role of Niobium Concentration on Glass Forming Ability and Crystallization Behavior of Zr-Ni-Al-Cu-Nb Bulk Metallic Glasses with Low Cu Concentration
Saving the Environment from Toxic Chemicals Using Amorphous Metals
Shear-Band Stress Fields and Cavitation in Metallic Glasses
Simultaneous Efficient Atomic Packing in Metallic Glass Structures
String-like Cooperative Motion in Supercooled Cu-Zr Metallic Liquids
Structural Evolution of Liquid Eutectic GaIn Alloy using In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Structural Features and Strain Analysis of Plastically Deformed Bulk Metallic Glasses
Structural Heterogeneity Induced Plasticity in Metallic Glasses
Synthesis of Bulk Amorphous Co-C Alloys
Synthesis of Nanoporous Structure by Dealloying of Al-based Amorphous Alloys
Tailoring the Magnetic Properties and Mechanical Behavior of Cobalt-Iron Metallic Glasses
Temperature-dependent Average Nearest-neighbor Distance in Metallic Melts
Temperature Dependent slip Avalanche Statistics in Bulk Metallic Glasses – Experiments and Model
The 2.5 Power Law: A General Rule of Metallic Glasses
The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Local Elastic Fluctuations in Metallic Glass Alloys
The Mechanism of Structural Rejuvenation in Recovery Annealed Metallic Glasses
Thermally Activated Plastic Events and Their Underlying Structural Signature in Metallic Glasses
Toughen and Harden Metallic Glass through Designing Statistical Heterogeneity
Towards a Commercial Metallic Glass Technology
Tuning Order in Disorder
Universal Scaling of the Viscosity of Metallic Liquids
Using Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Irradiation to Magnetically Pattern the Surface of Non-Ferromagnetic Amorphous Steel
Variations in Glass Transition during Vitrification

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