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Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
Presentation Title The Anodic Behavior of Electro-Deoxidation of Titanium Dioxide in Calcium Chloride Molten Salt
Author(s) Pingsheng Lai, Meilong Hu, Leizhang Gao, Zhengfeng Qu, Chenguang Bai
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Pingsheng Lai
Abstract Scope Since Fray-Farthing-Chen (FFC) Cambridge process was proposed in 2000 for electrochemical extraction of titanium from titanium oxide, a great quantity of researches has been carried out to investigate the mechanism of the electro-reduction of the process. Results shows that the intermediate products of perovskite phases are inevitable during the electro-deoxidation process. In this paper, a new perspective focus on the anode behavior was applied. TiO2 and synthetic perovskites mixed in different ratio(CaO:TiO2=1:1/1:2/2:1) are used as the Experimental raw materials., and the behavior of the graphite anode has been investigated. Although the main anodic process in the electrolysis is the oxygen evolution by means of the CO2, a thin film due to the formation of CaCO3 was floating on the molten salt at higher concentration of CaO.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: None Selected


3D Chracterization of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics
3D Microstructural Characterization of Polymer and Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials (PMC, CMC) Using Serial Sectioning
Adsorption and Surface Area of Bentonite Modified Used as Bleaching Clay
Advanced Mechanical Characterization for High Temperature Materials
Analytical Investigation of Coatings Defects
Applications of Aberration-corrected Low-energy Electron Microscopy for Metal Surfaces
AstroEBSD: A Novel EBSD Pattern Indexing Routine Launched from an Astronomical Approach
Automated Microstructure Validation and Flaw Detection Using Computer Vision
Bending Mechanical Evaluation in Composites with Epoxy Matrix Incorporating with Natural Fabric of Malva/Jute Fiber
Buildup Formation Mechanism of Carbon Sleeve in Continuous Annealing Furnace for Silicon Steel
Case Studies Utilizing Advanced X-ray Computed Tomography Techniques
Characteristics of WISCO Steelmaking Slags
Characterization and Modification of a Brazilian Bentonite for its Use in Natural Rubber Nanocomposites
Characterization of Chape Memory Ti-Ni-Hf Alloys
Characterization of Coke-making Coals of High Reactivity from Northwest China
Characterization of Deformation Mechanisms of Stainless Steels Assisted by Phase Transformation by Means of EBSD Analysis Combined with Nanoindentation
Characterization of HPGR Pre-treated Sinter Feed
Characterization of Non-covalently Functionalized Halloysite
Characterization of PCBs from Obsolete Computers Aiming the Recovery of Precious Metals
Charpy Impact Test in Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced With Hybrid Blanket of the Jute and Malva Fibers
Comparative Mechanical Analysis of Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Malva/Jute Hybrid Fabric by Izod and Charpy Impact Test
Comparison Between Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Ramie Fabric under Pressure and Vacuum
Computational Polarized Light Microscopy Technique for Determining the C-axis Orientation of Uni-axial Materials
Correlation of Microstructure to Mechanical Properties in Two Grades of Alumina
Correlative Multiscale Tomography for Additive Manufacturing
Design of Road Defect Scanning System through Multiple Application of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Techniques
Determination of Microstructure-based Constitutive Models Using Temperature Rise Distribution in Plane Strain Machining
Development and Performance of the Polycarbonate Composites Containing High Amount of Sisal Fiber
Digital Image Analysis for the Automated Measurement of Dendritic Microstructures in Vacuum Arc Remelted Nickel Alloy 718
Dynamic-mechanical Analysis of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with PALF Fibers
Dynamical Diffraction Simulation and Dictionary Indexing of Quasicrystals
Effect of Ball Indentation Test Parameters on Tensile Properties of Grade 92 Steel
