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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium ICME Gap Analysis: Structural Materials for Automotive Applications
Presentation Title The Phase Field Method and Materials Design
Author(s) K. Kim, M.P. Guruajan, C. Wolverton,
On-Site Speaker (Planned) C. Wolverton
Abstract Scope Phase field methods can provide new insights into the factors controlling the shape, composition, and spatial arrangement of precipitates in solids and dendrites in a liquid. The advantage of the phase field method is that it is not necessary to track the location of the interface between two phases, since all the fields are continuous. This presents a computational challenge given the large length scale mismatch between the width of the interface between two phases and the size-scale of typical microstructures. We illustrate the challenge by examining the morphologies of theta’ precipitates in an Al-Cu alloy. We account for the faceted interfaces of the precipitate, differences in elastic constants between the precipitate and matrix, and anisotropic elastic constants. In view of the computational constraints imposed by the phase field method, the prospects for using it in an iterative materials design effort will be discussed.
Proceedings Inclusion? Undecided


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The Phase Field Method and Materials Design

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