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Meeting 2016 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Magnesium-based Biodegradable Implants
Presentation Title Plasma Surface Modification of Magnesium-Based and Related Biomaterials
Author(s) Paul K Chu
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Paul K Chu
Abstract Scope Magnesium alloys have large potential in orthopedic and dental applications because their Young's moduli are similar to that of human bones and their natural biodegradability obviates the need for a follow-up surgery. However, it is crucial to control the degradation rate to maintain mechanical support for a long enough time for tissues to heal and avoid cytotoxic effects arising from uncontrolled Mg dissolution and hydrogen evolution. Plasma-based techniques such as sputtering, cathodic arc deposition, and plasma immersion ion implantation are very useful. Different from other common biometals such as stainless steels and titanium alloys, the biodegradable surface of Mg alloys is dynamic. As the metal degrades or dissolves, a new surface or interface with the biological medium forms constantly and so in conducting surface modification, the balance among degradation rate, mechanical integrity, and biocompatibility is very important. In this invited talk, some of our recent results will be presented.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: A combination print-CD volume


Absorbable Filament Technologies: Wire-drawing to Enable Next-generation Medical Devices
Appropriate Corrosion-FatigueTesting of Magnesium Alloys for Temporary Bio-implant Applications
Computer Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Implanted Biodegradable Stents in a Remodelling Artery
Degradation of MgF2-coated and Uncoated MgNd2 Specimens in Contact with Nasal Mucosa
Fabrication, Testing and Performance of Rare Earth-containing Magnesium Biodegradable Metals
In Vitro Corrosion and Cytocompatibility Properties of Mg-2Gd-X(Ag, Ca) Alloys
Influence of Precipitation Hardening in Mg-Y-Nd on Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
Magnesium-based Compression Screws
Magnesium Powder Injection Molding (MIM) of Orthopedic Implants for Biomedical Applications
Manufacturing of Osteosynthesis Systems Made of Magnesium Alloy AZ91
Monitoring Biodegradation of Magnesium Implants with Sensors
Plasma Surface Modification of Magnesium-Based and Related Biomaterials
Standardized Guidance for the Preclinical Evaluation of Absorbable Metal Implants
The Industrial Challenges of Manufacturing Bioabsorbable Magnesium
Understanding Corrosion-assisted Cracking of Magnesium Alloys for Bioimplant Applications

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