Effect of Casting Speed on Hot Ductility and Precipitation Kinetics of Micro-alloyed Steels during Continuous Casting
Effect of Orientations on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 7075 Aluminum Alloy by Rolling at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
Effect of Ultra-supercritical Units Precipitated Phase Ferritic Heat-resistant Steels B Micro-alloyed
Eletrochemical Behavior and Corrosion Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Made by Selective Laser Melting for Immersion in Artificial Seawater at Different Temperature
Evaluation of Brazilian Bentonite Modified by Acid Attack in Biofuel Production
Evaluation of Urea Encapsulation by Microcapsules of PHB/MMT and PHB/OMMT Nanocomposites
Examining Regional Weather Effects on Single Ply Roofing Membranes
Exploring Thermal Loading of Composites by the Acoustic Emission Technique
Fabrication of Monolithic Nanoporous Copper by Chemical Dealloying Cu-Y Metallic Glasses
Grain Size Characterization in Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Parameterized Ultrasonic Gaussian Echo Model
High-temperature Magnetic Properties Study of Melt-spun Fe- (3 - 8 wt.%) Si Alloys
I-11: Addition of Dregs in Mixed Mortar: Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Properties
I-12: Adhesion Study at Advanced Ages in Multipurpose Mortars
I-14: Applications and Opportunities of Nanomaterials in Construction and Infrastructure
I-15: Automated Optical Serial Sectioning Analysis of Phases in a Medium Carbon Steel
I-16: Ballistic Performance Evaluation of a Mutlilayered Armor System with PALF/Epoxy Composite
I-17: Ballistic Test of Multilayered Armor with Intermediate Polyester Composite Reinforced with Fique Fabric
I-18: Intergranular Cracking of High Strength Extruded Brass Alloys
I-19: Characterization of a Brazilian Bentonite for its Use in the Oil and Gas Industry
I-20: Characterization of Different Clays for the Optimization of Mixtures for the Production of Ceramic Artifacts
I-21: Characterization of Polyester Composite Reinforced with Fique Fiber Functional Groups by Infrared Spectroscopy
I-22: Characterization of Tensile Properties of Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Fique Fabric Fiber
I-23: Clay Smectite Synthetic: Characterization and Application in Nanocomposites
I-24: Comparison of Performance between Granite Waste Pigments Based Paints and Soils Pigments Based Paints
I-25: Comparison of the Analytical and Experimental Temperatures in the Process of Machining an Intexable Steel
I-26: Development and Characterization of Recycled-HDPE/EVA Foam Reinforced with Babassu Coconut Epicarp Fiber Residues
I-27: Effects of Civil Construction Waste on Properties of Lining Mortars
I-28: Electron Beam Effect on Mechanical and Thermical Properties of DGEBA/EPDM Compound
I-29: Epoxy Adhesive Joint for Metal Parts
I-30: Evaluation of Microcapsules of PBSL/MMT-K and PBSL/OMMT-K Nanocomposites
I-31: Evaluation of the Projectile's Loss of Energy in Polyester Composite Reinforced with Fique Fiber and Fique Fabric
I-32: Evaluation of the Quality of Concrete with Waste of Construction and Demolition
I-33: Experimental Investigation of Low-velocity Ballistic Impact Response of Closed Cell Aluminium Foams for Various Shaped Projectile Tips
I-34: Evaluation of Two Different Pulsed Plasma Nitriding Conditions on Steel Properties
I-35: Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Jute Fabric
I-36: Grain Boundary Engineering through Thermo-mechanical Processing and its Implication on Sensitization in Alloy 600H
I-37: Influence of Coupling Agent on the Modification Effects of Vanadium Tailing as a Polymer Filler
I-38: Influence of Electron-beam Irradiation on the Properties of LDPE/EDPM Blend Foams
I-39: Influence of the Areal Density of Layers in the Ballistic Response of a Multilayered Armor System Using Box-behnken Statistical Design
I-40: Influence of the Blocks and Mortar’s Compressive Strength on the Flexural Bond Strength of Concrete Masonry
I-41: Influence of Two Solubilization Conditions at 718 Superalloy Hardness and Microstructure
