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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2009
Symposium Inclusions and Clean Steels
Presentation Title Behavior of MgO∙Al2O3 Based Inclusions in High-Pressure Boiler Steel during Refining Process
Author(s) Shufeng Yang, Jingshe Li, Lifeng Zhang, Peaslee Kent, Yufeng Wang
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Shufeng Yang
Abstract Scope The steel and slag samples were taken from refining process and MgO∙Al2O3 based inclusions in casing steel were analyzed by SEM and EDS. The results showed that there are three occurrence forms. One is pure MgO∙Al2O3 spinel, another is MgO - Al2O3-CaO-SiO2 complex inclusion with low melting point, the third is MgO∙Al2O3 as core, covered by calcium aluminate. The formation thermodynamics was studied by Factsage6.0 and models of the influence of slag component and vacuum degree and lining on magnesium content in molten steel were established with coexistence theory of slag structure. The results show that magnesium content increase with slag basicity and aluminum content increasing and decreases with CO partial pressure increasing.
Proceedings Inclusion? Definite: A CD-only volume


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