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Meeting 2017 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium The Science of Melt Refining: An LMD Symposium in Honor of Christian Simensen and Thorvald Abel Engh
Presentation Title A Holistic Approach to Molten Metal Cleanliness
Author(s) D. Corleen Chesonis
On-Site Speaker (Planned) D. Corleen Chesonis
Abstract Scope Metal cleanliness is an important aspect of ingot quality, with requirements that vary according to the final product. Too often, filters are treated as the only option to improve metal cleanliness. All of the molten aluminum filters used in industry today act by removing a percentage of the incoming inclusions. The cleanliness of the metal coming into the filter is thus critical to the final ingot quality. This means that final ingot quality is impacted by charge makeup, melting practices, furnace treatment, and in-line degassing as well as filter performance. Each of these individual steps must be considered to provide the metal cleanliness required for a particular product at the lowest cost. This paper will provide an overview of how various steps in the casting process affect metal cleanliness and will examine several examples of how they might be combined into an economical process.
Proceedings Inclusion? Planned: Light Metals


A Holistic Approach to Molten Metal Cleanliness
Developments in Inclusion Removal Technology
Effects of 2 ppm Beryllium on the Oxidation of a 5XXX Aluminum Alloy at Temperatures between 500 C and 750 C
Modelling of Hydrogen Removal in Gas Fluxing of Molten Aluminium
Overview of Ultrasonic Degassing Development
Oxide Skin Strength on Molten AA5XXX Aluminum Alloy – Effect of Beryllium and Alternatives
Results of Trials with a Multi Stage Filtration System Employing a Cyclone
The Contributions of Thorvald Engh and Christian Simensen to the Science of Melt Refining
The Fundamentals of Forming Microbubbles in Liquid Metal Systems
The Use of Nitrogen to Degas Molten Aluminium - Comparison of Metallurgical Results with Argon and Nitrogen Used in an ACD™
Understanding of Interactions between Pyrolysis Gases and Liquid Aluminum and Their Impact on Dross Formation

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