I-42: Irradiation Influence on the Properties of HMS-Polypropylene Clay/AgNPs Nanocomposites
I-43: Limit Speed Analysis and Absorbed Energy in Multilayer Armor with Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Mallow Fibers and Mallow and Jute Hybrid Fabric
I-44: Mechanical Characterization of Concrete Blocks with Addition on Residual Waste from the Marble Benefit
I-45: Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polymer (Ethylene Terephthalate - PET) Filled with Carbon Black
I-46: Mineralogical Analysis of A Chrome Ore from South Africa
I-47: Multilayered Armors with Piassava Fiber Composite
I-48: Oxidation Behavior of Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glasses at Different Temperatures
I-49: Pilot Trial of Detoxification of Chromium Slag in Cyclone Furnace and Preparation of Glass-ceramics with the Water-quenched Melt
Hide details for [<a href="/PM/PM.nsf/ApprovedAbstracts/87D1D40BA19F2D4885258150005057BA?OpenDocument">I-50: Preparation of RefI-50: Preparation of Refractory Material from Ferronickel Slag
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I-51: Process Improvement Study on the Gradation Uniformity of Steel Slag Asphalt Concrete Aggregate
I-52: Recycling of Polypropylene
I-53: Research on the Interaction of Humic Acid with Iron Minerals
I-55: Study of Different Process Additives Applied to Polypropylene
I-56: Study of the Durability of Mortars with Effluent Sludge from Paper Industry Exposed to Salt Spray
I-57: Study of the Incorporation of Residue of Ornamental Rocks in Ceramic Tiles
I-58: Study of the Incorporation of Smectite in Powder Coating
I-59: Study of the Mineralogical Composition of the Tailings of Coscotitlán, Hidalgo, Mexico
I-61: The Effect of Transition Metals in Devitrification of Al-TM-RE Marginal Glass Forming Alloys
I-62: The Influence of Clay Reinforcement on the Properties of Recycled Polymer Foams
I-63: The Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Bulk FeB
I-64: The Quality of Tiles in Red Ceramic in Northwest of Rio de Janeiro and Southeast of Minas Gerais
I-66: Structural, Spectroscopic, Magnetic, and Thermal Characterizations of a Magnetite Ore from the Nagaland Region, India
Improve Product Quality and On-line Process Control with Three-dimensional Size and Shape Particle Characterization
In-situ Diagnostics of Damage Accumulation in Nickel-based Superalloy
In-situ Measurement System for Prediction of the Hot Tearing Tendency of Steel
In-situ TEM Study of Precipitation Behavior in Alloy 690-based MA Powders
In-situ XRD Investigation of Bauxite Dehydroxylation
In Situ Diagnostics of Melting/Solidification and Segregation during Crystal Growth by Energy-resolved and Conventional Neutron Imaging
In Situ EBSD Study on the Development of Recrystallized Cube Texture in 3 Mass% Si Steel
In Situ Lab Scale X-Ray Microtomography of a Cast Duplex Stainless Steel
Increasing Coercivity for Nd-Fe-B Melt Spun Ribbons by Adding 20 at.% Ce
Integrated Imaging in Three Dimensions: The Sum is Greater than the Parts
Interpretation of Coal Quality Using Laboratory Based Features over VNIR Bands
Investigating Internal Domain Wall Transitions in Perpendicular Co/Ni Superlattices Using Lorentz TEM
Investigation for Removal of Organic Carbon from Carbonaceous Copper Sulphide Ore and Improving the Recovery of Copper through Flotation
IZOD Impact Test Comparative Analyzis of Epoxy and Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fibers
Laboratory Methods for Controlling Microstructure in Titanium Grade 2 and 5 Materials for the Calibration of Ultrasonic Microstructure Characterization
MC Carbide Characterization in a High Refractory Content Powder Processed Ni-based Superalloy
Mechanical Properties and Time-dependent Behavior of Vapor-deposited TPD Glass
Microbeam X-ray Laue Diffraction Analysis of a Fatigue Crack Interaction with Microstructure in Duplex Stainless Steel Using a pnCCD Detector
Microstructure and Micromechanics of Shale Rock: Case Study on Marcellus Shale
Microwave Synthesis of Co-Ni Ferrite/Graphene Nanocomposite for Microwave Absorption
Natural Fiber Composites: Could They Compete with Kevlar™ in Personal Armor Systems against High Impact Ammunition?
New Higher Temperature Composites Based on Zirconium Cements
Non-destructive Characterization Techniques for Identification of Metal Inclusions in Plastic-bonded Explosives
On FIB Milling Parameters
Overcoming the Challenges in High Temperature Nanomechanics to 1000C
Physical and Chemical Properties of Melt-spun FebalSix (x = 3-8 wt. %) Soft Magnetic Ribbons
Precipitating Behaviour of Second Phase Particles in Lightweight Fe-Mn-Al-C-N Stainless Steel
Preparation and Characteristics of Steel Slag Ceramics from Converter Slag
Preparation and Characterization of NaNO3/BFS Composite Phase Change Materials
Preparation of Nanosheet-montmorillonite Hydrogel for Removing Pb(II) from Water
Propagation of Power Ultrasound in Calcium Ferrite Melt
Pulse Parameter Characterization in Microdrilling of Maraging Steel 300 Alloy
Recovery of Au(CN)2- from Gold Cyanidation Solution with Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Hydrogels as Adsorbents
Reduction Behavior of Ternary Calcium Ferrites for CaO-Fe2O3-MgO System
Research with Scanning Rate on SLM Property of 316L Stainless Steel Metal Powder
Study on Application of Iron Ore Fine in Pelletizing
Study on the Toughening Mechanisms of Collagenous Materials by Using Real-time X-ray Characterization and Imaging
Surface Damage Layers Produced by Ga Ion and Xe-plasma FIB Milling of Al6061
Synchrotron-based XRD and XANES Study of Bornite Leached by Mesophilic Mixed Bacteria
Synthesis and Characterization on Nickel Orthosilicate Anode of Lithium-ion Battery
Synthesis of Polymeric Hydrogel Loaded with Antibiotic Drug for Wound Healing Applications
Synthesis of Shuttle-like ZnO Microrods on Glass Substrates Using the Spray Pyrolysis Method
Temperature Dependence of the AC Conductivity of an Illitic Clay with Calcite Addition
The Anodic Behavior of Electro-Deoxidation of Titanium Dioxide in Calcium Chloride Molten Salt
The Effect of Extrusion Rate on the Microstructural Evolution of ECAE Processed Pure Mg
The Full-field X-ray Nano-tomography System at the Advanced Photon Source: An Instrument Oriented toward In Situ Experiments
The Influence of Liquid Structure on the Devitrification of Solid Amorphous Al-based Marginal Glass Forming Alloys
The Influence of Microstructure on the Collapse Mechanisms and Specific Energy Absorption Capacity of Aluminium Alloy Foams
The Investigation of Humics as a Binder for LiFePO4 Cathode Using in Lithium Ion Battery
The Role of Initial Recrystallized Texture on Dynamic Normal Grain Growth in an Interstitial-free Steel Sheet
The Study of Freeze-thaw Cycling of Water-saturated Porous Illite-based Ceramics
Three Dimensional Characterization of Powder Al Alloys and the Effects of Thermal Processing
Towards High throughput Quantitative Metallography for Complex Microstructures with Deep Semantic Segmentation Models: A Case Study in Ultrahigh Carbon Steel
Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction for Characterization of Thin Film Phenomena
Using Mechanical Serial Sectioning to Characterize AM 316L Stainless Steel
ZnO Thin Films of Flowered-Fibrous Micro/Nanowebs on Glass Substrates Using the Spray Pyrolysis Method

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